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Serotonin is for our health

What is the availability of serotonin iliotsutstvie

Products containing serotonin are present literally in all that mypotreblyaem food.These are proteins and carbohydrates, and, it should be noted that the impact on people who prefer meat or sweets occurs differently.People who have high levels of serotonin, a bigger part consume foods that do not contribute to urovnyaserotonina, we are talking about meat and other protein foods.Those urovenserotonina is located on the lower level, preference is given to carbohydrates and long-term compliance sladostyam.Pri lean diet a person becomes angry.As saith the people: "The absence of fat will lead to a lack of elementarnogoschastya."The same heavy restructuring of the human body occurs when it renounces its bad habits, alcohol consumption Usages of tobacco products.

The factors that contribute to the reduction urovnyaserotonina include all of the same proteins and easily digestible carbohydrates, namely ihpotreblenie in excessive amounts, as well as pr

oducts of coffee, alcohol ikurenie.

Application serotonin diet requires frequent idrobnogo food availability in the diet of the required number of melkoyrechnoy and marine fish and other seafood, presented algae, seaweed, crabs, squid and shrimp.It is caused by chtoperechislennye products have a high content of polyunsaturated zhirnyhkislot Omega-6 and Omega-3.Do not forget about the presence in the diet pitaniyaananasov, oatmeal, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, green salad, asparagus and apricots.

recommended to the total exclusion of any family pischevogoratsiona canned foods, chips, any zharenyhproduktov, strong alcohol.The latter type of product should be consumed vnebolshih quantities, in the form of dry, preferably red wine.

to improve mood and increase physical and umstvennoyrabotosposobnosti, as well as for an effective process of losing weight, your vnimaniyupredlagayutsya for additional consumption of minerals and vitamins in videSelena, zinc, L - lime acid, biotin, vanadium, vitamin E, chromium, magnesium.Reception Air solar vannsposobstvuet ensure a stable level of serotonin in the matter mozgu.Pyatnadtsatiminutnoe stay in the fresh air on a walk where you obespechitev his body getting a dose of daylight will facilitate rostuurovnya serotonin.In the evening, your body is more prone kchuvstvitelnomu light, so the light from the candle wax yavlyaetsyaopredelennym stimulus, creating a calming health.

contained phenylethylamine in chocolate, obladaetstimuliruyuschimi properties that contribute to the restoration of physical andspiritual forces, raising vitality.The brain cells are stimulated takiezhe receptors that exist in a narcotic substance hashish.Potrebleniesahara also accompanied by the formation of more neyrotransmitteraserotonina.

presence of serotonin in kofeporozhdaet for a certain period of euphoria.The content in bananas gotovogofosfora and serotonin helps to activate the mental activity.

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