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Detoxification or easy life

Detoxification - ridding the body of toxins (they zheyady).Not only our health, mood Noi depends on the condition of the intestine.Headache, rapid fatigue, frequent colds, bad skin, brittle nails and hair, allergies, depressed or razdrazhennoesostoyanie (including depression) - chastoyavlyaetsya result of intoxication.That is, your body needs a spring cleaning, which should begin with the intestines and help you in this program may detoksikatsiya.Segodnya zametnorasshirilas detox.The choice usually depends on finances, leisure time ipostavlennyh purposes.

By all

Global detoxification, of course, best done nakurortah.You can, for example, travel inEurope, where almost every country has original metodikiozdorovleniya.Minimal course usually takes a week.Traditional snailuchshim result - 21 days.Each resort has an individual and unikalnoyprogrammoy, which is adjusted for each client (including its pozhelaniyi health status).For example, one such program is avtorskoymetodikoy Dr. Jaroslav Mikula.Its

main task is aimed at ukreplenieimmuniteta, improving metabolism and rid the body of all the excess (nachinayatoksinami and ending with overweight).

program includes :

  1. Detoxification of the body by Dr R. Broysu.
  2. intestinal hygiene Detoxification by Dr. FKMyra.
  3. regeniratsii and hardening of the body when pomoschivodolecheniya of Sebastian Kneipp and Vinzenz Priessnitz.

course, listed the names of possible little about what they say HoBCO these people are the founders of the most effective systems are not tolkoozdorovleniya, and rejuvenate the body.

course approximately looks : morning and evening tea with herbs (horsetail and nettles), noon chayiz sage, mint, lemon balm and St. John's wort.Twice a day, the juice of vegetables (mix izsaldereya, beets, carrots or potatoes, black radish).Three times a denschadyaschie slabyaschie diuretics and massage facilities and to activate work kishechnika.Plyus everything, shower, whirlpool bath, oxygen therapy, body wraps, and activity on a stationary bike.All this is done under the chetkimkontrolem doctors.

Total : you grow thin, at the same time improving your overall condition.In the role of a bonus vystupaetzdorovy complexion and skin.


It is.And by the way, in several ways.In pervuyuochered is BAD.Secondly, a sauna or a bath.Third, salon treatments and, fourthly, a salad and a few not complicated techniques.Now everything and in order.

Give additives !

BAA (biologically active additives to food) is not yavlyayutsyalekarstvom, although sold in pharmacies.They can not cure anything, but the condition can be quite uluchshitsvoe.The first additive appeared in the US.They became reaktsieyna popular American aphorism: "A balanced diet - a hamburger vkazhdoy hand."

Main line of dietary supplements - cleansing the body.Additives horoshegokachestva a mild diuretic laxative effect.Through forming part of herbs and fiber raznoobraznymtipam they activate the gastrointestinal tract and intestinal growth zdorovoymikroflory bind and absorb toxins, toxins, purify the blood, lymph, kidneys, liver, skin.

other words, BAA - it's the full detox with effektompohudeniya.But remember, if you are taking any antibiotics, it is imperative to consult a doctor about combining etihpreparatov with nutritional supplements.All lies in that the composition has bolshinstvaBAD plants whose interaction with antibiotics gives negativnyyrezultat.

During the course
necessary to strictly adhere to the timing and dose administration.Drink water (not less than 3 liters per 70 kilograms) - the more you drink the water, the faster izorganizma flushes toxins.And from the diet should exclude sweet, smoked, fat and alcohol.No need to miss a pill once -BAD works as a whole system.

Warmer, warmer still

sauna or bath - an effective and easy way to detox.After 60% of the skin appears toxins, and through the intestine - 30%.Therefore, the better the function of sebaceous glands and potovyezhelezy, the cleaner body.So stock up scrub, sponge, efirnymimaslami and the steam room!Given an order to detox, do not rush to put on kozhuvsevozmozhnye cream.Use honey instead (15-20 minutes massazhnymidvizheniyami rub it, and then wash away) - it draws toxins.

Cabin measures

in beauty centers and salons presented very obshirnayaprogramma detoxification.It should highlight hydrocolonotherapy and ochischayuschieobvertyvanie.

Hydrocolonotherapy - hardware way to cleanse the intestines and colon.One irrigation poeffektivnee equal to 30 enemas.The method is not very pleasant, but effective.Minus with slag washed all the useful microflora.However, then do eespetsialnoe colonization.The course includes 6-7 sessions.Preparations and solutions at etomvariruyutsya - herbs, salt, etc. Carlsbad.

Contraindications : acute hemorrhoids, pregnancy.

wraps seffektom detoxification very much - they normalize and stimulate metabolism vtkanyah shlakovyvodyaschee action.Achieves this with the help of samyhraznoobraznyh products: mineral volcanic sedimentary origin, algae, and more.

most effektivnayaprotsedura - bandage wrap "Minus 9 centimeters¬Ľ .In fact etokompress.The bandage soaked in a special solution and algal imvse wrapped body.

detox at home

Drink more water, juice, green tea and herbal infusions.Bolshegulyay and move that improves bowel.Eat beets, and greater chernosliva.Pischu always chew slowly - frequent disruptions in the digestive process lies in the fact that we always during the meal in a hurry.Some detox programs dazhevhodyat learning proper mastication.

If the sauna and steam bath is not available, eat raspberry jam and ukutaysyav duvet, after which it is necessary to sweat!Regularly fight sostressom.Included in the diet of ballast products (cereals, vegetables, fruits) - onipodderzhat bowels.

Detox salad

cabbage, carrots and beets shinkuem (cabbage dolzhnadominirovat) moribund until the juice and add a little lemon juice, vegetable oil (do not use olive oil) and finely chopped and soaked prunes.Salad not solim.

Light detox -salat dinner.

Serious -razgruzochnye days when permitted except lettuce mineral water.

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