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Medicinal herbs in the treatment of breast cancer

As with any cancer, early diagnosis is very important this disease.

main characteristic of breast cancer is exactly what it is easy to identify at the earliest stages of development.A huge and very important role played by self-examination.If you have any unpleasant discharge from the nipple, change in shape of the breast and a variety of redness - be sure to consult a specialist.

Very often the most affected upper outer quadrant of the breast, that is closer to the armpit.

What you should know women suffering from this disease?First of all, try not to do complex exercise.Stay out of the sun for a long time.
sauna, swimming pool and sauna are strictly prohibited.

If the gynecologist will prescribe hormone treatment, the first he has to fully ensure that your breasts are in order.When breast cancer is strictly beware of the sun, as well as give up any confection.Upon detection of tumors using all necessary methods and means of treatment, then it will be the most effective.

Traditional medicine has a

vast experience in the treatment of cancer, including the most complex tumors.

When mastitis and breast cancer using herbs for the treatment of breast cancer: valerian root, angelica, burnet, St. John's wort, dandelion, plantain, oregano, immortelle, thyme, celandine, succession, motherwort, eucalyptus, sage, pine, birch.

Method of preparation: one table spoon of herbs to make a glass of boiled water.Insist half an hour.Strain.Drink the infusion for small parts.Every day prepare fresh infusion and drink for three months.Then take a break for two weeks, and then repeat the treatment.

The disease is afraid of poisons, particularly effective for cancer are red mushroom and Siberian knyazhik.But
poisons, in any case, can not be combined, it is better to drink their courses with a break of two weeks.Everyone has their own method of preparing poisons.

tincture of aconite prepared at the rate of thirty grams of root per liter of vodka, insist a couple of weeks and filter.Receiving, from one to ten droplets.

need to drink three times a day before meals.Break made up to two weeks.

mushroom infusion is prepared as follows: a jar half-filled with Mushrooms and pour 75% of th alcohol.Insist one month and filter.Receiving, from one to ten droplets.Take the necessary three times a day to use food.Between treatments make short breaks.

knyazhika Siberian tincture prepared using : a bottle of dark glass filled with loose dry chopped herbs and pour knyazhika Siberian vodka.Insist is necessary within two weeks.Drink require from thirty drops with a little water three times a day before meals.The course of treatment is not more than one month.

Todikamp prepared as follows: walnuts for two and a half liters of kerosene.Insist one month.Tincture is used in drops.Drink twice daily.Admission is necessary to start with five drops.The course of treatment is two weeks.Stone oil is used to treat cancer.The most effective is when used topically.

For external use make the solution: three grams of hard butter 250 milliliters of water, insisting for several days, the precipitate is drained.Typically used for lotions.For internal receiving dissolve three grams of the oil to one liter of water.Take one glass three times a day for half an hour before meals.The course of treatment is six months.

Thistle thorns used for oral administration.Preparing the broth as follows: thirty grams of dried leaves boiled for half an hour in 300 milliliters of water.Take one table spoon three times a day.It is also recommended to use the juice from the leaves of the plant.The leaves are carefully washed, drained juice.

Alcohol tincture mugwort is recommended for the treatment of breast cancer.To prepare the tincture of the required twenty-five grams of grass pour 250 ml of alcohol, to insist for one week and then evaporated on a low flame.Drink infusion requires three times daily until food application.When complications are advised to take elderberry syrup.Take the syrup three times daily after meals.Try to use these herbs for the treatment of breast cancer:

Marsh Potentilla, white mistletoe, alder, black elder, mugwort, upland uterus, birch Chaga.Also useful are: honey, green tea, bee milk.

Use for outdoor use: ordinary intoxication, almond oil, oak bark, propolis, a poultice of clay.Walnuts, mixed with honey is used as a compress.

When tumors try to make tincture of periwinkle. hundred grams of flowers insist on one liter of vodka a week keep in a warm place, occasionally shaken.Take five drops of morning and evening, while drinking water.Use it externally broth rhizomes burnet drug as a compress.

This disease is treated with a decoction of leaves zheltushnik in the form of compresses.You should also apply the tincture of St. John's wort.

Eucalyptus oil is used in the outer form as an anesthetic.A decoction of the leaves is valid for the prevention of various cancers.

Good luck!Do not be ill!