Physiognomy: as evidenced by the shape of eyes, nose, ears and mouth

Long-term observations and studies clearly confirm that, yes!Some abilities and character traits we have, of course, congenital.But for the life they change, purchased new by changing facial features.Thus, the constant dissatisfaction with the corners of her mouth drops down obstinacy makes compress the jaw and forms a square chin, easy temper raises the corners of the mouth.What can you learn about a man, his face carefully studied?

"Mirror of the Soul" - no wonder the term used when talking about the eyes!They are able to tell the interlocutor about much more than he himself sometimes.
  • Big eyes.It is believed that people with big, wide eyes sensual, artistic, straightforward act decisively and openly.However, we tend to indulge in wishful thinking and a little lazy.
  • small eyes belong to a self-sufficient individuals, but rather closed and unyielding, not ready to trust their thoughts to others.They are often too jealous.
  • widely set eyes suggest a man of vision and highly developed im
    agination.Such nature, usually people are creative and versatile.
  • Close-set eyes - about perseverance, attention to detail.But at the same time of avarice and too with a dry character.
  • Tilt up the eye indicates optimistic, easy disposition and cheerful outlook on life.
  • Tilt eyes down - the ability to empathize with and prevent problems before they occur.
  • If the inner and outer corners of the eyes are about the same imaginary line - before you pragmatic and tenacious man who knows what he wants from life and achieve your goals.
  • bulging eyes are a sign of enthusiasm and desire to participate in the life of others.
  • deep-set - for observation, care and restraint.
Contrary to popular belief, does not mean the long-nosed "curious."Rather, it is a sign of conservatism.But if the nose is too long and too great, in front of you a strong personality ... or even cranky genius.
  • short nose indicates that its owner outdoor shower, it is hard-working and sociable.These people love to open all new and unknown, they attract the secrets and mysteries.
  • big nose belongs to the leader, a charismatic personality, seeking to control other people.
  • Kurnosov ladies very easily manages to create an atmosphere of celebration, they are emotional and energetic by nature.
  • Boney aquiline nose - an indicator of pride, stubbornness and arrogance.The more pronounced hump, the more quarrelsome people.
  • wide at the base of the nose may indicate a desire to care for and support others.
  • narrow, like a strangled at the beginning - at independence and unwillingness to accept help.The tip of the nose, with his up, says impulsiveness and impulsive person.If the nose is pointed to the same - about curiosity and the extravagance.I bent down - a man not inclined to trust others, skeptical bent and sharpened - selfish and arrogant.Too small nostrils tell about hard work, thrift and gentle nature, are too big - about the selectivity and generosity.If a person's nostrils are wide enough, then we can say that he is often inflated self-esteem, there is malice and skepticism.
The shape, size and position of the ears, too, can learn something about the person.

Big ears - a sign of the presence of musical abilities and a great memory.People with these ears are often intractable, but good-natured.

Small ears.Owners of small ears do not like to gossip and tend to trust my own eyes, independent and active to be successful, they tend to have long to work hard.

highly placed ears - a sign of high intelligence.Low - calmness and the ability to listen to new information.Droopy ears are usually stubborn, endowed with a great intuition and prone to introspection.

ears, slightly pointed shape indicate that the person is able to grasp everything on the fly.

like eyes, mouth, considered one of the most attractive parts of the face.Imitating polnogubym TV beauties, many girls are a variety of methods to achieve the desired shapes.And all because the bulk form of the lips are associated with self-confidence and sexuality.With such people really do not get bored: open, cheerful, they know how to enjoy life.That's just no responsibility or discipline them will not wait.

People with thin lips, even if they are friendly and sociable, can "please" not the best characteristics: stealth, stealth, cunning.Do your counterpart a small mouth?So he's an introvert, careful, liberating, knowing only close companion, but always a little self-absorbed.

convex lips, as if hanging over his chin, characteristic of impulsive, active and intelligent individuals.

upper lip bulging above the bottom - the owner of the lips quite vain, likes to be the center of attention, but at the same time is indecisive, afraid to make a wrong move.

lower lip protrudes - a man energetic, can not sit around doing nothing, he loves to create around himself a whirlpool of events, both responsive and will not disregard other people's problems.

Mimicry lips
By mimicry lips can be read to determine the subtle emotions of the interlocutor, as it relates to you and in what mood he is.
  • pursed lips - anger, sadness, rage, hatred, resentment, sorrow.Compressed into a thin rope clenched lips - impotent rage.
  • protruding lip - an expression of hostility.
  • distortion of the mouth during a conversation with someone - a man set unfriendly, even if it does not show that the verbal way.
  • mouth slanted in any direction - a sign of contempt.If
  • mouth twitching and shaking, it warns of nervousness and overexcited companion.
  • look down the corners of his mouth - a state of melancholy, sorrow, sadness.
  • corners of his mouth relaxed and pointing down - the man is in the bleak mood.
  • corners of the mouth greatly strained and look down - the man is set unfriendly, in a state of disgust, mockery, irony, gloom.

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