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7 Rules for beauty sleep

Chtobynautro you woke up in a great mood, and the skin looked fresh podtyanutoyi rested, should observe a few basic rules.

first rule. dolzhenprimerno people sleep 8 hours a day.Those people who have enough sleep or suffer from insomnia, are aging more rapidly and life expectancy of people less.Sondelitsya into several phases: Phase 1 - Stage semi-conscious slumber;2nd phase - a deep sleep;Phase 3 - go into a deeper sleep;4 phase - phase naiboleeglubokogo REM sleep;Phase 5 - fast son.Dlya to better relax and restore body need chtobyfaza deep sleep fell to 2 hours 30 minutes.Awakening should nastupatv 8am.But because of the crazy rhythm of modern life is poluchaetsyaredko.Therefore, you need to take it a rule to go to bed at one and the zhevremya, preferably before midnight to sleep was more effective and easier awakening.

second rule. pitanie.Mnogie Correct wrong in that you can only eat up to 18 hours.It is not tak.Posledny meal should be up to 2 hours before bedtime.However, it is worth remem

bering that Vetot meal to eat a light meal, preferably vegetable proiskhozhdeniya.Naprimer, you can eat fruit salad, steamed vegetables, cheese or legkiysupchik.You can not eat sweets, biscuits, fatty, smoked and salty (solzaderzhivaet fluid in the body that can cause bags under the eyes) .Priderzhivayas this rule, you can not only sleep well and calm, but isohranit his slender figure and a healthy digestive system.

third rule. bit of Feng shuy.Spalnya - the abode of sleep.A bed is a place to sleep.Therefore, in the bedroom is not recommended to work with documents, place your workplace, put a computer or TV, as well as puskattuda guests.The bedroom should create an atmosphere of tranquility, rasslableniya.A if you work in the bedroom to engage in paperwork, then sonbudet restless.If you are used to sleep during the day, it is best to do this, for example, in the living room on the couch, because the bedroom - a place for a night's sleep.

fourth rule. Rule ipravilnoy comfortable bed.If you're still sleeping on a huge high pillow, kotoruyuvsegda as a child my grandmother gave us when we visited them in the village vgosti, then discard it.High and very tightly packed cushion yavlyaetsyaprichinoy double chin, a headache in the morning.Ideally dolzhnabyt pillow is not very soft or very hard, then it is important to find a middle ground.Podushkane should be high, its approximate height should be equal to the distance otosnovaniya neck to the end of the shoulder.In this case, the load on the neck will ravnomernoy.Podushka should not lift the shoulders.But you can not sleep without a pillow, it mozhetprivesti the appearance of edema.The mattress on which you sleep, should bytdostatochno tough linen from natural and desirable naturalnyhmaterialov, the bed should be spacious.To sleep was boleeglubokim in the bedroom need to create a good shade, it is under the influence of the body begins to fall asleep.

fifth rule. at bedtime volosynelzya braid in tight braids, making tails, hair curlers and drag ihrezinkami.This leads to an insufficient supply of the head and hair lukovitskrovyu, which contains oxygen, from what can be a headache in the morning, avolosy will grow very slowly and split.If you are used to sleeping with zakolotymivolosami, the best variantombudet not braid tight braid and zakalot it is not a tight rubber band.Chtokasaetsya curlers, then overnight do not need them.Not only is clocked volosypered responsible action, vybudete tormented all night, and even bad night's sleep.In the morning, you can simply naprostosdelat termobigudi and fix the hairstyle special means.

sixth rule. Physical activity, sports activities must end in 3 hours before bedtime.Otherwise sluchaechelovek a long time can not sleep because the body will be difficult pereklyuchitsyana quiet "wave".Sporting activities best done outdoors, physical activity time in the air is an active saturation kislorodomkazhdoy cells of the body that will make sleep harder.

seventh rule. sleep nuzhnonastroitsya.Before going to bed is not recommended to make noise, swearing, watch TV, work on documents or sit at the computer.You can take a shower or bath suspokaivayuschimi aromatic oils, such as lavender oil.Just lying bed, you can read a book.The optimum temperature for sleep should bytprimerno 18 degrees.Therefore, before going to bed is to ventilate the room.

Sleduyaetim uncomplicated rules, you'll sleep like a baby, it is easy to fall asleep iprosypatsya in a good mood, and not to suffer from insomnia.Your kozhapriobretet healthy glow and will look fresh.If you do not like and stradaetebessonnitsey silites sleep, but you can not, then sleduetobratitsya to the doctor, who will determine the cause of this condition.Good night.

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