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Scottish shower: indications, benefits, contraindications

Shower can be a variable water temperature (eschenazyvaetsya contrast showers), and can be a constant temperature.In order to prevent and treat otdelnyhzabolevany used: ascending rain shower, fan shower, tsirkulyarnyyi ordinary rain showers, dust dush.Takzhe apply: Scottish shower, and a power shower.These kinds dushaprimenyayutsya and cosmetic purposes.At present, Scottish shower kakvodolechebnaya procedure has gained widespread popularity.That's about it, we are now ipogovorim.

Scottish shower

This type of shower is often attributed to a variety of shower Charcot, but from him it is distinguished by its exposure to water: patient-directed dvestrui water (usually jet dense) - one hose hot water,On the other hose is cold water.Mechanical influence Scottish dushadostatochno powerful and hot and cold jets alternate (shlangedavlenie water every 2-3 atm.).The stream of water directed at the chest ipolovyh bodies tend to become a fan and more gentle.

Scottish shower usually begins with hot water

at a temperature of 37 ° C and ends 10oSholodnoy water.Gradually the temperature of the hot water is brought to 45C and the effect of cold water begins to twenty-five degrees - raznitsatemperatur thus the end of the procedure increases to thirty-five gradusov.Vsya procedure lasts 3-6 minutes, hot water on the body affected okolo40 seconds cold wateraffects 15-20 seconds per procedure shlangiholodnoy and hot water are replaced by about 5-6 times.This kind of soul is divided into two subspecies general or local, the latter can be carried out every day, obschiyzhe held a day (in nekotoryhsluchayah shared shower is assigned a doctor every day).In appointing local dushaprovoditsya thirty procedures when he was appointed general view of the soul, toprovoditsya about twenty procedures.

As a separate hydrotherapy treatment shotlandskiydush usually does not apply, this is used in hydrotherapy kompleksnoyterapii.The patient is first assigned a fan-shaped shower (in some cases dushSharko), which has already become a classic look, and only after the fan-soul, when the body is already accustomed to the effects of water treatments, is appointed shotlandskiydush.If you start the Scottish shower without fan-type shower, the impact pervogomozhet lead to a general stress, and then the patient instead polozhitelnogorezultata arise persistent negative reaction to the therapeutic water treatments.

Scottish shower: pokazaniyak use and benefit

This kind of soul shows:

  • the presence of psychogenic and neurological diseases;
  • during vegetative violations;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • if there is chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • in diseases of the bowel, stomach, liver, accompanied by dysfunction of the digestive system;
  • in violation of vascular tone;
  • under stressful conditions;
  • chronic allergic reactions;
  • for obesity and / or excess weight;
  • sleep disorders;
  • if there are cardiovascular diseases;
  • at age-related changes and skin laxity, sagging skin of the body.

Scottish shower is also assigned if there zabolevaniyoporno-skeletal system - pain in the sacrum and back pain, myositis, spozvonochnikom problems.

According to doctors hydrotherapists General vliyanieshotlandskogo soul leads to the fact that the patient takes the putpolnogo recovery: the appearance of cellulite disappear, but if prisutstvuetizbytochny weight, it is significantly reduced.

Hydrotherapy shown not only persons suffering otkakogo any disease, but in general all the people who work for chegopostoyanno are broken and fatigued that unfortunately vsovremennom world is becoming a matter of course.

This species is able to normalize the soul funktsiivegetativnoy nervous system - the sympathetic and parasympathetic.Moreover, it has a positive effect on brain function - normalizes the balance tonusapodkorki and bark.

worth noting that the positive effects can be budetdostich, only if, in addition to the procedures gidroterapiipriderzhivatsya proper nutrition, more walk in the fresh air, zanimatsyagimnastikoy and give up bad habits and then thinking is positive, but a way of life - Health.


Scottish shower contraindicated:

  • for mental and nervous disorders that occur in severe or pronounced;
  • in ulcerative colitis;
  • with fever and / or temperature;
  • the presence of chronic internal diseases;
  • skin diseases;
  • during pregnancy;
  • at a peptic ulcer 12 duodenal ulcer,
  • thrombosis and varicose veins;
  • for tuberculosis;

Under certain cancer and varikozeprotivopokazaniya Scottish soul may be partial - it is impossible to get into the space struyavody body that amazed disease.