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Aromatherapy winter: Winter essential oils

In aromatherapy has many advantages.She blagopriyatnovliyaet on the emotional background of man, and the general state of health.Thus disease, using aromatherapy oils in the winter days, you smozhetepridat the air inside your home and create a fragrance of summer in it favorable atmosferuuyuta.

How can aromatherapy use depends on vashihzhelany and preferences.You can vospolzovatsyaaromalampoy, you can add a bit of flavor in a water bath, you can sdobavleniem aromatic oil massage to please a loved one ilinayti any other way to use aromatherapy.This method, pomogayuschiyborotsya the blues, is efficient and does not cause addiction or inyhnegativnyh consequences.

zimniyaromat How to choose?

But unfortunately, not all oils estantistressovy effect.Therefore prislushaytesk our advice and choose one presented below and flavors: grapefruit oil, lemon, basil, chamomile, mandarin, mint, geranium, sage, lemon balm, lavender, patchouli, jasmine, neroli, ylang-ylang, sandalwood or rose.

most famous antidepressant in aromatherapy is bergamot efirnoemaslo.Due to the flavor, which it publishes disappears sostoyanietrevogi increases mood and tone of a man comes in.

most important thing in choosing the right fragrance for you - etovashe personal perception of odors from vsegoih diversity.Whatever the characteristics are not essential oil, fragrance esliego does not have any impact on you, and what's more, nepriyatenvoobsche, you should not dwell on it your full attention.And if suddenly you are surprised to notice chtov smells like the whole song, you can safely call it svoeysobstvennoy because only pleasant aroma can deliver poistinenezabyvaemoe pleasure, satisfaction and benefit.

Use aromaterapiizimoy

In winter, oil can improve immunitetcheloveka.They improve overall effect on the body and help you to relax.Pomimoetogo, they perfectly complement your casual winter makeup.

Essential aromas treated people with distant times, but today, modern science recognizes totfakt that oil really have a therapeutic effect on the body cheloveka.Eto due to the fact that the scents of essential oils through obonyatelnyeretseptory short time penetrates into the body and have ananego beneficial effect.Scents have an effect on the nervous system ipsihoemotsionalnoe human condition.Scents can both soothe so ipridat vigor.And all the aromatic oils that absorb skin prekrasnozamenyat cosmetic.

Providing enhancing effect on the immune system, increase energy metabolism aroma oils in the blood muscles, and eliminate toxins.When you are very tense, aromatherapy helps reduce stress on the body, improve your mood and lead normal sleep.Some oils even help improve sobstvennuyuchuvstvitelnost.

methods primeneniyaefirnyh oils in winter

Aromatic bath

Aromatic bath - a nice way to use oil, which is popular in the winter.If vamprotivopokazany bath, you can use soft knee.Depending on what you vyberitemaslo, it will have some impact on your body.

lavender oil. Pomogaetuspokoitsya and relax.Activates the processes of regeneration, relieves peeling skin redness, removes acne.

cypress oil. restores the hormonal balance in the body.It helps to cope spotootdeleniem and swelling.

Chamomile oil. Snimaetrazdrazhitelnost, obladaetbakteritsidnymi properties.It soothes sensitive skin.

Cedar oil. Maslopridaet more confidence.Tightens pores and heals wounds quickly.

camellia oil or bergamot. calms the nervous system, reducing strain.It has cooling properties antisepticheskimii

Patchouli oil. Aromatpridaet confidence weakens.It has anti-cellulite effect, razglazhivaetmorschinki, making the skin velvety.

massage cream

Before you mix the cream with essential oil, DO read, wherein said dosage as excessive amounts maslananeset harm to the body.

the winter is very important moisturizing effect, which mozhnodobitsya using oils lily of the valley, mimosa, rose, fern or zhasmina.Imenno winter you can start to get rid of cellulite with the help of oils of grapefruit and orange.If you want pridatkozhe elasticity, use violet or mint oils.

Winter flavors dlyakvartiry

you can safely experiment and create svoyusobstvennuyu range of flavors.For example, in the living room to create a cozy and pokoyamozhno use a combination of grapefruit oil, incense, ylang-ylang and tangerine.

Mixing oils of neroli, sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh in spalnoykomnate help relax and sleep.

mint, rosemary or lemon will warm you and get rid of nepriyatnyhzapahov in the kitchen.

Try to create your composition of flavors from which vybudete crazy, and enjoy her winter cold evenings.