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Enema slimming: benefits, recipes and rules of conduct

This problem can be solved with the help of an enema.Although this procedure is virtually all people associated with poisoning, however, the enema is used for weight loss as often as an enema for the withdrawal of toxins.

How to carry out the procedure for weight loss enema

In order to carry out the procedure you need an enema mug douches, which can be bought at any drugstore.Mug filled with one or two liters of an aqueous solution, set in a vertical position and insert into the anus.The patient during this procedure should be in a prone position, because in such a situation, he does not feel any pain.And to better disperse the liquid through the intestines, it is necessary at this time to involve himself in the stomach or perform a circular motion around the navel.When you are finished setting enema procedure, you must lie down for at least seven minutes to run to the toilet only when no longer be tolerated forces.After the enema is necessary to rest the body, that is, should not burden him wi

th food at least two hours.

solutions for enemas

water enema should be used at room temperature, but always boiled.Composition of the solution enema selected individually at the request of the patient, and will directly depend on its condition:

  • solution of honey, which is added tablespoon honey and lemon juice;

  • solution prepared with herbs.To this solution 200 ml of water brewed with two tablespoons of sage, chamomile or other herbs, and then all the strain and bring the solution to a volume of two liters;

  • coffee solution.For the preparation of the coffee solution takes strong coffee, that is, three tablespoons per 200 ml of water;

  • Application of various salt solutions.

Enema weight loss with brine

If the patient has a tendency to constipation, it is recommended that two tablespoons of salt to dissolve in a liter of boiled water with the same amount of lemon juice.When body fat in the abdominal area of ​​salt is necessary to take a dessert spoon for half a liter of water.With the combination of fasting and enemas used in half a liter of water is already a teaspoon of salt.

Glauber's salt is used as a laxative and used separately from the enema.One tablespoon diluted in a glass of water and taken on an empty stomach.Throughout the day you need to drink twice a mixture of lemon and orange juice, two liters of water at a time.And before going to bed put enema with a volume of half a liter of water.

enemas for weight loss and species

The following types of enemas for weight loss, which is used directly on the testimony, and if you have experience in the formulation of the enema:

  • enema to yogurt that is recommended to people atthat there are problems with the intestines directly or hemorrhoids;

  • Garlic enema with the addition of Epsom salts.To prepare the solution of the enema taking three cloves of garlic finely chopped and pour two liters of boiling water, which then add two tablespoons of Epsom salts;

  • Enema with lemon juice.One-third cup of lemon juice was diluted with one liter of water.

  • enema using mineral oil and glycerin, that is, 500 ml of water put two tablespoons of mineral oil or glycerin;It can be applied and sea salt.

All the pros and cons of an enema slimming

This method for losing weight brings great benefit to the body, as it helps to lose weight, it helps to cleanse from toxins and harmful substances.As a result of the impact on the body's metabolism returns to normal, and accelerates the process of regeneration of cells and tissues.

However, all of the above benefits of enemas for weight loss, there are disadvantages of this method.Namely, can appear violation of the natural intestinal flora, dehydration, kidney disease, hemorrhoids and other problems of the anus and digestive tract as a whole.Therefore, before using this procedure, be sure to consult a specialist and do not abuse its use.

rules for the procedure enema

  • In order to have a good relax you need to take a bath;

  • While female ailments is not necessary to use an enema;

  • Immediately prior to staging an enema to drink a bit of water that will enhance the effect of the water that enters the rectum;

  • Do not start this procedure with large doses, that is, the volume of solution used should be increased gradually.

Colon Cleansing is a mandatory process.Experts recommend enemas conduct courses without exception, at least once a year, since a healthy gut - it is the health of your body.