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Cold on the lips: the causes and methods of disposal

Cold aktiviziruetsyana the lips only in cases where special circumstances iblagopriyatnye about them was written above.At other times, if you obladaetestabilnym health and strong immunity, you can even INE suspect that the herpes virus in the body is already present.Samayaluchshaya protection against viral cold on the lips - to pursue a common profilaktikuprostudnyh diseases, strengthen the immune system, as well as enjoy zaschitnymbalzamom lip.

prostudaproyavlyaetsya most often in the form of vesicles or small blisters.After kakvospalitelny process begins to decrease, most often on the lips obrazuyutsyamelkie sores that are very painful when you touch them.With virusomgerpesa actively fighting and cosmetology and medicine, so you can obratitk any of these methods, but run herpes and delay the treatment ochenne recommended.

Meditsinskiesposoby treatment: of all the means of medicine for lecheniyagerpesa most popular "Zovirax". And among domestic and byudzhetnyhvariantov may prefer atsiklovirnoy o

intments that vesmaeffektivny.

Narodnyesposoby treatment of herpes on the lips: the trouble in the lipsmozhetokazatsya and not the herpes virus. In cold weather, lack vlagiprovotsiruetsya drying and cracking of the lips, that under the conditions zagryaznennoyekologii and with the wind will necessarily lead to the emergence of razlichnyhvospalitelnyh processes in the mouth. Then we come to the aid narodnyesredstva that are tested have more than one generation.

Pervyyretsept: toothpaste against herpes on the lips. Srediobychnyh and home recipes you need to pay attention to the simple zubnuyupastu that there is in any bathroom. Toothpaste has legkimpodsushivayuschim action.As soon as the first signs of vozniknovenieprostudy on the lips, usually itch sensation in the mouth, lips before bed nakozhu applied a small amount of toothpaste.

Retseptvtoroy: cauterized cold oils.The most effective method ineslozhny to stop inflammation and uskoritprotekanie cold - this colds burn the essential oils.When selecting etogosposoba treatment to note that excessive oil ispolzovanieefirnyh was not - a point will be enough ochagovvospaleniya moxibustion 1-2 times a day during the first 2-3 days.For these purposes fit luchshevsego such essential oils: tea tree oil, eucalyptus, rosemary, mint and lemon.

Retsepttrety: miraculous propolis tincture.Propolisovayanastoyka - another remedy for colds, but they also do not abuse sleduet.Posle you have cauterized cold hearth propolis, 10-20 minutes nuzhnonanesti cream that soothe the skin, it is better if the cream is a natural herbal extracts.