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As women increase efficiency?

Ergonomics - our everything!

The first thing is to understand that working mestoneobhodimo kept clean and tidy.As they say Eastern sages, poryadoksnaruzhi allows to establish the correct way of thinking.So, if you do not vsehorosho with proper workstation, is clearly expanded vsepredmety in places, because the scattered scraps of paper on which you write svoizadaniya, folders, documents, unfiled I've found, stationery, besporyadochnoraskidannye on the table, take away your emotional strength.Also, remember how much time and nerves you spend on trying to find the desired object ilidokument.

To make it easier to search for neobhodimyedokumenty most important papers should be placed in a prominent place, those nadkotorymi you're finished, just appropriate to combine in a folder and set aside vshkaf.If you are on the table stationery, you do not use iliispolzuete extremely rare, it is best to put them in a locker or desk Shuhlyada.

From documents, drafts, periodicals that vamuzhe not be useful

in the work, is to get rid of as soon as possible.And if you are you use some things or documents with colleagues, ask them to put things back where you took.This approach will help distsiplinirovatkolleg and you do not have to look for glue, scissors or documents wherever oniteoreticheski may be.

Comfort primarily

often reduced productivity due Zakaki little things, such as employee, growth of 150 cm uncomfortable to sit zavysokim table in ofiseslishkom stuffy or vice versa, it's cold in the workplace is notgrabs a table lamp.

If you are in the same situation, is neotkladyvaya, speak to your supervisor, who napryamuyuzainteresovan, to employees working at full strength.

Complaining is and if someone smokes izkolleg directly at the workplace or in the office, where besides him rabotaetkto else.


We all know that office work harakterizuetsyasnizhennoy mobility and almost complete lack of physical nagruzok.Esli you during the working day can not allocate at least 5 minutes to charge, it is necessary to find a set that can be done sitting in a desk chair.Izetoy recommendation implies the following: office chairs should not zhestkofiksirovat body, not allowing you to make unnecessary movements.

If your office building has an elevator and vamvremya the time necessary to move from one floor to another, otkazhitesot miracle of technology and climb the stairs.Add pomozhetpovysit health and performance and a 20 minute walk.If you can not get out navozduh at lunchtime, try a walk after work.

Watch your diet

fatty dishes, grilled meat, potatoes significantly snizhayutrabotosposobnost.The same can be said about a lot of food.It ineudivitelno because blood rushes to the stomach, which forced perevarivatbolshie portions or heavy meal and you tend to dream.What kind tutproduktivnost, if the brain is experiencing oxygen starvation ?!

In order to be satisfied, but do not overfill the stomach, nutritionists recommend taking lunch just enough food to get you nechuvstvovali yourself hungry.In this case, the blood, and therefore oxygen, and, like get a stomach and the brain, and you can safely return kvypolneniyu their job responsibilities.

can increase efficiency, and regularly drinking water other useful liquid.These include, for example, a decoction of chamomile, rosehip, cherry juice, cranberries and other berries.These drinks not only otlichnoutolyat thirst, but also help to resupply vitamins that the body so lacking in the winter-spring period.

other irritants!

Being accepted for the job, try not to be distracted narazlichnye irritating and unsettling situation.Man, solving any problem completely pogruzhaetsyav flow of his thoughts directed to perform the work.Once voznikotvlekayuschy factor, you drop out of the flow, which will join the not-toprosto.Experts, watching the people who are in these situations, point out that the full back to doing the job they manage during ot5 minutes to days!

To less distracted at work is vyklyuchatasku, Skype, as little as possible to check your email.Of course, this sovetpodhodit only to those who do not use the above services in rabochihtselyah.In addition, you can go to some trick.For example, if you knock on Skype colleague and she tries to tell how was the birthday eemladshego child and how quickly it is transplanted houseplants navyhodnyh, with peace of mind, you can tell her that you now no time to talk sney as director issued an urgent task.

Another perpetual stimulus - a mobile phone that is able to distract from the work of not only you, but also all the colleagues around.Of course, miss an important call, oh, how do not want to, but stick pravilsosuschestvovaniya office still need: to ensure that all were satisfied, adjust the sound of the incoming ring tone and SMS messages to the minimum level.

Plan your day on paper

If your company does not use any spetsialnymiprogrammami allowing working time to plan and execute vsyurabotu time, organize a similar system themselves.This sluchaeprosche just make diary in which you will write and predstoyaschiezadaniya.Even more disciplined you will do the job if the front of each item set the time for which the task should bytsdelano.

Divide a large task into several smaller

Often we get the job for which it's frightening to take, because it seems that it is such a great and incomprehensible, that does not make it under silu.Dlya order to facilitatetask, work should be divided into neskolkoetapov, each of which can be divided into several small zadach.Prodelav this work, you'll find that not so devil as he is painted ibolshinstvo steps familiar to you.In addition, well-structured planpomogaet quickly move from one point to another.

For example, the chief has asked you to analyze documents stored in an armoire, and distribute what papers you need to leave, which send to the archive and which can be safely disposed of.Like you and know what you should have in the end result, but proceeding with zadaniyakak something terrible.A clear plan will also do the job on time.

Promotion - the best incentive

Few will be able to perform a job, knowing that vrezultate nothing for it receives.On the other hand, remuneration, because of which most of us have visited the office - it's good, but pohvalanachalnika able to significantly improve the results of their labor.But the authorities did not takschedro gives compliments, as we would like.

To work with pleasure and skoreeprihodit to the intended result, create for themselves a little promotion that will receive after each successful and timely performance of tasks.IPSFA is not necessarily should be sweet.If you tend to be overweight, choose something else, for example, promise that after the date of the annual otchetaobyazatelno go with my girlfriend to the movies or buy a lipstick, which davnozaglyadyvaetes.

office Arrange competitions

Why does a school for those who first decided to challenge, stavyatpyaterki and in adult life it is usually overlooked?To chtobypovysit disabled, you can set goals and solve their ranshenaznachennogo period.Even better, if you have colleagues, dealing with similar problems svashimi.You can arrange a competition with them.So your job budetprodvigatsya faster, and the time saved can do something boleepriyatnym, for example, plan how you will spend the weekend with his family.

Also, if you start to compete with itself, after a while you will be able to determine what resources has vashorganizm and understand when you really are tired and need to slow down and work vkakoy period idle for other reasons.