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Return the good mood with aromas

addition to the many positive results in the field of beauty care of body, face and hair, aromatic therapy has gained a huge following thanks to one of its beneficial properties - namely, a successful confrontation bad mood, stress, depression, and the return of positive,joyful emotions.

We sometimes do not even stop to think how big and deep effects of aromas on our psychological health.And it can play in our favor.Easily and without much effort we can program your own mood and state of mind on the positive, sunny and pleasant way.

both at home and in the office (important to households and colleagues were not against), you can use already love and traditional beautiful bagatelles: aroma lamp, aroma candle, spray or conventional small handkerchief (alsoYou can replace cosmetic cotton pad).In the latter case, a few drops of aromatic oils on a handkerchief or put a cotton ball and place it on top of a desk lamp or a warm top of a computer monitor.Very soon you will be back to the good and, of co
urse, fragrant mood.

You can choose to use one oil, as well as create your own fragrant mixture.Among the aroma oils, shot to fame a good antidepressant, returning efficiency and life balance are the following:

  • sweet orange - significantly improves mood and performance,
  • jasmine - in Mediterranean countries is considered to be the "king of smells", has anti-stress effectimproves communication skills and charisma,
  • coriander - helps with nervous exhaustion, improves the action of memory and concentration,
  • lavender - a good assistant in the fight against mental tension, depression, anxiety,
  • sage - regenerates energy shell after stressful situations and communicationwith unpleasant people, balances emotions and good mood returns,
  • tea tree - is a powerful stimulator of mental activity, helps to cope with the decline of vitality,
  • vanilla - a communication to the trustee, it helps to cope with fatigue, restores emotional balance.
In fact, there are a large number of various natural scents and oils that can restore us to a good mood and positive outlook on life.Many can be an interesting mix.Feel like a bit of a magician ...

tones and restores vitality flavorful blends for aroma lamps:

  • 15 drops of tangerine oil, 5 drops of patchouli oil and grapefruit,
  • 10 drops of vanilla oil, 10 dropslemon oil, 5 drops of oil of lemon balm,
  • 5 drops of oil of jasmine and sweet orange.
fragrant mixture sprayer - help improve concentration and attention:

  • 6-7 drops of oil of lime and spruce,
  • 10 drops of tangerine oil, 5 drops of oil of lemon balm,
  • 5 drops of oil of coriander and lavender.

Whatever you choose, remember also that any aromatic oil or a mixture should be pleasing to you and does not cause negative emotions.Aromatic oils, on the other hand, for thousands of years people are to gain inner peace, the return of the physical and mental strength, good mood, as well as for beauty and attractiveness.

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