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What treat turpentine baths?

Turpentine baths

Turpentine - is absolutely natural rastitelnyyprodukt.It is a turpentine essential oil extracted from smolysosny (turpentine).Oleoresin used in the treatment of thousands of years our ancestors, however, lishv the form of ointments.In 1904, AS ZalmanovHe created recipe emulgirovaniyaskipidara, allowing it to dissolve in water.As a result of the treatment vbalneologicheskom a new direction - turpentine baths.

therapeutic effects of turpentine baths that wherewith they open the closed capillaries and restores blood flow to the tissues of the body issushennyeostrovki.Accordingly, the weakened cells postupaetbolshe oxygen and improves the removal of residues.Normal life kletokvosstanavlivaetsya.

After contact with skin emulsified turpentine notonly causes dilation of capillaries, but also helps to increase ihkolichestva.No medicine is so effective exercise profilaktikukapillyarnyh stasis and thrombosis.Turpentine baths complex effects naobschie body's defense mechanisms.Stimulat

es metabolic processes mikrourovnesosudistoy system.

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Cellulite and overweight

With the restoration of microcirculation normalizuyutsyaobmennye processes in the blood decreases bad cholesterol, improves blood flow to areas of cellulite.This contributes to relief of cellulite and fat metabolism vosstanovleniyupravilnogo.After months skipidaroterapii mozhetsnizitsya weight by 20 kilograms.And exhausting diets do not require treatment.Dostatochnopitatsya moderately healthy food.More fruits and vegetables, less red meat fat.In parallel, the baths have to increase your physical activity.Giant preimuschestvoskipidarnyh baths is that the reverse weight gain in most sluchaevne occurs.It is not treated the symptom - overweight, and the reason - vosstanavlivayutsyaobmennye processes.

Problem skin

Clinical observations show that skipidarnyevanny help resolve external and internal adhesions and scarring, sposobstvuyutnarastaniyu connective tissue.Therefore baths are used in cosmetics for lecheniyaozhogov, ulcers, wounds and other skin injuries.We prove the rejuvenating effect of umensheniyuglubiny wrinkles and smoothing skin.Baths of white emulsion quickly kupiruyutvysypaniya boils, neyrodermatoza, psoriasis and diffuse scleroderma.


Restoring blood flow quickly snimaetvospalitelnye processes in the pelvis, it normalizes the menstrual cycle and gormonalnyystatus.A positive result is achieved in chronic adnexitis, infertility, adhesive disease, the treatment of fibroids.But all procedures ogovarivayutsyas doctor.


Light like no other authority need vsvobodnom bloodstream.After a couple of turpentine baths removes puffiness bronhovi inflammatory processes, increases the amount of light, it is better sputum departs, uluchshaetsyadyhanie.Actively removes toxins, toxins from smoking and smoke.Pomimosamih baths, a positive effect on light pair evaporating turpentine.Osnovannyyna pine resin, it is effective microbicides, predotvraschayuschimprostudu.


Turpentine baths increase the number of vessels.A dlyaserdtsa blood flow and is a perfect gift.Metabolicheskieprotsessy improved myocardial coronary blood vessels dilate, blood flow is accelerated, reducing the load on the heart.Fact - the course turpentine baths snizhaetrisk 30% of acute myocardial infarction.And this is a great indicator.Even esliinfarkt took place to be, the bath will help to strengthen the heart muscle and heart rhythm postepennonormalizovat.Most effectively combine turpentine baths slekarstvennoy therapy.Spa disperse the blood and improve microcirculation, vrezultate drugs reach every cell of the heart.Therefore dozirovkulekarstv can be significantly reduced.


uvelichivaetkrovotok Improved peripheral circulation in the lower extremities.Treated peripheral arterial disease, venoznayai arterial insufficiency of the lower limbs, hypertension.

to completely healthy

Turpentine baths not prerogativabolnyh people.On the contrary!Timely treatment almost eliminates mnogihbolezney development.Turpentine puts our body in a more efficient operation.As a result, much less is spent Taelan resources to ensure its life.Major operating mensheiznashivayutsya greatly increasing life expectancy.Related changes proiskhodyatv humans, druzhaschih sport.It turns out you can train the body ... lying in turpentine bath.