Where is the best shopping in Europe

house in the village

you can easily justify the cost of air tickets and accommodation in two- or three-star hotel, if you go for designer clothes not on the main streets of Paris, Milan or London, and Outlets.Outlet (outlet) - is a shop where you can find clothes of famous brands from previous seasons' collections with discounts up to 70%.Outlets come in several forms.It may be a small shop, which contains items of different collections of designers from several seasons (for example, DMagazine in Milan on Via Montenapoleone, 26, or Tot Stocks in Barcelona at Calle Conde de Salvatierra, 2).Things are usually grouped by brand (Hanger with dresses D & amp; G, the regiment with a sweater Malo), garments (skirts separately, jackets separately), price (all at 50,100, 300 euros) or size (often as sellshoes).The second type - a single brand stores, which brought the remains unsold collections last season.Such, for example, Marni Outlet at Via Tajani, 1, Milan or Paul Smith Sale Shop, located in London at 23

Avery Row, Wl.

third type Outlet - a town boutiques, such as nine outlets Chic Outlet Shopping, scattered throughout Europe.The one that is about forty minutes drive from Barcelona, ​​La Roca Village has more than 100 stores including Burberry, Cacharel, La Perla, Levi's, Calvin Klein Jeans, and many others.The outlet near Paris more than 85 boutiques, including Givenchy, Kenzo, Christian Lacroix, Max Mara, Diesel, Lalique.And not far from Milan in one place gathered such famous brands as Versace, Missoni, Trussardi Jeans, Furla, Guess ... There's also look at the shoe store Corso Roma, which shows shoes from previous collections Chloe, John Galliano, Marc Jacobs,as well as boutiques, sportswear Reebok, Puma and Nike.In addition to the obvious savings of time and money, plus visits similar fashion conglomerates that all villages are located close to major cities and attractions (the French is at all close to Disneyland) and you can reach them by public transport.


If you have the opportunity to rent a car, it is worth a trip to the shops at the factories of clothing and footwear (factory store).Much of what is there to buy, you will never find in a boutique in his home town.In addition, there may be a drop of no doubt as to the authenticity of goods and considerably saved.The only difficulty - to find the address of the factory.But this difficulty is easily overcome: look factory store is in the country or city you are interested in has been established brand.For example, where it is not in London, to be the factory store Burberry (29-53 Chatham Place, London E9 6LP).What's nice, like shops are not too far from the tourist routes - close to the resort of Rimini based shoe factories Sergio Rossi and Pollini, near Florence - Prada, and on the shores nestled between Austria, Switzerland, Germany Lake Constance - Wolford.


If you have no desire to know itself, where there are shops where you can buy things at a discount of up to 60%, you can use the offer of travel agencies and go on shopping tour.Instead of museums and galleries guides from morning to night will you carry on shopping.There is, however, one thing: as a rule, shopping tour - a trip "to the commitments."For example, a three-day tour to Greece for fur coats will cost 50 euros, but on the condition that you are guaranteed to buy at least one fur coat for 1,000 euros.Otherwise you will be charged a penalty equal to 450 euros.

home delivery

Even if you go anywhere you do not want can still make purchases abroad - on the Internet.This is an example of the best shopping in Europe for the lazy.Especially if you know exactly what you need.For example, you dream of boots made of sheepskin uggah that in Moscow shops are from 8000 to 15 000 rubles.If you order them online store with the possibility of international shipping, it will cost you 5,000 rubles.But do not buy things on an industrial scale: the customs duty will be charged only if the estimated value of the goods does not exceed 10 000, provided that the package sent by mail state, and 5,000 rubles - a courier service.

Tips Shoppers

The surest way to acquire overseas thing on 6-20% (depending on the country) on the label aforesaid cheaper price - take advantage of Global Refund Tax Free.Having made a purchase in the amount of from 25 to 400 euros (depending on the country), ask the seller to issue Tax Free Cheque (do not forget to bring a passport to him - he has to make sure that you are not a citizen of the country where the purchase is made).Before leaving home, check, and present your goods to the customs officer, who will put a stamp on the check, and get money owed to you in the near point Cash Refund Office or send a stamped check in the mail contact Global Refund, if you want to get paid on a credit card.

Plan your trip to Europe so as to get back in the season of sales: January 7 -1 in March and July 8 - August 31st.This time, the best shopping in Europe.

In each country, purchase things brands that are produced there.Thus, it is most advantageous Mango clothes to buy in Spain, a Etam - France.Although some brands (such as Louis Vuitton) prices are the same everywhere, in the range of "native" boutiques still diverse.

Pay attention to the labels, we have not yet submitted: DDP, American Apparel, Berenice, Banana Republic, Comptoir des Cotonniers ... In Russia, no one would guess that your splendid dress costs only 50 euros.

not forget that without the payment of customs duties and taxes you can import into Russia goods for personal use in the amount not exceeding 65,000 rubles (maximum weight - 35 kg).