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How does a woman do not grow old too soon?

How ahead of time not to grow old?

women older than years that are lived, but a way of life and habits.There are 35-year-old, who will give a 20-year head start, and there are those who in the 25 years feels and looks at 40. Of course, the changes seen after age 30 years, but it is possible to grow old before.

presenting the selection of bad advice, if followed, it is possible to look 30 at 45, both physically and psychologically.And if you take yourself in hand and will act on the contrary, it will look much better.

Negative thoughts

think more often about his age
constant concern changing facial expression, people can understand that this woman through a lot in life.There is one means of accelerated aging, try to look as made in a particular age how to look 30 years older.For example, in 40 years put me stylish studs on the shoes without heels and dress in black shapeless coat.Most of the women have already done, so you need to submit to the demands of the majority.

Whatever you want done
, you too late

Trying to do something new - a lot of youth, if you are over ... it is better to quietly live out his life, relax and do not make unnecessary movements.If you decide to put on a cross, then get ready for retirement.

complain about life
It will scare people away from you, and you'll look much older.According to scientists, people who are always dissatisfied, always complaining, look older and physically earlier age.Take this method for the record, this will be enough to look 10 years older.

spend a lot of time on the computer.Social networking replace live communication, it is not necessary to meet friends, spend time on the road.The more you sit at your computer, the better.You can quickly grow old in appearance.Cosmetologists say that long-term and daily work at the computer worsens the tone of the skin, leading to wrinkles.Therefore include ICQ, open the forum and enjoy your favorite aging.Already went the aging process.

move as little as possible
The less you move, the less the body is saturated with oxygen, the slower the metabolism and vascular tone worse.It is enough to lie down for two years before the TV and you provided premature aging.

annoying for any reason
If it's stepped on the foot, mixed order, served in the restaurant is bad, it is cause for irritability and aggression.If your goal to grow old early, then on the offender Throw all the aggression.Angry and annoyed often.

Bad habits

Live last
The more you think about disappointments, endured wrongs of the past, the older will look.It is enough to indulge in a couple of months and despondency face a mask of sorrow with drooping corners of her mouth and wrinkles on the forehead.Negative feelings weaken the organism, you frequently sick and quickly wear it.

Eat fast food and dishes from the semis
This is a very reliable and proven way to overtake the age of the passport.Overweight accelerates aging, then in fast food are no vitamins, which are needed to maintain skin tone.Large doses of phosphorus contained in fast food, carbonated drinks that trigger kidney disease, accelerated aging in women.Your menu - breakfast burger and Coke, fries for lunch, for dinner soup bouillon cube, cutlets semis.If you eat well during the year, you will not have time to look around, you'll have to take my mother for a friend.

does not spill
According to scientists, a chronic lack of sleep accelerates the aging process.Therefore, if you are not going to keep a youth, sleep as little as possible, communicate in chat rooms.There are many ways ahead of time to grow old, smoke, drink a lot of coffee, abuse solarium.And at the end of the last recipe - a dim view, it can turn you into an elderly matron - stop to admire the beautiful and unusual surprise, do not believe in love, stop hoping for the best and to learn new things, do not fall.

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