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Immunity and its consolidation with the help of aromatherapy

Immunity divided into two types: congenital and acquired.Immunitetvrozhdennogo character identified with heredity and acquired - manifested in rezultatespetsializirovannyh methods and procedures that are aimed at tempering iozdorovlenie human body.We do not have time, there are enough ways that are aimed at strengthening immunnoysistemy.One of these methods is aromatherapy.This metodpodrazumevaet use of various essential oils.Let us consider in more detail what should be properly applied, what kind and for what purpose they are intended.

Any form of sickness are certain reasons kotoryeimeyut combined capacity, which could lead to vozniknoveniyuhronicheskoy pathology.The adverse effect on the human organizmokazyvayut various stressful situations, failure to correct ratsionapitaniya various electromagnetic radiation, static lifestyle.For ukrepleniyaimmuniteta should comply with certain rules, which are aimed mainly at improving the body and in the chislepomogut minimize the consequences that may retai

n razrushayuschiefaktory.The fight against diseases should begin even at home before hospitalization.Vkachestve disease prevention and ukrepleniyaimmunnoy system, there are many effective methods and takzheneobhodimo little effort.It is much harder to overcome uzhesuschestvuyuschee disease.

Signs of reduced immune activity accompanied by lethargy, body aches, postoyannoyustalostyu, fatigue, headache.If your body postoyannopodvergaetsya infections such as cold sores on the lips, which occurs spostoyannoy intervals, various viral diseases - all this speaks Otomi that your immune protection has malfunctioned, should urgently take measures harmless disease is not passed in the chronic form.

advantage of aromatherapy to enhance your health that this metodpodhodit to use for both deteymalogo age and for adults.Protect immune system to help the essential oils that will help restore the protective function of the body that smozhetsposobstvovat accelerated recovery.In that case you zapustilibolezn and she has managed to move into a serious stage, it is necessary to take a more serious methods of using the medication.But, if you postavilipered the task to strengthen the immune system, it would be for aromatherapy vasnezamenimym assistant.

In order to understand more clearly how obrazomproiskhodit effects on the human body essential oils, is required to review the mechanism, which is determined with help of the immune system.The human body consists of sebyarazlichnye fabric connections and glands that produce a set immunnyhveschestv aimed at combating the negative factors.One veduschihveschestv T lymphocytes is moving with the movement of the blood flow, and oniraspoznayut destroy harmful substance.

lymphocytes helpers in the fight for healthy cells organizmyavlyayutsya macrophages kotoryepogloschayut and destroy foreign microorganisms.White blood cells - is belyekrovyanye calf, capable of destroying infected cells that vsledstvienastupivshey dysfunction can go to the formation of cancerous nature.Krasnyekrovyanye cells - red blood cells, spread on organic fabrics and organamkislorod that enters the body.Toxins and remains prepared putemraspada cells, the lymph picks up, then it sends them the liver and kidneys, kotoryefiltruyut them and excreted.

Strengthening the immune system by aromatherapy mozhnorazdelit into two types:

  • essential oils act as antiseptics, which are disinfectants;
  • essential oils, which have a stimulation of leukocytes.

Long-term research experts say Otomi, which is very significant in the process of strengthening the immune system are sleduyuschieefirnye oils: clove, jasmine, anise, fir, clary sage, cypress, lavender oil, black pepper, basil, camphor irozmarinovoe.The beneficial effect on the body also provide essential maslatimyana, eucalyptus and bergamot, who also have the ability to help organizmupri catarrhal ailments.Oils and can be combined to achieve boleeeffektivnogo impact.


  • one drop of lavender, bergamot three drops, three drops of eucalyptus and two drops of verbena;
  • three drops of lavender, rosemary three drops, one drop of lemon and one drop of verbena;
  • two drops of rosemary, three drops of orange, three drops of ginger;
  • two drops of peppermint, two drops of lavender and two drops of lemon balm, a drop of cedar and a drop muskatnika.

Use essential oils to strengthen immunnoysistemy perhaps in different ways.It is appropriate to implement ingalyatsiiholodnogo character.You can add a certain amount of oil in the aroma lamp iostavit a home for one day.The same effect can be achieved kapnuvefirnoe oil on a clean cotton cloth to put on the composition and tepluyubatareyu.

also will have a beneficial effect and inhalation teplogoharaktera.Dripping a few drops in boiling water, and then evaporating podyshatnad steam for about ten or fifteen minutes.

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