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Iontophoresis: results are the pros and procedures

principle vozdeystviyaionoforeza

iontophoresis If the word translated literally, it turns "ion transport".The basis of this cosmetic procedure were vzyatysvoystva electric current.Iontophoresis a kosmeticheskihveschestv and combines the influence of galvanic current.Cosmetics are introduced using etotoka.It has been shown that the effect of low voltage and power sposobnoizmenyat properties of cell membranes, the permeability of the skin suschestvennopovyshaetsya, and a series of biochemical processes take place somewhat more active.For schetetogo with proper use of cosmetics can dobitsyaobrazovaniya ion (ie, positively charged particles).

energetic substance of cosmetics that obogaschenyionami penetrate the skin through the sebaceous and sweat zhelezdostatochno deep (up to 5 mm, while the non-ionized agents penetrate only a fraction of a millimeter).Otprostyh cosmetics cosmetics enriched with ions, characterized in that it operates more efficiently.

electric current during iontophoresis with

kompleksomkosmeticheskih means saturated ions begins to stimulate all nervnyeokonchaniya skin.The brain receives a signal from the pulse through chemulokalny cosmetic effect is reinforced by the improvement of general well-being.

results ionofereza

Iontophoresis is able to increase the efficiency of vliyaniyaprakticheski any cosmetic product, so apart protsedurymogut differ only in specific cosmetic products.

Iontophoresis allows:

  • reduce the large wrinkles on the face, neck, eyelids;
  • eliminate fine lines on the face, neck, eyelids;
  • stall the development of cellulite and prevent its further development;
  • increase the moisture level of dry skin;
  • remove under-eye circles and "bags" (perhaps by increasing lymph flow and blood circulation);
  • withdraw from the skin toxins (good help in treating acne);
  • stimulate further skin nutrition (especially important in the winter);
  • give the face a healthy glow, elasticity and tone;
  • accelerate the healing process of minor scars, leveling the surface of the skin.

Pros iontophoresis

In order to achieve the best result, kosmeticheskiesredstva must penetrate the "destination".For these purposes often primenyaetsyaprotsedura mezotarapii (ie injection), which leads to disruption of tselostnostikozhnogo cover.Iontophoresis also gets to the "destination" is not narushayatselostnost skin, while reducing the risk of local irritation, bruises, infections and swelling.Iontophoresis - a painless procedure, but legkoezhzhenie or tingling under electrodes you can feel.

Details provedeniyaprotsedury

Before the procedure, the skin is cleaned of excess fat dirt, otherwise the effectiveness of iontophoresis znachitelnosnizhaetsya.You can apply anaphoresis (galvanic Desincrustation) - is a type of ionoforeza.Blagodarya anaphoresis epidermis is loose, the pores open, kozhaochischaetsya and prepared to take nutrients.Then on kozhunanositsya cosmetic, pre-ionized or spetsialnoekosmeticheskoe tool lends itself well to the ionization.If you use obychnoekosmeticheskoe means, it must be water-based - it can bytgel or tonic.

Sometimes cosmetic cooled to nizkoytemperatury - procedure "krioionoforez."Chilled cosmetic agent, contacting with the skin leads to a narrowing of the capillaries, whereby aktivnyeveschestva means localized at the site of iontophoresis, thus isklyuchaetsyapopadanie agent into the bloodstream.This helps avoid the negative effects otprotsedury.Then proceed to the procedure of iontophoresis.Elektrodynakladyvayutsya on the face, and then connect the special iontophoretic apparatus poionizirovannomu means of an electric current.

iontophoresis procedure is usually performed gramotnymispetsialistami in beauty salons.But the procedure can be done at home, you must have dlyaetogo iontophoretic apparatus.If the procedure provoditsyadoma, you should follow all the instructions, but it is best to go kurslektsy, which is specifically dedicated to cosmetic iontophoresis.

Possible risk

If you strictly adhere to all the recommendations, the effect will be maximal otionoforeza while safe.To avoid vozmozhnyhriskov recommended to use high-quality cosmetics, poddayuschuyusyaionizatsii.Cosmetics with fat components poddaetsyaionizatsii bad, so it makes no sense to apply electrical stimulation.In nashemsluchae rule "more is better" does not fit, so do not nakladyvaytemnogo cosmetic.Glut ionized komponentamiprivodit to the dysfunction of the skin, causing irritation.

iontophoresis procedure should last 10-30 minutes (10-15 minutes enough for the ions have penetrated the skin).Positive effektmozhet hold up to 20 days.For longer kosmeticheskogoeffekta requires several sessions.


Iontophoresis is contraindicated in pregnancy pathologies, heat, trauma, cancer, zabolevaniyahsosudov, skin irritations.

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