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Lose weight with the help of aromatherapy

Thanks aromatherapy mozhnoznachitelno lose weight.Of course, it sounds a bit fantastic.But if you are unwilling to fully trust the effect of aromatherapy, then select dannyymetod recommended as an adjunct to diet or exercise capacity.You will see chtoefirnye aromatic oils actually help in losing weight and it is not prostodeystvenno and nice.

In order slimming essential maslavtirayutsya the skin during massage, added to water, when prinimaetsyavanna used as a filler for inhalation, and in some sluchayahprinimayutsya inside.

Which essential oils pomogayutpohudet?

Before starting ispolzovaniyaaromaterapii to reduce weight, it is important to understand exactly how efirnyemasla act.The fact that the cause of overweight in osnovnomzaklyuchaetsya in any physiological malfunction in the body: narushennyyobmen substances excess body fluids and more.In itogeneobhodimo prefer essential oils, which are capable of normalizovatobmen substances and also act as a diuretic.

example, juniper oil usilivaet

obmen substances.It is recommended to take it in, dropping a few drops on kusokhleba.The result will be not just to get rid of excess fluid, but iochischenie of toxins, which are accumulated by the body that will dopolnitelnymsredstvom in the fight against weight loss.

Cypress mozhzhevelovoemaslo recommended and used for baths and massages.On the basis of these oils mozhnoprigotovit a mixture of 15 drops of cypress 14 drops of juniper, 40 mlzhozhoba.

resulting mass ispolzovatkak good massage oil.At the same time it must be rubbed into the skin massage dvizheniyami.Dlya bath will be enough 5-7 drops.In addition, if desired, can be connected to enhance effektochischeniya a few drops of a mixture of four handfuls of sea salt in a bath ibrosiv.After dissolution of salt will pull the excess water from the body.

Great tool for pohudeniya- orange oil.It will help to reduce weight due to the elimination of organizmatoksinov.In addition, this oil will improve the functioning of the intestines and ureguliruetzhirovoy and carbohydrate metabolism.It is used for massage or adding vannu.Dozirovka: 5-8 drops of oil to 10 grams of cream for massage or 6-8 drops in a bath.

important to note that oil kotoryhshla about it, not only to reduce body weight, but also helps in losing weight fast enough.And since many women after weight loss are stretching, aromatherapy - etokachestvenny way to lose weight without any cosmetic defects.

Aromatic oils snizhayuschieappetit

in the process of losing weight aromaterapevtysovetuyut inhale the oils that affect the loss of appetite.

This process is very simple: pinched one nostril and the other is a breath, and then, on the contrary.It ochenpolezno for those who suffer from psychological hunger, in other words, dlyateh whose appetite wakes up instantly on the type of cake on a beautiful magazinnomprilavke.As soon as the desire to eat - instantly breathe efirymasla.Those who do not want to overeat can use this method peredpriёmom food, making each nostril 4-5 breaths.It recommended zapahamotnositsya mint, cinnamon and vanilla.

Ispolzuyaaromaterapiyu, do not forget that it has contraindications.For example, pregnant women eat maslomozhzhevelnika contraindicated and orange maslozapreschaetsya applied to the skin before you go out under the scorching rays of the sun.

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