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The good and bad black currant?

The good and bad black currant, you know.Not disappeared and leaves: They are harvested in the winter to add herbal teas, pickles with them closed.And to this day, to cucumbers and tomatoes turned out fragrant, put in the marinade currant leaf or two.Incidentally, black leaf varieties used not only as a spice but also as a preservative: greenery as berries, contains substances having antibacterial activity and do not give the preforms to ferment.Scientists believe that the bush got its name precisely because of the strong smell of the word "currant" comes from the Old Slavonic daily value of vitamin "stench" - "smell."However, some fans of the berries say that his name is not obliged to plant flavor, and ease of propagation: its branches quickly take root and form new bushes - "currant itself gives birth."


Among all types of currant is the most useful Black: is the champion on the content of vitamin C, which in these berries is greater than the lemon.Incidentally, vitamin perfectly preserved

in the workpieces.(Just keep in mind that in the immature berries vitamins more than overripe, so do not leave them on the bush until the whole bunch "come up to standard," better to take a little bit earlier.) Due to the high content of ascorbic acid currant - a proven tool for controllinginfections and colds.And the rights of mothers and grandmothers, offering her children during the epidemic drink compote, juice or tea with jam of black fruit.Vitamin C in combination with other antioxidant vitamins (E, F, and D) is able to neutralize harmful free radicals - the cause of premature aging, as well as remove toxins.This makes the fruit is simply indispensable for smokers.Also berries contain antioxidants rutin, which strengthens capillary walls, and pectin.So that those who regularly eats a currant can not worry about their cholesterol levels and blood vessels.And if you add that black currant contains iron, copper and manganese, one can say with certainty that it is able to normalize the blood.

Popsicle for sweet teeth

  • black smorodina- 1 kg
  • tartlets - 6 pieces.
  • sugar 250g
  • water - 250 ml
  • mint - 6 sprigs
  • berry red and white currants to decorate

1. Separate the stalk from the black currant.Rinse and pat dry the berries.2. Mash the fruit, then wipe the resulting mass through a sieve to separate the bones and skin from the flesh.3. Stir in the sugar and heat the water until it is completely dissolved.Add syrup and berry puree and stir.4. Cool the mass and pour it on the shaper.Place in the freezer.Every hour of reach for ice cream and mix it to congeal it evenly.5. Cut out the balls with a spoon and place them on the tarts.Serve the sorbet garnished with frozen berries, sprigs of fresh red and white currants, mint leaves.

Red and white

These varieties are the most loved Slastenov because sugar is higher.However, vitamin C in red and white berries smaller than black, but more than in oranges.Furthermore, these two species differ significantly iodine and pectin.It is due to the gelling properties latest red currant jelly obtained excellent: berry juice freezes without adding gelatin.And carotene in red clusters almost as much as in carrots.A lot of it and oksikumarina - substances regulating blood clotting.Therefore, berries and wine made from currants, - excellent means of prevention of heart attacks and high blood pressure.By the way, berry intoxicating drink compared for a beneficial effect with grape nectar.And for those who regularly spend time in the gym will be useful succinic acid from berries.In currants lot of energy, a powerful regulator of the body's defenses, relieves pain in the muscles.Acid enhances efficiency, strengthens the immune system, normalizes the nervous system.Doctors recommend taking it with fatigue, heavy loads and periods of depression.