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How to increase low blood pressure?

Blood pressure depends, in part, on the strength with which the heart muscles pump the blood through the arteries during systole (heart beat).Also, blood pressure depends on the elasticity of the walls of these vessels.People who suffer from low blood pressure, vascular wall portion is not flexible.And sometimes even become brittle.Therefore, blood flows slowly under mild pressure.How to increase low blood pressure - not an idle question.From its solution depends on the overall well-being, performance and concentration.

What is the risk of low blood pressure?Since blood flows with low pressure, various organs of the body, including the brain and heart, less well supplied with oxygen and nutrients they need.It becomes the cause of ill health.And various comorbidities.Such disorders of the blood vessels in the apparatus in most cases are genetic.This means that we are born with them, and can not be cured once and for all low pressure.These problems occur more often in women with a beautiful slender physi


Symptoms of low blood pressure.

And now explain how much pressure is considered to be low.This is when the systolic blood pressure (a larger value for the blood pressure monitor) of 90 mm Hg and the diastolic (lower value) - 60 mm Hg.A man with such a low pressure often feel weakness, drowsiness, lethargy.It is a common adverse condition is often accompanied by other symptoms:

  • Headache, especially in the forehead.Migraine.
  • dizziness, nausea (especially in the morning or right after a sharp change in body position);
  • night sweats, sleep disorders;
  • constant feeling cold, cold hands, feet;
  • sensitivity to changes in the weather;
  • Problems with concentration;
  • cardiac arrhythmias.

How to increase your blood pressure.

Unfortunately, no medicine can not provide a safe increase in blood pressure.Available drugs have various side effects and can not be used without interruption.But knowing what is causing the problem, you can use simple, proven techniques.They help to keep the pressure at a relatively safe level and prevent it from falling.A few such methods.

  1. regular exposure to fresh air.For example, you can join the hiking.They can be practiced at any time of the year.A special investment is fun is not required.Physical activity improves the condition of blood vessels, making them more flexible, resilient.Thus, a positive effect on blood pressure.Movement stimulates the blood circulation, so that more nutrients reach the internal organs, improving overall health.
  2. Special sports complex exercise.Regular exercise strengthens muscles.The best results are given exercises in the gym.Moreover, one should begin with light weights.At the beginning of the efforts should be moderate to avoid dizziness or fainting.A week later, you will have more energy and less difficulty morning awakening.You can also ride a bike, do gentle aerobics, running, or to charge at home.
  3. use of a contrast shower.Every morning, poured alternately hot and cold water.It's the perfect way to cheer up and recharge for the day.
  4. Massage.It not only relaxes the muscles, but also accelerates blood circulation.Always start the massage with the feet and gradually move on to the heart.
  5. is necessary to drink a lot.The amount of fluid in the body affects the performance of pressure.If insufficient fluid pressure decreases.Keep this in mind, especially on hot days and during exercise.
    In such situations, drinks should contain little salt, together with the sweat we lose.After salt - is an electrolyte, which plays an important role in regulating blood pressure.
  6. Regular sleep.If you sleep too little, the problems associated with low pressure - fatigue, weakness, headaches - are exacerbated.
  7. Proper diet.People with low pressure should pay attention to what they eat and how often.One big and hearty meal leads to additional stress on the body and leads to a further drop in pressure.Eat smaller portions more often.Choose dishes that are easily digested.Preference for vegetables.Do not eat garlic, the pressure is reduced from him.
  8. Drink herbal teas.They can help normalize pressure.Try to prepare a mixture of hawthorn flowers (40 g), mistletoe (30 g) and leaves of shepherd's purse (30 g).Two teaspoons of the mixture need to pour a glass of boiled water and insist at room temperature overnight.The infusion can be taken every day on an empty stomach.Before use, consult a physician!
  9. not rise too sharply in the morning in bed.It can cause dizziness, and even fainting.People with low blood pressure should start your day slowly, without haste.
  10. Try not to be too long.When standing, the blood flow is more difficult to get to the heart and brain.This can easily lead to fainting, especially on a hot day.
  11. Avoid stuffy, overheated rooms.Heat causes the relaxation of blood vessels, vessel walls become less elastic, which further lowers the blood pressure.

What to do when you feel bad.
People with low blood pressure can not tolerate the heat, a decrease in atmospheric pressure, intense physical exercise.In such situations, the pressure drops and can even lead to unconsciousness.If you feel that in your head "buzzing" you broke a cold sweat, his legs are cotton - that are signs of fainting.How to behave in a given situation:

  • Do not try to maintain an upright position.It is better to sit down.In this case, you do not get seriously injured in the fall, if you still happen to faint.
  • As long as you have a moment, get well-ventilated and cool place.If this is not possible, at least sit down and tilt your head as close as possible to the knees.
  • Breathe deeply.Spend a few minutes of breathing exercise: inhale the air through your nose and exhale through gritted teeth.This method increases the pressure (but not for long).
  • Drink a cold drink.Also help of strong coffee or tea, drunk slowly, in small sips.
  • There are also appropriate medicines.

In the end, we recall that the most favorable to the health of blood pressure - 120/80 mm Hg.The upper limit that is safe for health - 140/90 mmHg.Therefore, raising low blood pressure recommended method, you benefit your body.The main thing is not to despair and to protect your health.