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Effect of hormones on the person's weight

hormone leptin

Grecheskoeslovo Leptos is slim.Gormonleptin responsible for our appetite with you, and the feeling of satiety food.That he daetsignal mind that there will be enough in the body reserves.And if the same level of leptinaponizhaetsya, our brain signals that you need to replenish zhira.Poetomu a desire to eat, and as soon as possible.

Izetogo that if raise the level of leptin in the body, then mozhnospravitsya obesity once and for all.But people with excess body weight urovenleptina significantly higher than slender.Maybe it etoobosnovano that complete human body becomes sensitive kleptinu, and because of this it is produced by the body in excessive amounts.Akak only lost weight, and reduced levels of this hormone.

Leptin may be reduced if you keep enough sleep.Imennopoetomu people who sleep less than seven hours, prone to obesity.Chtobyprivesti levels of this hormone to normal, you need to include in the diet of fish imoreprodukty.

hormone estrogen

Estrogenchasto causes f

at deposits in the lower part of the figure of a young woman, and the mature men and women poslemenopauzy the contrary - in the upper part, the abdomen.Consider chtoizbytochny weight gain due to the lack of estrogen in the body.

Noponizhenie level of this hormone is quite natural, it begins one Godden menopause.It may be evident in increased traction ksladenkomu.The degree of estrogen decreases, so organizmstremitsya get it from fat cells, which he stored all bolshe.Naryadu with the female body is lowered levels of testosterone that mozhnozametit in reducing muscle mass.Since muscle is responsible for chtozhiry burned, the smaller of the more fat.It poetomuposle forty years it is much harder to overcome obesity.

hormone cortisol

Etotgormon and its impact is not clear.He is anti-stress, but it includes odniprotsessy protect others - stops.It is because of this have nekotoryhlyudey in nervous situations greatly increases the appetite - it kopitsilu body to resist stress.The exchange rate veschestvsnizhaetsya also because cortisol - this also contributes to maintaining energiidlya to overcome stress.

Chelovekne can affect the production of the hormone cortisol, so when you want zaeststress should avoid its source.Also, any methods to help relax: yoga, dance and meditation.

hormone adrenaline

adrenaline relative of cortisol, as it also affects the metabolism, but in a somewhat different way.Kortizolstimuliruet body's response to stress, the adrenaline is on stimuliruetreaktsiyu much excitement.

Ideystvie adrenaline too different, it makes work sharing veschestvbystree that contribute to the breakdown of fat.But because combustion zhirovtemperatura body can be slightly increased.And when there is vybrosadrenalina - decreased appetite.However, there is a pattern - the more vescheloveka, the weaker the body releases adrenaline.

hormone insulin

Onvyrabatyvaetsya pancreas and is responsible for the regulation of soderzhaniyasahara (glucose) in the blood.Its effects on the body converts excess Saharan fat.If the body breaks down insulin production, chelovekzabolevaet diabetes.In simple words, this occurs because postupleniyasahara and starch in the body, while the pancreas is overstrained iee work deteriorates.Do not abuse food, having a white color, not to gain overweight and sohranitnormalnuyu pancreas.

Hormones tereoidnye

esliv the body there is a lack of these hormones, the broken funktsiyaschitovidnoy gland that helps overweight.If these gormonyvyrabatyvayutsya too active - it will also lead to hyperfunction schitovidnoyzhelezy, but it is also a violation.

Chtobyschitovidnaya iron worked properly, the body needs iodine, which is contained vyodirovannoy salt, as well as various vitamins and iodine dobavkah.Ochen useful to combine iodine and selenium.

hormone ghrelin

He made the stomach and gives a signal to the brain osostoyanii hunger.Development of ghrelin promotes enhanced potrebleniyukilokalory.Fructose stimulates the production of this hormone.It contains vkukuruznom syrup, juices and drinks with gas.Therefore, if ezhednevnoupotreblyat foods that contain elevated levels of fructose will increase, and hunger, and consequently - you will overeat.

Esliproanalizirovat all this stuff, it can be concluded that people who lose weight kotoryene may initially need to do a blood test for hormones kotoryypozvolit know what hormones in excess and what is not enough for normal zhiznedeyatelnostiorganizma.If you find any shortage of hormones, sometimes you just need to change your diet and start taking daily vitamins and minerals that you should naznachitvrach.

Korrektsiyagormonalnogo background is needed, but no initiative, as this can worsen privestik.Pharmacies are full of huge amount of drugs that contain estrogen, onitozhe help in correcting hormonal levels, but if there is a bright vyrazhennyhsimptomov.Although these drugs can be purchased without a prescription, pick them dolzhenvrach!All actions are performed only on the advice of the doctor!