Horoscope: Scorpio woman, male cells

Women born under Scorpio have a very rich inner world, which personalize the ideal of femininity.As a rule, by their nature, they are proud, ambitious, and almost always self-righteous.Also possessing unsurpassed charm and seductiveness.Too emotional.More scorpions, very energetic people?They never sit still.In matters of the heart, to the fore, they make the essence and not the prelude, which it accompanies.Love for a woman-scorpion - not entertainment, but the process of achieving something perfect and beautiful and perfect.Next to him, many female scorpions, often want to see the passive man, a weak character.This is due to the fact that they like to show its leadership in the relationship.As for the male calf, it is worth noting that it is on the one hand the dreamy romantic, on the other hand, at the same time full of a realist.Feel around him tranquility and well-being - is his main "horse."By feelings, inclined to treat with great trepidation, they always come from the source of his own soul.His

love - simple and honest, and he, loyal, sensitive, good-natured and reliable in almost all its dealings.Because of his loving nature and care woman will always feel confident in his feelings and loyalty to yourself.Horoscope scorpion woman a man cells, is that they are both proud, stubborn and tend to dominate the relationship.Demanding as to themselves and to others.But it is worth noting the fact that the two signs of the zodiac, always have the strength and temperament to tolerate the "freaks" to each other.And this is the first plus.By the way, its main credo - calm, calmness, loyalty and romanticism to the presence of a scorpion regains importance.Scorpio woman will feel confident, based all the above.That is, first of all, it attracts body.By the way, the interest of male calf in Scorpio - a mystery and it is the true feminine tenderness.

Let's take a closer look, and other important factors relationship of these signs.And so, a woman and a man cells scorpion still decide to send their relationship into the mainstream called "joint."The beginning of their relationship is characterized by an unearthly passion and sexual desire.As for their sexual thinking, a man cells, as a woman, a scorpion, adherents very bright, incendiary and in no way passive sex.But this harmony can be easily perishable, if before it becomes a row of nowhere, claims, and to none other like each other.Negative trail and sexual life and not just in it, you are guaranteed.And here, the first compromise that, given the same signs of the zodiac so hard to go.You should learn to understand each other and put on a par value of both of you.Here, do not be superfluous to say that the scorpion is very avid fan the flames.That is, the female scorpion, almost can never remain silent in terms of their emotional state.Therefore, each claim, for its part, it will attempt to apply in a very expressive way.Taurus, on the contrary, peaceful and rational person, so their feelings and emotions, he always will be quite easy to express.This face, between emotional expression can not seriously embarrass both parties.Therefore, in the name of love, namely Scorpio, have swept away the wave a fuse, and try to keep themselves in certain emotional framework.To overcome themselves, Scorpio woman is to accept the values ​​of the bull-man, like peace, harmony, affection, tranquility, self-control and persistence of feelings.And guided by this crush his emotional outburst.If this is not done - an argument will be the main dominant in the relationship.If the scorpion still difficult to overcome itself in this - it is worth considering, yet, you do not have deep relationships: "Do you need such a sacrifice, and are you ready to quarrels due to different manners?".So, if you decided to change for the sake of it - do not delay it.By the way, at first, it does not rule out that he will have to taste sensations that you bring into his life (unless of course you did not know before the female scorpions).But then, life in constant discussions and debates could he just chronically bored.

another as minus and plus, acts that Scorpio and Taurus - deep adherents of their internal principles and considerations.Therefore, they are loyal partners who are willing to dedicate his entire life to one single person.This often robs relations plasticity and virtuosity.This consistency may simply lead to quite insignificant seasonal novel.And the result of this will be vapidity or final break, or, in the case of a mutual understanding of the value of the whole, is still a lifelong relationship.

As for the bonds of marriage, here again comes up in the first place need to overcome their own personal attitudes and principles.Men calf should abandon its highly visible conservatism and zhenschine- Scorpio, the constant desire to provoke the dominant partner and manipulate it.It is not so easy as it might seem at first glance, it's the main character traits, which are reflected in the behavior of the representatives of these signs.Male Taurus has a quiet docile nature, but it is very difficult to convince.This goes for the scorpion.In order to maintain the relationship and nerves, the pair must learn to accept each other for what they are, without trying to change and build a partner for themselves.Therefore, if you decide to be together - worked on this.

And finally, as if you know a theorem that is opposite and attract each other.Not appropriate to note that the two halves of the negative - very often in one piece (plus always stretches to minus).So, "the opposition marks" - is not a reason for concern.He - cells, it is - a scorpion: the partners are mutually attracted and repel each other.Because they are opposites, they can learn a lot from each other.All this, of course, does not guarantee a deep understanding, but if a woman - Scorpio man will know better - the calf, then after some time between them can be a deep sensual affection.And maybe that's it, it serves as the basis for the emergence of a permanent emotional connection.What is and will be preceded by further development and deepening of their relations.This is the horoscope of relations between women and men scorpion-calf.Therefore, each calf of a scorpion and the scorpion on each calf.It's hard, but it is useful, particularly if you want to change themselves.