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Common mistakes in the treatment of colds


We live vpostoyannoy hurry, we do not have time to be ill.At first we frantically priznakahprostudy (sometimes literally) start taking nesmetnoekolichestvo drugs in the hope that some kind of "magic" pills once postavitnas feet.It is extremely dangerous to the uncontrolled use of antibiotics.Malokto know that they are useless against viral colds, and upon whom are our regular flu and SARS.But our poleznuyumikrofloru intestinal antibiotics kill at times.Especially pernicious are dlyaorganizma children.Nowhere else in the world except CIS countries do not sell antibiotics vaptekah.They can only give a doctor in inpatient hospital during treatment.Vkraynem case - to write home, but only if the doctor visits itolko in individual cases.We also sell antibiotics malenkihdetey even up to a year.They also kill intestinal flora our defining sostoyanienashego health and resistance to viruses.

Vsёvysheskazannoe not mean that antibiotics can not drink at all.When opredelёnnyhobstoyatelst

vah without them simply can not do.But at the same time with them vrachipredpisyvayut take drugs for the prevention of dysbiosis, such as Linex or other probiotics with beneficial intestinal bacteria in the composition.But luchshevsego think about their intestinal microflora long before the onset of the disease.Vedimenno it plays a huge role in improving our immunity.Yes, and not worth going to work speshits.Any best cures colds, oddly enough time.It is needed by the body to help spravitsyas disease.

suppresses cough

Cough is the certainly the most unpleasant manifestation of the common cold.Therefore, we can understand nashestremlenie as quickly as possible to get rid of him.Meanwhile, in itself kashelne only not harmful, but even useful - it is a natural reaction of the body naprostudnoe airway inflammation, which is caused by a virus.Vospalenieobychno accompanied by formation of thick, viscous mucus, very interfering dyhaniyu.Imenno so the body gets rid of it its unique "tool" - kashlem.My is instead logical in this case, thinning sputum pomoschyumukolitikov, begin to take drugs suppress cough.Doing this nelzyani way!Such drugs as the same antibiotics used tolkopo special prescription during prolonged dry exhausting cough.Nuzhnoobyazatelno to go to a specialist, if any cough runs bolshe.Protsess week and can go into a chronic cough and cause serious complications.

Forget oprofilaktike

We usually perceive the cold as an inevitable phenomenon, as the falling leaves in autumn and snow zimoy.My often neglect even the most simple preventive measures, although vrachipostoyanno remind them.And not for nothing - prevention really pomogaetsokratit your risk.Of course, the best option - to radically change your obrazzhizni: pour cold water run in the mornings, use only the "right" food and water, sleep at least eight hours, do not worry popustyakam.However, I must admit, to master this program is not all udaёtsya.No you can start small.

So pridyadomoy, wherever that may be, not just wash your hands and rinse your nose igorlo.So you get rid of the virus deposited on the mucosa.Think obukreplenii body's defenses in the early fall - propyl any immunostimuliruyuschiepreparaty (better plant-based), but do not forget that taking them nuzhnokursom.At work, keep in mind that hotbed of viruses during an epidemic - it kompyuternyeklaviatury common telephones and door knobs.It is easy to do at least the time otvremeni wet wipe them with alcohol wipes.

tozhevpolne The house can create an atmosphere of anti-viral.Decorate your podokonnikgeranyu - it will saturate the air volatile production, which are harmful to viruses.Iliobzavedites Aroma refill her oils of eucalyptus, lavender, basil, mint and rosemary.It is these plants have proven active fighters svirusami.Also nice in the mornings and evenings to rub the foot, ears and hands - smaksimalnym area of ​​biologically active points.It is useful not only dlyaprofilaktiki influenza, but for overall health.

very vazhnokazhdomu, in addition to well-known preventive action, also work on yourself, to improve their level of optimism.Scientists have proven that optimists far rezheboleyut flu and colds.This is due to the fact that the deterioration in sentiment aktivnonachinaet work area of ​​the brain that is responsible for protecting against viruses.Onperegruzhaetsya and can not rebuff infection.With good light and nastroeniietot site is occupied only anti-virus protection, and therefore to cope with neyochen dignity.