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Dry mouth: reasons and ways to combat

Causes dryness
This in itself is not a diagnosis, but a symptom, and there are various reasons
  • Medications can cause dry mouth.For example, anti-depressants, vasoconstrictors, antihistamines.Many drugs with the aim to normalize blood pressure, eliminate cramping muscle pain, diuretics cause mouth dryness.And usually vasoconstrictor and protivogistaminnye drugs that are freely available to act on the process of the formation of saliva.Many of these affect the salivary glands cause dry mouth and reduce the amount of saliva.
  • When swells the nasal mucosa, there is excessive dryness in the mouth.Those people who, because of the adenoids, allergies breathe mouth feel dry mouth.The reason for such violations can be a deficiency of vitamins, such as vitamin A and riboflavin.
  • decreases with age the formation of saliva.Older people dry mucous mouth.Patients who have diabetes and do not follow the sugar in the blood, also feel thirsty people as a result of the speeded up urination.
  • Patients with cancer of
    the head and neck who received radiation therapy without protective measures, they observed damage to the salivary glands.
  • Dehydration can occur for various reasons, for example with fever human body is dehydrated.

Treatment may need to treat the underlying cause.For example, if the drug causes mouth dryness, then you want to switch to another drug or reduce the dose.Nasal congestion, dehydration can be treated.

When you need to see a doctor?
  • If you interfere with eating and talking dry mouth.
  • If you often have to drink to quench your thirst, because of the dryness of the mouth.
treatment modality for the relief of symptoms
Most of the activities aimed to combat dry mouth associated with chewing.The more chewing movements, those would be salivating.

Suck ice
stab sucking ice cubes, involved jaw, which moistens the oral mucosa, it should be to the salivary glands to function normally.

Buy gum
To enhance salivation often try to chew gum.You need to use a rubber band, which does not contain sugar, because sugar destroys the teeth.Specialists has been found that if every hour to chew sugarless gum to increase significantly the flow of saliva.

If you do not wish to use chewing gum, then try to suck the bones from large fruits.When something is in the mouth, a large amount of saliva.Similar effects have mints, tablets and lozenges, only to have had no sugar.

Drink plenty of fluids
Drink water as much as you want.Hold it in your mouth a little longer, and then pass it between his teeth.

Do not eat liquid food
Liquid products can become a cause of dry mouth.Because that is less chewing movements, slowing the formation of saliva.Those who are accustomed to eat liquid food, noticed that even giving up her saliva is delayed after 2 weeks.

Dietary Fiber Foods with dietary fiber increases salivation.During chewing fiber requires more effort by the teeth and jaws.

multivitamin preparations
Due to the lack of vitamins in the mouth of saliva decreases due to vitamin deficiency.Every day you need to take multivitamin preparations.

saliva substitute
If these measures do not help, your doctor may prescribe pills that act as a substitute for the saliva.Dose is only a short time, for this reason they must be frequently used.

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