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Treatment of colds and their symptoms

cough persists for more than three weeks, and prescription drugs do not work?Or, perhaps, yet again repeated bouts of cystitis, despite the treatments received?Do not abuse the body designated by the ordinary "blind" tablets - so you only reduce your chances of a full recovery.Improperly selected medicines do not just do not help.Because of them, the exhausted your disease and improper treatment body the next time will be weaker response to treatment of colds.

constantly sore throat

Prolonged hoarseness and sore throat are regularly recurring expressive symptom of the fact that you in the near future need to do a swab from the throat to the antibiogram.To do this in the clinic with a spatula removed a fragment of plaque from the tonsils or back of the throat.Seeding is done as a result of which determines what types of bacteria and how many there are.If it turns out that the cause of the disease are bacteria, antibiogram done.This survey allows to determine exactly what kind of antibiotic fatal t

o the insidious bacteria. Preparation: can not drink anything, eat and even to brush your teeth.Rinse the mouth with clean water. specialist. therapist or ENT doctor.

Not a runny

Runny nose - the most common colds.However, refers to it should not be disparaged.It certainly needs to be treated, because cold can cause serious complications.If in addition to the appearance of ordinary liquid discharge from the nose, you still have a headache and hard, most likely an inflammation of the sinuses.So sign up for an X-ray sinuses and nasal swab.Smear from a nose do likewise smear from the throat.That is a sterile spatula to the surface of the tissue sample is taken from the nasal secretions and sent to a lab for analysis.Sinus x-ray is performed in X-ray room.There you lay a special apron, preventing excessive exposure.And take the picture that will show or exclude pathological changes in the frontal and paranasal sinuses. Preparation: survey does not require any preparatory activities. Specialist: Pap takes an otolaryngologist (ENT) or therapist, makes a snapshot of the maxillary sinuses specialist radiologist.

Persistent runny nose, watery and abundant often indicates an allergy.Therefore, to be treated properly, be sure to get tested for allergens.To do this, the skin of the wrist makes a small notch, and then drop them on a variety of potential allergens are introduced.In the event that an allergy to a specific substance is present, after about half an hour the reaction occurs in the skin in the form of redness or itching rash.There are also special tests, which are performed in the laboratory and to blood sampling.The doctor prescribes treatment micro dose of allergens, which are "reacted" the body - this is called an allergen-specific immunotherapy. Preparation: allergy test is performed only when the acute allergy decay.Blood on the examination is required to take on an empty stomach. Specialist: Allergist, to him you can send a physician.

Torments cystitis

Need to go to the toilet frequently, pain during urination, and tingling in the kidneys - are common symptoms of the infection.Be sure to do a urine culture with antibiogram.To do this in a sterile container to be collected morning urine with the so-called middle stream (the first is available in the toilet, then a part in a jar, and the rest back in the toilet).On the eve of undesirable eating fatty, spicy and heavy food.At least in the afternoon.The analysis in the laboratory to establish whether a bacterial infection cause problems with your urinary tract.If so, antibiotikogrammy help calculate what kind of antibacterial agent to cope with bacteria attacking your urinary system. Preparation: before collecting the urine, it is necessary to conduct a thorough toilet of external genitals to highlight are not included in the portion of urine for analysis.Because it can distort the results.Sterile containers can be taken in laboratories, buy in a drugstore or to prepare itself, pour over boiling water thoroughly washed jar. Specialist: analysis on your direct physician.

coughs longer than two weeks

Cough is a clear sign of colds.If you have tried everything, but the cough did not pass, becoming more stubborn?This may indicate a serious lung disease.Be sure to do chest X-rays.The office fluoroscopy need to undress from the waist up and stand in front of a special screen.With the help of a doctor takes a picture of the chest, which will be visible to all, even the smallest changes in your airways.Fluorography must be done annually. Preparation: Special preparation procedure is not required. Specialist: Therapist to which you turn for advice, send you to the radiologist's office fluoroscopy.

often stomach ache

If every spring and fall you experience pain in the abdomen, accompanied by bloating and heartburn, it may be a symptom of a chronic disease of the gastrointestinal tract, liver disease, or pancreas.To determine required gastroscopy.What does it look like.The probe is introduced into the throat, ending the microchamber.This allows you to examine the internal state of the stomach and duodenum, liver disease identified.This procedure is unpleasant, but it is very significant, because the doctor sees the bodies of the "inside". Preparation: contract to a survey held later in the morning (this is physiological), but always on an empty stomach. Specialist: gastroenterologist.

Another type of survey are liver function tests.The blood sample is analyzed in a laboratory.The analysis allows to determine if changes in the state of the liver. Preparation: necessary to donate blood on an empty stomach. Specialist: physician or gastroenterologist.

may need to spend an abdominal ultrasound.What does it look like.The doctor leads to the stomach probe ultrasound machine.So it is possible to consider in detail the internal organs and reveal their disease, and to determine pregnancy. Preparation: ultrasound should be done on an empty stomach. Specialist: physician or gastroenterologist.

eyes water and bake

These symptoms may indicate either a problem with the very eyes, and in internal medicine.Deal will help you study the fundus.To make a diagnosis, the doctor shines into the eyes of the device, resembling a flashlight, and examines the state of the eye. Preparation: 10-15 minutes before the study doctor dripping atropine eye: substance dilates the pupil. Specialist: optometrist.

detect stains on underwear

yellowish, brownish, grayish, malodorous marks on underwear - these secretions often talk about the infection.What is this disease and help identify the cytology smear from the vagina.Gynecologist enters the vagina mirror and a special spatula takes a sample of the vaginal mucosa.Then sends it to a laboratory that identifies certain changes in the genital tract.Including diseases, sexually transmitted infections (smear) and a precancerous condition of the cervix (cytology). Preparation: Same as before each visit to the gynecologist - go to the bathroom and take a shower. Specialist: gynecologist takes samples during the reception.

treatment of colds and their symptoms should be given attention.If you see that the treatment prescribed by the doctor does not work, necessarily require additional examinations.Often, however, we are faced with callousness and indifference of medical workers.How to convince your doctor to prescribe the survey:

- mentally prepare to talk, define exactly what you need;

- Do not cheat the doctor saying that you feel better.Tell us in detail what is bothering you;

- Do not go on about the incompetence of the doctor or categorical;

- to cooperate with the expert, not just insisted.

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