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Train and improve memory focus

long been no surprise such a paradox: we believe in the great potential of the brain, but when age weakens memory and intellectual abilities, we believe this phenomenon is almost inevitable.But if you understand the liveliness of our mind, this is not the effect of heredity and not a gift from the gods, as it is for people to think.We can and are able to retain their intelligence to 80 years, and even much higher.

If applied to our country, it is only a theory and, according to doctors, blame firmly assimilated normally with age, I'll forget everything and worse to think.And you try and change this rule to another axiom: even in old age, I will keep a clear mind and mash, because it is the norm.In addition, the rules of training of attention and memory are very simple, and the forces of each.Sometimes simply dismiss other people unnecessary problems and not try to simultaneously monitor 10 items.

Hippocrates wanted to study the brain in all its intricacies, one can not say that in this matter the scie

nce is not particularly advanced.But still mysteries and secrets remains very much.As it is known, already at 16 days after conception begins laid the central nervous system, and then grows with a huge space velocity: in 6000 formed a second new cells, and this rapid growth is continued for five months.At six months, the fetal brain has all of its neurons, which are needed for further human life.Next is the formation of different processes, thanks to him brain cells can "communicate" with each other, and that is the basis of thinking.

The formation of memory and mental abilities, actively occurs in the first 3 years of life.At this age, the child perceives the information from the five senses, and he needs to solve how to "turn around."Do not swear, if your child is building sand castles, splashing in the water, listening to songs and stories, tasting the toy, so he attached to life.

daily brain cells die, and with age, when we get older, it happens faster.At 20 day killed about 20 thousand cells, and die 40 has as many as 50 thousand cells.Recent data scientists say that such a statement, "the nerve cells do not regenerate," he can be challenged, as in some parts of the brain is practically a lifetime updated brain cells.

So to say "responsibility" for the production of new cells are stem cells.They are responsible for the maturation of the brain in the womb, and later decide too important tasks cells in the adult human can be transformed into mature neurons.Not so long ago, scientists discovered that new nerve cells arise in the brain region that is associated with the properties of memory.But the body needs help.

If you feel that spinning and often have a headache, it is necessary to contact a neurologist.Previously, doctors explain to their patients that all this is happening because there is less blood flow to the brain.Recent discoveries in medicine have shown that headache is due to the complex processes in the body.In the above a certain age, we become more and more difficult to cope with such familiar to us responsibilities at home and work, we are very worried, a lot nervous, drive ourselves into a corner and are neurotic disorders provoke headaches.
second way to test yourself in a solid if you are a memory, it is necessary to undergo neuropsychological tests that doctors offer.If these tests reveal your disorder, you need to agree to start a course of treatment, of course under the supervision of a doctor.

What can you recommend to improve attention and memory training?Keep primarily controlled blood pressure, because hypertension occupies among all risk factors for the first place.

Secondly, if one is engaged in intellectual work, the nervous tissue is preserved much better.Therefore, the brain can and should be trained.British scientists for his research showed that the brain at the gossips on the bench and in people with a phenomenal memory is arranged as well.And that man throws tirelessly facts and figures, all the result of long training area of ​​the brain that is responsible for remembering.

Ideal "simulators" are crossword puzzles, books, chat with colleagues, friends, neighbors.This is only a cartoon about a boy Mowgli, who reared the animals, it has evolved as an ordinary person.In reality, children are reared animal brain function, many fade and irreversible changes.Learn verses and solve crossword puzzles you need to be happy, not through force, otherwise these workouts will be no good.

secret of success is the marriage.According to scientists, if you have marked his 50 years in the family, then to 80 years, you will live in a solid memory.But the most important medicine for the brain is oxygen, the brain, when he feels the lack of oxygen, one of the first signals to the body.If you have been scattered and lethargic ceased to converge and contact numbers of case, then your brain needs nourishment in the form of a walk in the park or in the form of vitamin supplements.

There are some rules, if mostly at work you have a sedentary lifestyle, you should periodically perform the exercises for the head, tilt it forward and backward, sideways.It improves cerebral blood circulation and relieves muscle tension neck.And the possibility of alternate work of the mind with a five-minute warm-up.

Improve mental processes aromatic oils of juniper, basil, rosemary.And for the lazy, you can do so, drop a few drops of oil to the aroma lamp and the whole time your brain will be "stimulated".

an important role in the process of training and maintaining attention and memory plays the image of your power.Doctors are advised to keep a clear mind should be all love seafood and fish, because the inhabitants of the sea contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, not only phosphorus, which cause more actively worked to our gray cells.It is useful to have a salad of beans and vegetables with sunflower oil, sandwiches of rye bread with butter, walnuts.

Apple helps to focus and helps to concentrate the grapes.Bananas also contain vitamin B6, if we have in the body of the lack of this vitamin, we all forget.Oranges, peppers and carrots slow the aging process of the brain and the body.Sunflower oil affects the vividness of the image.Help improve memory vitamin complexes, and here the main focus needs to be done on zinc.

curious fact - the small hunger boosts our mental activity, but different diets are contrary.Refresh the memory of the easiest in the kitchen, it is enough to open the jars with spices, especially good bay leaf, cloves, coriander.

secrets have psychologists, how to keep in mind the facts and figures for a long time.It is considered to be a reliable way associative: through sounds, smells, sensations.A classic example would be, if you show a picture of a man of the forest, and to remove it, he continues to see the same picture, smell the grass, hear the rustle of leaves, and so on.You can also remember events in your life, and then "dry" circuit numbers can "revive".

Use prescription Cicero.When he was preparing his famous speech, he walked around the house and in the thoughts placed in a house on familiar ground the key points of his speech, and then recalled the situation at home, and in his memory has emerged desired association.

To make it better remember the information at the hearing, it is necessary to follow the movements of the hands of the narrator, his body language, facial expression, which usually serves as a logical stress.But do not just watch and listen, and do it myself, because it is proved that we remember a third heard half of what he saw, and 100% memorize what has been "tried" hands.

Now we know that this training and memory improvement attention.No need to rush to blame the nature that you have a bad memory, and you forget, you can afford to improve their memory and attention, you only need to train and loading memory.Or, think more, then someone is like.

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