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How to select a massage chair

catalysts are currently found in many public places exposed to massage chairs skupropriemnikom.For it is just to pay for the cost zapuskaeshprogrammu and you can enjoy a pleasant massage.Also, you mogutpredlozhit test the particular program or operation of the new model.

But esliv so fell in love with this service, you can easily purchase takoekreslo home or office.And here it is worth thinking about how sdelatpravilny choice of massage chair.

Why do I need a massage chair

In pervuyuochered need to think about how and by whom will ispolzovatsyamassazhnoe chair.For example, you like the model may be perfectly tolkodlya office, but for a house or to give a different approach, with more shirokimkomplektom programs or just the opposite, more specialized dlyakonkretnogo person.

design and materials

Stoitotmetit that massage chair is not only a sports simulator that will help restore your physical form but also a certain predmetominterera, which in the future will affect the overall atmosp

here in the room, gdeono will be.Therefore it is very important to place it in such a place where you can relax peacefully and easily retire.It can be an office massazhnoekreslo, couched in simple head or act as escheodnogo developing the simulator in the nursery.

Samoeglavnoe when choosing a massage chair - it's not worth chasing "natural" materials upholstery.When one of saturation, which will be used dannoeustroystvo, the coating quickly wear out and will not be schitatsyakachestvennym.

Naiboleepodhodyaschy choice - a flexible artificial surface of more prostogomateriala to be more resistant to heavy mechanical stress.

So kakmassazhnoe chair - a thing not cheap and it should be treated ochenserezno choice.But at the sound operation and proper care massage kreslosposobno last for more than one year, while maintaining the functionality of its major original appearance.

features massage chairs

Pochtivse presented models of massage chairs are able to massage the legs, neck, arms, shoulder blades, buttocks, upper body and lower back.Such naboryavlyaetsya most common.

Sredisamyh popular types of massage chairs is to provide:

  • Air massage.It built a special pillow that zapolnyayutsyavozduhom and squeezing and unclamping good massages the muscles of the body bolshoypoverhnosti.
  • Acupressure (shiatsu).It is worth noting that since ancient times to telecheloveka found critical points that got its name kakakupunkturnye, as well as centers of relaxation and vitality.Spot massazhokazyvaet highly directional impact on these points and thereby okazyvaetpolozhitelnoe effect on the entire body
  • Vibromassage.There massage takes place by means of special vibrodiskov that can operate at different speeds.
  • roller massage.Special rollers has a huge effect on working together clusters of nerve endings in the areas with the greatest muscle mass.
also vmassazhnyh chairs can be provided and additional features:
  • Infrared therapy, which dilates blood vessels and thus allows boleebystrymi rapidly absorbed into the blood oxygen
  • Thermotherapy allows some warm areas of the body such as the lower back, to the pleasant and high temperatures.

Technology massage chairs

catalysts are currently the technology manufacturing massage chairs neveroyatnyhvysot reached.Highly intelligent system capable of scanning with special tochnostopredelit height, weight, pulse rate, and even sweating.In general, vsemassovye and size parameters and physical condition of the person.Poluchivosnovnye data massage chair can independently razrabotatspetsializirovannuyu and optimal massage program or offer one wounded already stored in memory.

Takzhestoit noted that there are massage chairs with the manual and auto-adjust.And of course, here to solve the buyer, what is the chair otdatsvoe preference.Of course, automation - it's always easy, simple and bystro.Ne need to re-read the instructions several times and into something delve.Dostatochnovybrat necessary package of presets, and all can be enjoyed from the massage and poluchatudovolstvie.But still, here you have to wonder - ustraivaetli you the speed and intensity of the massage?Automation is able to offer an optimal program tolkosvoyu and no automatic vmire not be able to read the thoughts and grasp the psychological nastroysvoego user.Therefore, a reasonable choice is to massage kreslos combined control.

Heart mechanism

Speaking oserdtse mechanism, should pay special attention to the number of massage rollers, which are hidden in the chair itself.If you purchase a seat with six rollers, then you end up with a chair with a limited set of options.But slishkombolshoe number of massage rollers, namely more than 9 or 10 is not yavlyaetsyapokazatelem high quality massage machine.

Takzhezalogom long life and stability of the massage chair yavlyaetsyakachestvenny motor.If the firm produces not only massage chairs, but imotory rather than purchasing components for them, it greatly improves nadezhnostkonstruktsii.

Motoryavlyaetsya basis of massage movements, it depends on him not tolkokachestvo products, but most importantly - healing effect.


Konechnona question "what kind of company you choose?" No single answer, nobezuslovno, do not trust one-day firms that do not have opytav this area.The most popular and high-quality massage chairs kreslamischitayutsya from America and Japan.But some European kompaniipolzuyutsya great demand in today's market.But in any case, it is obliged to provide vsesootvetstvuyuschie firmaprosto documents and a guarantee on their products.


Massazhnyekresla strictly contraindicated in patients with brittle bones, when povrezhdeniipozvonochnika suffering from hypertension, ostrymiserdechnymi disease and varicose veins.

Kromeetogo suschestvuyuet restrictions for young children, pregnant or just rodivshihzhenschinam, as well as people who are registered postelnyoy mode, for example, prizabolevanii flu.

But stoitotmetit that many massage chairs there is a function ogranichennogomassazha only a selected area.This massage will remove tiredness Sonam area while gently bypass others.

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