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8 proven ways to keep warm when you're cold

shower with aroma of coffee

If after a stay on the street you are very wet izamerzli, do not try to come home immediately using warm goryacheyvanny.Your body temperature drop kraynenezhelatelen such as immersion in goryachuyuvodu going too much load on the heart and blood vessels.Wait a bit, otogreyteshotya least 20-30 minutes, and only then wait under a warm shower and sdelaytesebe warming coffee scrub.

cooking secrets "warm" scrub: Mix half a cup of ground kofes essential oil of black pepper (3 drops) and cinnamon seed (5 drops).If your skin is too dry, dopustimodobavit of olive oil.For maximum effect, you need to wrap oneself poslenaneseniya scrub with a dry cotton sheets and wait for 15minutes, then take a warm shower.

Baths for hands

Another guaranteed way to warm up - hands hover B special water-oil solution.Dlyaetogo need to instill 5 drops of cinnamon oil in hot water and add 1 c.lojke mustard powder and cardamom.The water temperature should be as high as possible to endure.Afte

r steaming the hands must be smazatuvlazhnyayuschim or nourishing cream.However, it should be remembered that this procedure is detrimental to the nail, so still need to spend time on egovosstanovlenie.To improve the condition of chapped and cracked hands to help bath with healing effect.For its preparation is necessary in half-liter jar pour 1 tbsp flax seed, pour it goryacheyvodoy and stir 10 minutes.This infusion is necessary to hold the hands of about 20 minutes.

«Vodka" foot bath

This method of body warmers borrowed from Finnish fishermen, for which prolonged exposure to wet and cold air - neotemlemayachast their work.So, pour into a bowl of hot water, add the 100 gr.vodki, 4 and 2 tablespoons honey mustard poroshka.Poderzhav in the foot bath for 15 minutes, you obrazompochuvstvuete amazing how heat is distributed not only in the legs, but also vsemutelu.This procedure is very relaxed and sleepy, so after eeprovedeniya recommended to wear warm socks and lie down to rest.

As an alternative beverage, you can make a salt bath or zhetravyanuyu.For the first variant in water 37-38 ° C neobhodimorastvorit 1 tbsp.a spoonful of salt (preferably sea), and the second - the strained infusion prepared from 5-6 Art.stretcher mixture of herbs (chamomile, krapivadvudomnaya, peppermint, sage), taken in equal proportions, and steamed on a quiet fire for 20-30minut.


quite stiff legs will warm massage stupney.Udobno sitting in the lotus position or in Turkish, take your foot in the hands of its ihoroshenko pound, alternating traffic raznoobraznyemassazhnye: stroking, kneading, tapping ivibratsii.If the foot blushed and warmed up, then everything is done correctly.

warmed inside

taking efforts to warm up with the help of external resources, in parallel, you can drink and sogrevayuschienapitki.But in any case, not alcohol, which, contrary to rasprostranennomuzabluzhdeniyu, not only warms up (except on very neprodolzhitelnoevremya), but also aggravates the situation.Namnogoluchshie and the best options - goryachiytravyanoy tea with lemon and honey, teploemoloko or drinks, you can add ginger and cinnamon, imeyuschiesvoystvo great help with colds.

Inhalation with sage

For people with weak immunity inhalation sage stanutnezamenimym means.Regular carrying out this procedure will help umenshitkolichestvo taken of drugs for cough and cold.Of course, the best to use for this purpose inhaler which acquired vapteke.But if such a device is not present, use a pan szakipevshey water, which is poured a handful of sage and chamomile, and then cover with a towel, inhale the steam coming from the infusion for 10-15 minutes.In techeniechasa after the procedure, it is desirable to refrain from talking, smoking and overlook the street.

living warmth

has long been proven that one of the most effective and schadyaschihsposobov warm - is to use the heat of the human body.Therefore, if there is such a uvas "body", that is, a loved one who will be happy to vametu nice service, after making a cup of hot tea, hurry eyuvospolzovatsya.I think that the way to keep warm in the future it shall be given priority.

Eat the "right" food

According to physiologists, in winter you need to listen to the demands of svoegoorganizma and lean on thick, hearty soups and meat, forgetting for a moment the cold dietah.V we expend more energy, so you need to take careeevospolnenii of increasing in our diet pischuzhivotnogo origin.Enhance your "frost" will also help to foods rich in iron and iodine, and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (their source of fatty sea fish).

followers of Ayurveda is recommended in the cold season an unforgettable experience on the use of warming spices - pepper, ginger and cinnamon.

Additional heat our bodies will also be able to take otorehov, but the number of citrus and dairy products should be reduced, takkak acids contained in them, act on the human body cooling.

In addition, it should be remembered that organizmmerznet dehydrated quickly, so drink more, preferring teas (bolshechernomu than green) and infusions of herbs.