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Cervical erosion

treatment of cervical erosion

Today, there are two types of treatment of cervical erosion: operational and non-surgical methods.Before you decide on the method, the physician is required to appoint a screening for sexually transmitted infections (if this is not done, and the patient in the presence of a disease RFP, all efforts to treat the erosion will be useless).Thereafter all inflammatory diseases should be eliminated.

If there is a dysfunction of the ovaries, or there is a disruption in the hormonal background, it should also lead to normal.

If there are no complications, the erosion could and should first try to cure the non-surgical method.Modern doctors have a whole arsenal of the conservative (non-surgical) treatment of erosion: a new generation of antibiotics, homeopathic medicines, chemical coagulation (treatment of affected areas of the drug "Solkovagina") and others.

If drug therapy is not successful, or if there are complicationscourse of the disease, there are operational

methods (burning) treatment of erosion.These include cryosurgery (promorazhivayut affected area with liquid nitrogen), laser photocoagulation (the impact on the affected area of ​​the cervix with a laser beam of low power) diathermocoagulation (moxibustion electric shock) and radiowave surgery (operation takes place via the device "Surgitron").

Erosion and pregnancy

erosion, as well as any other disease, prevention is better than cure.Therefore, in order to prevent occurrence of cervical erosion is desirable to visit the gynecologist, avoiding promiscuity, timely treat inflammatory diseases.

During pregnancy planning is necessary to detect the presence of inflammatory diseases and treat the RFP, in the case of a positive result.

presence of erosion, if it is not accompanied by infectious diseases, pregnancy usually has no effect.Surgical treatment of erosion is carried throughout the pregnancy.The fact that the operational impact on the cervix scar formation, due to the cervix which may be worse disclosed.Some doctors believe that during the whole period of pregnancy erosion treatment can be carried out using a laser, since this method is considered the softest after medical.But most are more likely to ensure that the laser treatment can facilitate abortion.

Now there are medications medications that successfully cope with erosion during pregnancy, quickly heal the damaged areas of the cervix and reduce inflammation of the cervical tissue.These include preparations containing zinc in combination with hyaluronic acid.

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