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10 habits of life-prolonging

Habit 1. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Everyone knows the old saying: "We are what we eat", poetomuneudivitelno that the first habit just to be associated with food.Vklyuchitev your diet as much as possible of fresh vegetables and fruits that yavlyayutsyabogateyshimi source of all useful and necessary for the body normalnoyzhiznedeyatelnosti substances.It is believed that those who kazhdyyden include in your diet plenty of vegetables and fruit, 60% less likely to suffer from other cardiovascular diseases.Also in these produktahnahoditsya large amounts of antioxidants, which slow starenieorganizma.Especially a lot of antioxidants in spinach, red bell peppers, blueberries, strawberries and plums.

Habit 2. Have breakfast oatmeal or any product drugimtselnozernovym

Oatmeal is not only perfectly help losing weight, but still iozdoravlivaet entire body.If you will constantly cook on zavtrakovsyanku (also suitable brown rice), you greatly lower riskvozniknoveniya at diseases of the cardiovascula

r system.Very poleznoupotreblyat eating whole grains.According to recent reports, scientists udalosvyyavit that whole grains and prevent the occurrence of razvitieraka pancreas (pancreatic cancer).They also prepyatstvuyutrazvitiyu osteoporosis and dementia, which are for the most part it kvozrastnym diseases.

Habit 3. Eat fish

The fish are very useful for the body fat kislotyomega-3, especially a lot of them found in salmon.These substances polozhitelnymobrazom affect the cardiovascular system.If you do not like fish, toupotreblyayte instead to eat more walnuts, flaxseed and canola takzhemasla, because these foods also contain omega-3.

Habit 4. Eat less, but more

This principle applies to the system of fractional power.Vamsleduet accustom ourselves to the fact that food should be consumed in small portions, but 5-6 times per day.This can help you avoid obesity, diabetes, problems with the digestive tract, as well as heart disease.In addition, smaller meals helps to lose weight.Chtobysbrosit overweight, you do not have to sit on a grueling diets, eating an apple or odnumorkovku.You can eat whatever you want, but only a little ichasto.

Habit 5. More move

«Movement is life" - this phrase has long priznanaistinoy, because if a person pays physical activity at least 30 minutes a day, the risk of premature death had reduced by 28%.The secret misrepresented that during exercise in humans decreases kolichestvosvobodnyh radicals which reduce the cell performance.However, it is not necessary to fall vkraynosti - excessive exercise on the contrary, may plohopovliyat on the heart muscle.But in any case poluchasovayapeshaya daily walk does not hurt and will only bring health benefits.

Habit 6. Always wear seat belts.

very sad According to statistics, about 50% of passenger transport, road deaths during the year were not wearing seatbelts.Well aodnoy of the most frequent causes of accidents is driver distraction to something extraneous and loss of control over dorogoy.Poetomu if you are a passenger, always wear your seat remnyamibezopasnosti and try not to distract the driver from the road.Keep both your and other people's lives.

Habit 7. Learn to relax

If you take it a rule every day polnostyurasslablyatsya not think of anything for at least half an hour, then you smozhetepredotvratit chronic fatigue and save yourself from stress.Stress, kakizvestno affects the whole body, because not for nothing that they say that "all diseases of the nerves."Every day, at least briefly distracted from vsehzabot and relax.You can listen to music, knitting, singing, embroidering, in general, do all the things that help you relax and get away from it all nasvete.And even better - to learn how to meditate, and the time to devote meditation.

Habit 8. Sleep strong and healthy sleep.

Healthy and adequate sleep prolongs life and this is davnodokazano.People who sleep poorly, often the most vulnerable to razlichnymzabolevaniyami, their body is weak.There is no specific kategorichnogopravila dictating how to sleep all the people - someone 5hours enough to feel in shape, and someone - 8.But according obscheyrekomendatsii, sleeping adult should last from 6 to 8 hours.Kromeprodolzhitelnosti sleep is also important and its quality.If you postoyannoprosypaetes, it is unlikely to be able to have a good rest of the night.For good snaneobhodimo regularly ventilate the room where you sleep, as zhelatelnovyklyuchat completely the whole world and all the noisy appliances.

Habit 9. No smoking

Every cigarette you smoke does not pass completely dlyazdorovya body.Smokers are much more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases iprostudnymi and also have weak lungs, and skin of the face etozanyatie beauty clearly increased.Therefore, if you do not smoke, you will never even begin to INE, and if smoke, try to collect all his willpower into fists throw it harmful activity.

Habit 10. Do not be lonely

Avoid long loneliness.Scientists believe chtopolnaya social isolation and loneliness is not long svoystvennycheloveku and can lead to hormonal imbalance and depression.Poetomune sit for a long time at home in splendid isolation.Call a friend or acquaintance dazheobychnoy, talk, Bind to visit or for a walk.Not stoitrastsenivat it as "insolence" of you and seem to hesitate slishkomnavyazchivoy, for chat - this is a great "medicine" of depression and despondency, which, as we have seen, bad for the general prodolzhitelnostizhizni.In order not to be alone, not necessarily to have a lot of friends poroydostatochno is just one person, who will talk with vamrazveyatsya and feel desired.

And of course, take care of yourself, always and everywhere, starayteschasche rejoice and smile, do not be discouraged and do not indulge in sad thoughts, atakzhe forgive their abusers, because forgiveness - is a powerful tool to help you get rid of the burden of past grievances and make yourischastlivoy long life.