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Causes of bad breath and how to get rid of him

When because of higher concentrations of hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur compounds (metabolic products of bacteria that live in the mouth of every person) there is a saturation of the air exhaled by man, there is a bad smell.If the number of organisms varies from the norm, bad breath does not bother a person, otherwise, if they are significantly more tolerable amount, developing halitosis.The more bacteria in the mouth, the more pronounced becomes breath.

main causes of halitosis

Halitosis develops due to non-compliance with oral hygiene and / or a sign of gum disease, teeth, respiratory tract or gastrointestinal tract.In order to eliminate bad breath should be a closer look at its causes.

Nutrition and halitosis .Under the influence of saliva products that are used for human food, is already in the mouth start to break down, and in the process of digestion are in the circulatory system, then go outside through the lungs with the air that we breathe.It has a strong smell of garlic and o

nions.Impossible to get rid of it even after cleaning and rinsing the entire oral cavity.In this case, you just have to wait for these products would be displayed from the body.

Oral hygiene .Failure to comply with the rules of personal oral hygiene in the mouth accumulate bacteria that cause growth and reproduction of bacteria, and hence the development of halitosis.Smoking or drinking alcohol irritate the gums, change the taste and spoil the color of the teeth, causing odor.

In addition, the lack of appropriate care leads to a number of dental diseases, including inflammation of the gums caused by bacteria Skopje and stained teeth, the pulp and the periodontal disease, tooth decay and damage dentures.

Dry mouth as a cause of halitosis .Halitosis can be caused by dry mouth.Under normal circumstances, the mouth should be moist due to saliva, which naturally cleanses the mouth, washing away dead cells and plaque that cause halitosis.Dry mouth is alcohol, taking certain medicinal drugs and the existing pathology of the salivary glands.

Health status .Bad breath can cause infectious diseases (infection of the sinuses), respiratory disease (pneumonia, bronchitis), as well as kidney, liver, heartburn, diabetes and so on.

How can I get rid of halitosis?

most important thing - it's basic hygiene of the oral cavity with the help of dental floss, means for cleaning and rinsing of the teeth.Brushing your teeth must be at least 2 times a day, and do not forget about cleansing plaque from the tongue.Choose a toothpaste with fluoride content and brush should be changed at least once every three months.If you are dentures, they should be removed at night and in the morning a good cleaning.Do not forget a visit to the dentist: at least 2 times a year to prevent dental disease.

Give up bad habits, drink more water, use chewing gum after a meal, which stimulates salivation.

To temporarily eliminate the odor can be used with special mouth rinse rinse, gum, mints, sprays, fresheners and antiseptics.Supplements are also used for the treatment arose halitosis.When choosing nutritional supplements can recommend a program to support nutrition and correction, designed specifically to deal with this problem, especially because of positive feedback on the effectiveness of this program very much.

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