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How many people have to sleep?

They watched by thousands of patients.One group of people slept 5.5 to 7.5 hours.The second - more than 8 hours.It was found that people who sleep 8 hours or more, do not always wake up happy and refreshed.Bottom line: no matter how much sleep a person - it is important to the quality of sleep!Often a short but deep sleep can cheer a person more than a long, restless sleep.It would seem that the eight hours of sleep is canceled?Not at all.Rather - it is not forbidden couple of sleepless nights.But what will happen to our body if enough sleep on a regular basis?

If you sleep less than 2 hours:

Brain: deteriorating remembering new information.For example, names, names, phone numbers.Man becomes more irritable.Research experts from Harvard University shows that between the 7th and 8th hours of sleep the neurons of the brain "learn" information accumulated during the day in the short-term memory.If you, for example, today attended English classes and then "lit" all night, all that you have lea

rned on the eve of the new in English, will be safely forgotten.

Body: If during the week did not fill up by 2:00 every night, your body becomes more susceptible to colds.Also, there is an increased appetite for sweets, so restful sleep is very important for the diet.

What ? Try to get enough sleep at the weekend.You can also take a nap in the afternoon.If you are going to sleep three hours a day, it's something.Do not panic if you find that you need six instead of eight hours of sleep.Some people sleep less because they work less.If you have a day off, you can sleep less.

If you sleep less than 4 hours:

Brain: brain consequences are serious.The person begins to suffer from sudden loss of orientation.This is due to the fact that lack of sleep weakens short-term memory.Another symptom is the loss of patience and good humor (due to a lack of serotonin, providing a feeling of happiness).

Body: After a few days with the Sleep mode survey results are characterized by a young girl for old ladies.This results in elevated blood pressure, elevated levels of glucose (which then fall sharply, as in the case of diabetes).In connection with this increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, in particular myocardial infarction.It appears at first increased hunger, which is then replaced by an aversion to food.Since falters cortisol - the hormone of appetite.

What to do? If you really, for whatever reasons, are forced enough sleep, start taking a daily 1 mg of vitamin C. This will stimulate the immune system.Drink plenty of water to keep your body in good shape.Do not drink coffee or cola after 2 pm.Caffeine can help you cheer for a short time.But in the evening "backfire" sleep disorders.In addition, it provides an additional burden on an already weakened heart.

If you absolutely do not sleep:

Brain: Naturally, there is a man tired.He suffers from memory loss.He can not help yawning.However, if your girlfriend is constantly yawning, it does not mean that she had not slept all night.According to research conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, often yawn in the morning as people who slept only 4 to 6 hours.They also look tired all day.

Body: person becomes less than it was yesterday.And, literally!Reduce the number of cells.And they can not recover quickly because only regenerate during sleep.If you do not sleep, you will feel fat and bloated, because the body tends to retain water.You become overly irritable and will easily succumb to bad mood.Often do not sleep at night in the long run is very dangerous.The resistance of the body decreases sharply.You will become more susceptible to infections, heart disease and bouts of depression.

What to do? If you know you do not wake at night to sleep, try to take a nap in the afternoon or evening.Daytime napping is still better than nothing.Try not to get behind the wheel of a car.After 17 hours without sleep rate of the reaction is as slow as after consuming large quantities of alcohol.Transfer the rest on the day if you happen to often sleep at night.For example, the birth of a child.

How to improve the quality of sleep?

First: Do not plan too many activities during the day.You can not do everything, so always be nervous tension.And as a consequence - sleeplessness.

Second: In the evening, make a list of outstanding issues.So you do not have to wake up at night worrying that you forgot something.

Third: Take a relaxing stroll in the afternoon.At work, do not be lazy to spend 60 precious seconds to get up from his chair, pulled open the window and ventilate the room.

Fourth: Be realistic - "wandering mind" is a constant stress.

Fifth: Drink plenty of water.

Sixth Exercise.Through exertion dream come quickly and will last longer.

Seventh: Go to bed before midnight.The sooner lie down, the more power will be restored.After all, we already know how much sleep a person needs.

eighth: Throw the TV out of the bedroom.

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