Prophetic dreams: Truth and Fiction

It is believed that the dream - is a set of events that had once happened to us, they just gathered in the most unusual and unexpected manner.But is it so?In this we are to understand.All modern science claims that prophetic dreams do not happen, and all the so-called prophecy - it's just a coincidence and nothing more.However, in ancient history we know a lot of references to such prophetic dreams.For example, nebezizvestny parable about how the wife of Julius Caesar saw a prophetic dream on the eve of his death.She warned her husband, but he did not listen to her advice, for which he paid with his life.

Prophetic dream also played a significant role in the fate of the Emperor Augustus.Prophecy was a dream to his friend and Emperor, believed in prophetic dreams, just left his overnight that saved him from death.

However, not all scientists deny the existence of prophetic dreams.French scholar Camille Flammarion published a book in which a huge number of stories combined, telling about the prophetic d

reams.Flammarion believed it necessary to accept the existence of prophetic dreams as an indisputable fact.He described the existence of a special view within us, which allows you to see and hear, without recourse to the ordinary senses.And the soul with this inner vision the ability to feel the events taking place at a distance and predict future events.

also many examples, as described in the historical literature, and taking place with our contemporaries when foreboding dream or saving people from death.So before heading to sail the famous "Titanic" about eighteen passengers refused to travel.They explained their behavior foreboding that haunted them last days.Including five passengers saw respective dreams, and the wife of one of those who refused to make a drawing, which depicted a sinking ship.

Academician Bekhterev lot of attention in the work given to the study of prophetic dreams.Together with the medical practitioner Vinogradov, who was his good friend, Bekhterev conducted the study.Vinogradov for four years conducted a survey among their patients, trying to figure out whether they saw prophetic dreams.The result is that the scientists got was phenomenal.Almost half of those surveyed have ever seen in my life prophetic dreams.Naturally Vinogradov considered the only serious evidence and did not take into account not credible stories.However, because of the war, the scientists did not manage to publish a book based on the results of their research.

Now the world there are a number of hypotheses that describe the nature of prophetic dreams.One of them put forward bioenergy.They argue that, plunging into a dream, the mind of man loses touch with reality.In this state, the human body is capable of receiving information from the external environment, they called the noosphere.The human brain derives from noosphere necessary information, but is capable of not every person.

authors of other hypotheses are neuroscientists who claim that during sleep the human brain is processed per day accumulated information.This information is analyzed and linked with existing in the subconscious.Thus, based on dreams, a person can analyze and change their behavioral habits.

Opponents of these theories argue that in reality these dreams are not prophetic, and are only a reflection of what happened already.It is possible that they are right.For example, Freud also of the opinion that dreams can in no way to predict not yet occurred event.Dreams, according to Freud, come to us from the depths of our own subconscious, but in a very distorted form.There is a mixture of different memories, exchange ideas or visual images with different symbols.Most dreams are a reflection of the desire that man is ashamed of and consciously suppresses sending them into the unconscious.During sleep, the person does not control his thoughts and secret desires are pulled out, resulting in the different dreams.Most often, waking up, people do not remember their dreams and not even aware of their meaning and content.

Prophetic dreams: truth and fiction?To say clearly whether there are prophetic dreams, and what is the nature of dreams now, probably no one can.The mystery of human nature we have yet to unravel.

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