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Turkish massage: types, benefits and equipment

made a great contribution to the development of Turkish massage genius doktorAbu Ali Ibn Sina, who is known to us under another name - Avicenna.He lived from 980 until 1037.He ispolzovalmassazh as a cure for many diseases.In addition, he razrabatyvalklassifikatsii massage techniques.Avicenna was able to share a massage on sleduyuschievidy: a long, moderate, strong, weak, preparatory, uspokaivayuschiyili recovery.He was sure exactly what a good strong massage strengthens the body;weak - relaxes egoi makes softer;Duration - helps to cope with excess weight; moderate - contributes to the development of the body;Preparatory - helps podgotovittelo before starting the exercise and vosstanovitelnyymassazh just applied after the sessions.

development of medicine in Arabia contributed dalneyshemurazvitiyu Turkish massage.He slowly began to conquer neighboring countries such as Armenia, Turkey and Persia, and so on.In these countries, massage is usually performed vobschestvennyh baths.

can safely say that

the Turkish massage incorporates ogromnoekolichestvo different elements and techniques borrowed from the peoples conquered by the Arabs whichwere.Among them were the Indian experts.Massazhschitayut migrant Turkish massage culture from West to East and East to West.


Classic massage

This massage originates in Turkey.His vypolnyaliv spa centers, hotels and national Turkish baths - hammamah.Prodolzhitelnost one session is fifty minutes.During massazhaispolzuetsya massage oil.Make egodlya order to relax the skin and to improve its structure.Women often use this for Improved massage of the figure.Usually accompanied by a holding massage spokoynoyturetskoy music.

Turkish mylnyymassazh with peeling

This massage is widespread and popular polzuetsyaosobennoy.He takzheprovoditsya in spas and hotels in Turkey.The session lasts sixty minutes isoprovozhdaetsya melodious music.

To do this massage, you will need spetsialnyypodogrevaemy table.First person omyvayut.Posle this masseur starts to make circular movements, performing pomylnoy foam peeling, with help of hard sponges or Website articles - a special glove.

This type of massage is used for skin rejuvenation and for Improved its structure.Leather chelovekabezuprechno cleared of the remaining particles of dead skin.Massage helps to relax, improves obscheesostoyanie human rheumatic diseases, osteochondrosis, myshechnyhbolyah, arthrosis and any physical exertion.

relaxing spa massage

relaxing spa massage is based on the classic Turkish massazhe.V mostly it is used for relaxation, rest and meditation.Session massazhadlitsya no more than one hour.

Massage should be done with the use of preheated masla.Takoy massage is an excellent addition to the usual traditional bannymprotseduram.It can be carried out at the spa, hammam and sauna.Vobyazatelnom order in the course of the music is supposed to sound calm, promotes relaxation.Do not be amiss to use candles and blagovoniy.Pomeschenie be obscured.

Sultan massage

Massage named after the title of the Muslim svetskogopravitelya.Based on the Turkish version of the classic massage.Vypolnyaetsyamassazh not one, but two therapists.Depending on taste predpochteniyklienta, it may be two women and two men.Naprotjazhenii session lasts fifty minutes.In vremyaprovedeniya procedure sounds Turkish national music.Massage pomogaetrasslabitsya and improve the structure of the skin.Women, again, helps bring vporyadok figure.

Classic turetskiynozhnoy massage

foot or pedialny massage technique based on natsionalnoyturetskoy massage school.It is used in baths, spa and fitness facilities.Vsrednem session lasts twenty or thirty minutes.

Massage feet held to the floor.Also suitable mat or sufficient zhestkiymat.Pozvolyayutvozdeystvovat massage techniques to different parts of the spine.

should be noted that to implement all the techniques needed support.As support suitable bamboo stick or bars.Vesmassazhista should not be too large.The main thing - that the client was komfortno.Pered you start a session, the client needs to be warmed in the hammam.Vozdeystvienogami his body should be strictly through the sheet or inoymaterial.After the session ends, the customer needs to relax, avozmozhno even sleep.

Massage Cleopatra

used algae.Spend in the hammam.

The algae contains a large number of different vitamins, plant hormones, minerals, amino acids, salts and other nutrients.In the bath nachinaetpotet man and his pores begin to open.

Then the therapist rubs seaweed in the skin.Because of this, the skin becomes stronger, moistened, improving its appearance.This massage helps strengthen water-zhirovuyuzaschitnuyu film of the skin and soothe it.Suitable for all skin types.

algae in addition also use raznyefruktovye juices, herbal and aromatic oils.Massage cope smestnymi swelling, fights cellulite, toxins and other harmful veschestvaiz body.It removes excess fat on the abdomen.

Massage aloe vera

massage is performed in a massage parlor and a Turkish bath.Dlyanego a mixture of honey and essences of aloe vera.Suitable for all skin types.Minerals and vitamins rejuvenate.Aloe verauvlazhnyaet skin and removes small wrinkles.It recommended for protection of sunburn.