Dessert // Pies

Pie with cinnamon and walnut grit

  • flour - 3/4 cup (strew)
  • dark brown sugar - 3/4 cup (strew)
  • salt - 1/2 teaspoon (strew)
  • toasted pecans -3/4 cup (strew)
  • chilled butter - 6 Art.spoons (strew)
  • sugar - 1/2 cup (chocolate mixture)
  • unsweetened cocoa - 1 teaspoon (chocolate mixture)
  • cinnamon - 1 teaspoon (chocolate mixture)
  • flour - 3 1/2 cups
  • baking powder - 1 teaspoon soda
  • - 1 1/2 teaspoons
  • salt - 1/2 teaspoon
  • butter - 1 cup (softened)
  • sugar - 2 1/4 cups
  • eggs - 4 pieces (large)
  • sour cream - 480 Gram
  • vanilla extract - 1 1/2 teaspoons

1. Make posypku.Butter is cut into pieces of 1 cm. Combine flour, sugar and salt in a food processor for 5 seconds.Add pecans and stir until chopped nuts.2. Add the butter and stir until the mixture will resemble a very coarse sand.Cover mixture with plastic wrap and refrigerate.3. Make the chocolate mixture.In a small bowl, mix the sugar, cocoa and cinnamon, set aside.Preheat oven to 175 degrees.Lubricate the form of size 22H32 see. If you are us

ing a metal mold, the edges of the cake will be crispy.4. Sift the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt together in a bowl.In another bowl, beat the butter with a mixer.Add the sugar and beat.Add eggs one at a time, whisking after each addition.5. Add sour cream and vanilla extract, beat.Add flour mixture in three additions and beat.Do not whisk too long!6. Pour one-third of the dough into prepared pan.Smooth out the surface of the dough with a spatula.Sprinkle with half the chocolate mixture, so that it evenly covers the whole lump.Pour the remaining half of the dough on top, and then pour the remaining chocolate mixture.Finally, pour the remaining batter on top.7. Sprinkle grit.Bake cake in the center of the oven, turning three times shape during baking for 1 hour.8. Writing cake to cool in the mold for 30 minutes, then serve.The cake can be stored for 3 days in a container at room temperature.

Servings: 8