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It is easy to get up in the morning in winter

Ochenvazhen attitude

Everyone knows that the early rise, especially in the winter vremyagoda is some problem.Hearing the alarm clock in the morning, nepytaytes fight it, try on the other hand, a sweet stretch and zadumatsyao something pleasant.It is important to try to overcome himself.Etodostatochno difficult, but if you succeed, you will gorazdoprosche, because you can feel his strength of will and get pleasure from this ogromnoemoralnoe.

morning, standing in front of a mirror, smile and wish yourself priyatnogodnya and be sure to say, "Today a great day, and I - the most-most!" To themselves and to others depends not only on your mood, atakzhe andfrom physical well-being.Smile, because new morning came, itolko depends on you, what emotions will be accompanied by the day comes.

Nedosypsam does not pass

Colombian scientists have shown that lack of sleep sposobenprovotsirovat intense weight gain.Among the people who dream them imelprodolzhitelnost no longer than two to three hours, the

rate of obesity was higher na73% more than in people whose sleep duration is normal.And vyshena 23% among people who sleep which lasts a total of six hours.

Before going to bed is recommended to take a relaxing bath.Ochenvazhno fall asleep with thoughts about what the coming day will bring you massupolozhitelnyh emotions and you will realize that, how long nedohodili hands.

It is worth noting that it is necessary to get enough sleep.Vednedosypanie leads to reduced efficiency and consequently kplohomu mood.To sleep would be much nicer to clean set spalnogobelya, radiating freshness.The room should be aired previously, Thus disease, sleep will come to you more quickly.Healthy sleep is usually dolzhenimet eight-hour duration.

Vazhnayarol physical charging

light exercise will help you begin utrodolgozhdannogo Monday.Try to stretch your legs, arms and entire body - etopomozhet you to cheer up, which is very important for the first working day.

According to recent studies, a hormone that stimulates the kakserotonin good mood, as a otlichnymantidepressantom.It promotes the development of the substance progulkaili little tiring exercise.

must always comply with the measure.Some scientists believe that excessive voltage morning may be unsafe dlyachelovecheskogo body.The fact is that in the morning sutokvyrabatyvaetsya in bulk quantities antithesis of serotonin - cortisol, a stress hormone kotoryyyavlyaetsya.Due to excessive loads in the morning vorganizme increases its output twice, which can suppress the body's immunnuyusistemu.


It's quite invigorating agent that refreshes izakalivaet body.You can take regular or douche.First, you will wake etopomozhet secondly thus supported tonusorganizma and open the pores of the skin, hardening occurs.

Since we are a day rich with various events, showers will charge us with energy for a long time.In the morning rekomenduetsyaumyvatsya not plain water and ice cubes.Instead of water can freeze izeleny tea or aloe juice.

Douches affects soedinitelnyetkani and blood vessels, thereby training thermoregulation.In the same obrazomvozdeystvuyut and physical exercises that train the muscles.Contrast dushtakzhe useful for cleansing the skin, as under the influence of warm water, the pores expand and shrink in cold.

periodic expansion and contraction of blood vessels banishes krovcherez vessels, thus improving circulation, strengthening the processes in tissues iorganah, freeing your body of toxins.It is worth noting that scientists have identified svyazmezhdu moral and physical purity.

Horoshiyotdyh very important

very difficult to enter the position of the working rhythm ponedelnik.Dlya that you are not bothered by the thought of the upcoming work week, on the eve of sleduetvecher build such a way that he took all your thoughts anything liboboleeinteresting and enjoyable.

Prepare for the upcoming week is technically possible during the day to pick up clothes, shoes, and necessary papers.And the evening is posvyatitchemu something more pleasant, such as his beloved.Thus disease can have fun and enjoy the evening that in the course of the next working week vassogrevali pleasant memories.Sunday evening, you can schedule videpohoda in the theater, the cinema or perhaps as a trip to the nature sdruzyami.


In the morning, it is important to good nutrition.Dietologipolagayut that breakfast should be half an hour after waking.Poleznoznat that bulk quantities of serotonin found in oatmeal, bananas, chocolate, hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, strawberries, figs.

People who rabotanapryamuyu associated with intellectual activity, very helpful sladkoepo morning.Foods that are rich in carbohydrates are also sposobnostpovyshat serotonin levels.

Tea ilikofe?

coffee should be consumed in moderation as chrezmernoeprisutstvie caffeine in the body can cause tired sostoyanie.Sposobstvovat excellent awakening can green tea, which contains caffeine vnebolshih.

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