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Acupuncture for weight loss, acupuncture techniques

spectrum use of acupuncture is very wide and continues to expand.Recently, the method began to be used in the treatment of obesity and cellulite.A traditional acupuncture, recognized by the official medicine as a medical procedure used in the treatment of neurological, digestive, urinary and cardiovascular diseases.

essence of acupuncture

During the procedure introduced under the skin thin needles of different lengths, thickness ranges from about one-tenth of a millimeter.These rods are made of metal, do not react with substances of the body, not subject to oxidation.It is silver, stainless steel and gold.

meaning all the action is that the needles are included in the points specifically related to our internal organs, and this connection is not dependent on the relative position and body acupuncture points.They may be placed in completely different points of the body far enough from each other.The operator, the physician performing the procedure, sometimes called acupuncture, knows the rela

tionship of acupuncture points and the internal organs, knows the location of points on the "map" of the surface of our body.It introduces a needle in the desired point from which excited ganglia.Impulses from the nodes pass to the appropriate authorities and there is reduced blood flow and metabolic processes - metabolism.

During the procedure, you must be in the supine position, the procedure lasts about half an hour, but after the impact and disposal of needles need to lie down for some time, which is - tell the doctor.The number of sessions and the intensity of exposure is also determined by a physician.

Note the sample list of diseases for the prevention and treatment of which acupuncture is not recommended!It:

  • different types of tumors and related processes;

  • not get an explanation of the temperature rise;

  • keen tuberculosis;

  • age of less than one year and more than 75 years;

  • drug addiction;

  • drunkenness;

  • not get an explanation of severe pain;

  • overexertion, fatigue;

  • pregnancy;

  • cachexia;

  • excited state of the psyche.

operating principle of acupuncture for weight loss

Acupuncture helps to normalize the metabolism - the metabolism in the body.These changes cause a decrease in appetite, respectively, decrease in stomach due to the smaller amount of food proceeds.At the same time it takes a more active metabolism and excretion of fluids, toxins, "burning" of fat.To obtain the desired effect of acupuncture be sure to set the power at which food is taken in small portions at 5-6 meals per day.To pull the muscles and the "burning" of fat needed and exercise.

Acupuncture or acupuncture is used to treat obesity or for weight loss in three ways:

  • by falevye

  • by Fly

  • classical method

method falevye

By the method falevyedoctor affects the point that regulates feelings of hunger and satiety, which is located just above the earlobe.The impact produced a needle with a thickness of 2 mm, having a round flat cap.The needle is placed at the point of impact at the time from two weeks to one month, fixed plaster.Chance of a second course on prescription.

When you install the correct needle point selection feature is considered mild pain that is felt when exposed to pressing the center of the needle.For 10-15 minutes before a meal you need a minute to press the needle entering the heart rate.This reduces pathological appetite, reduced food intake, reduced weight.Upon completion of the course needle is removed.

method Fly

method is to reduce appetite and normalize the metabolism by acting on the active point needle of gold.The point is located above the ear lobe, needle is inserted to pass through and capped.These needles are made even with stones and crystals.

Term finding the needle in the active point can be up to six months, a doctor's consultation is required periodically, at intervals of 30-45 days, as necessary to monitor the health status and feedback.There are facts of weight loss of 30-35 kg.During the course, it recommended rejection of foods high in calories, reducing carbohydrate intake, alcohol.Useful active sports activities, contributing to the energy output and tightening of the skin and muscles.

classical method

When using the classical method of conventional acupuncture needles during a session set to active points of the abdomen and legs.The essence is to stimulate the stomach, liver and kidney to the active output of excess tissue and exclusion craving for excessive eating.

procedure is carried out for 40-45 minutes every other day or every day of 10-15 sessions.Perhaps a session lasting 30-60 minutes.Course prophylactically repeated six months later, perhaps - after a few months.Weight loss is possible in the range of 5-7% per course.

Application of Su Jok and slimming

Application of Su Jok limited impact on the active points of feet and hands.Perhaps the use of Su Jok in two ways:

  1. Impact on energy information display of the physical body of the patient, reflecting the state of the entire body, through certain active points associated with internal organs.

  2. Impact on energy hotspots fingers and toes associated with the internal organs, the effect on intracellular processes of the body is called the metaphysical method.

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