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Constipation: causes of treatment

Constipation causes of treatment excite many.Constipation is a situation when a person goes to the toilet less often than once every three days.But this does not mean that you should immediately rush to the doctor.Short-term problems defikatsii occur quite often.In most cases, enough to change the diet to the situation returned to normal.But when the number of trips to the toilet for a month does not exceed four times this is bad.To verify that the food system is working properly or not enough to pass a simple test.It is necessary to eat boiled corn.If the next day people eating corn, go to the toilet - it's okay.If not - a tendency to constipation.Causes of constipation may be different:

- Functional constipation - caused by intestinal dysfunction.Although this feature of the body does not entail serious consequences, it makes life much more difficult.Improper diet or taking certain medications can aggravate the situation.

- Psychological constipation - the reasons must be sought in the head.Const

ipation often lead chaotic lifestyles, daily rush, stress, shame, lack of time, reluctance to use public toilets.Sometimes the cause of regular constipation can be errors of parents admitted at education.For example, over-expression of disgust at the sight of the contents of a chamber pot.There are people who have this problem only occurs during the trip or while in an unfamiliar place.

- Constipation is caused by diseases of the digestive tract or abnormalities in its structure.The cause of constipation may be other diseases.Such as neurological disorders, or hypothyroidism.

When manifestations of persistent constipation it is necessary to regularly visit a doctor.He will do an exam and prescribe treatment.For a start will be asked to change the diet and the rhythm of life.If this does not work, appoint drugs.If there is a serious pathology can offer to conduct the operation.Do not rush to swallow the pills as soon as by the fact that you are too lazy to cook the right food.Moreover, in any case do not buy without a prescription laxative!From chemical laxatives can easily become dependent.And even seriously harm their health, because every medicine cures of certain diseases.Assigning itself without laxatives physician may damage not only the gastrointestinal tract, and liver, kidney and nervous system.Allowed a single use of medicines without a prescription laxatives only when absolutely necessary, such as during the trip.But no more than 3-4 days.

Scientists are still working on a solution to this problem. recently been found to be important in the regulation of gastrointestinal probiotics operate.It is bacteria that have a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora.They are found in dairy products.Also available in the form of capsules.Enough to eat one serving of live yogurt a day to help regulate digestion.On the market there are even yogurts, specially designed for people suffering from constipation.But before you use them, check with your doctor.

It is easy to avoid problems with constipation. In most cases the cause of constipation is a poor diet.To avoid them, it is enough to eat regular products with a high content of dietary fiber.Good results also gives increased physical activity.Daily exercise, even if they last only 10-15 minutes, accelerate peristalsis.And, therefore, do not give cause constipation.If you can not bring myself to use the public toilet, or you do not have time for that due to the nature of work - stand on the half-hour early and use the home.The body enough time to wake up and activate the digestive process.If you do every morning, "going to the toilet" at the same time, a few months later the body will get used to - and everything will happen by itself.If the trouble is found you on the road or in another area, in addition to stress and lack of comfort, the cause may be another water quality.This phenomenon is well known to travelers and holidaymakers in the resorts.Try to drink outside the home only mineral water with low iron content.This element is often the cause of constipation.Some people will meet with a psychologist.Because constipation often have psychological foundations.

Why worry? worry if you have never had this problem, and suddenly she appeared for no apparent reason.And you took more than a week to go to the toilet.Or conversely, frequent constipation suddenly stopped without any effort on your part.Also, the alarm signal are discoloration, or the presence of blood in the stool.This can be a symptom of serious illnesses.In these cases, it is necessary to see a doctor!

What should I avoid? When the treatment of constipation and should not eat chocolate, cocoa and other sweets thereof.Avoid fast food.Exclude from the diet of semi-finished noodles.White rice also strengthens the stomach.

tips on nutrition. Drink at least 2.5 liters of fluid a day.Water promotes the absorption and digestion of food.If you drink too little, digested food becomes too heavy and barely excreted from the body.

Take care of an appropriate amount of bacterial flora in the intestine, because it helps digest food.Its deficiency leads to bloating and gas.Eat bioyoghurts high content of live cultures of bacteria.

rich source of dietary fiber are the following products.This wheat bran and all products containing them - such as muesli.Also, whole wheat bread, cereals, brown unpolished rice.From fruit especially dried apricots and prunes are allocated.Recently, manufacturers have added additional dietary fiber (inulin, pectin) into many products.They also contribute to the acceleration of digestion.Their presence can be found on the packaging.

learn more about constipation causes of the emergence, the treatment - you can qualitatively change their lives for the better.

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