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Diseases of internal female organs

But such a position - a big mistake!This is the perfect time to explore your body and learn to listen to it.Even the most serious diseases of internal female organs detected in the early stages, can be cured.Be smarter and faster than the disease itself!If you are careful, it will save you before the attack.A doctor can help you.To orient you, we point out the internal female organs, are most vulnerable to various diseases.At the same time we advise that you should do.

Thyroid . The thyroid gland is like a big butterfly, which is "sitting" on the neck, below the larynx. It weighs about 30 grams and consists of a bladder filled with iodine.This important gland produces hormones that control metabolism.It is the most sensitive barometer of your mood.It secretes hormones that regulate energy metabolism in the body.If the thyroid gland produces insufficient amount of hormones, this condition is called hypothyroidism.If too many hormones - hyperthyroidism.Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism in

its effect on your mood and health.The lack of hormones can cause fatigue and apathy.These symptoms persist even after a long sleep.Excess hormones causes constant irritability and tension.Also an excess of hormones is too rapid metabolism, leading to a sudden loss of weight.
Therefore, if you often for no apparent reason in a bad mood, make sure it is not the fault of the thyroid gland.Take control of the disease before it comes to a serious increase of the thyroid gland and the formation of goiter.The growth of the thyroid gland is not only unsightly but also dangerous.There is compression of the trachea and esophagus, making it difficult swallowing and breathing.To be confident in the future, check out the level of hormones.

chest. Chest can be of different sizes - from the size of a small apple to a ripe melon.Sami inspect them carefully.You are better than the doctor notice the slightest change.If you find something weird, be sure to tell your doctor.After all, it is the most vulnerable part of the female body.The breast can be formed not only benign cysts and fibroids, and malignant nodes.Therefore, since the age of twenty each month, a week after menstruation, self-study his chest.Every visit to the gynecology, you should insist that you visited a specialist mammolog.

Upon reaching 35 years once a year you should do a breast ultrasound.After 35 years, every two years to do a mammogram.If your mother or grandmother suffered from breast or ovarian cancer, you should make the first ultrasound before the age of 20 years and then regularly every six months.You can also perform a genetic analysis to check whether you have bad genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 (International Classification).If they are present, it increases the risk of breast cancer.
Heart. heart is the size of a fist.Over the life of a person it hits an average of 2.5 billion times.Constantly pumping blood through the blood vessels with a total length of about 90,000 kilometers.This is more than twice the circumference of the Earth.Nobody would argue that the heart is the most important internal female organ.Therefore, the heart begins to worry about right now.If you smoke, move a little, or eat too much animal fat, your natural protection against atherosclerosis is greatly weakened.Be sure to monitor your blood pressure, even if you are very young.Its regular monitoring warn you against an insidious hypertension.Not for nothing is called hypertension silent killer.This disease is a major cause of stroke and heart attacks.

Do not forget to check the heart at least once a year, to do the morphology, to conduct basic analysis of the blood.For example, you can learn about the lack of iron.A lack of this element is a constant weakness and fatigue.From time to time, also check the level of "useful", "bad" cholesterol and triglycerides.The increased concentration of triglycerides and "bad" cholesterol contributes to atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.Do not forget that you are too vulnerable to attacks of various diseases.Women can sometimes be hard to recognize it.We need to listen carefully to your heart.About myocardial disease shows not only the oppression of chest, shortness of breath and feeling, nausea, back pain, tingling hands, and even the jaw.These symptoms should not be underestimated.Be sure to go to the doctor and do an ECG.
stomach. stomach - a sack at the end of the esophagus, it is placed in the four portions of food.Highlights hydrochloric acid.Until recently it was thought that nothing in these conditions will not survive.But it turned out that the stomach feel fine bacterium Helicobacter Pylori, which provoke the formation of ulcers.The most frequent causes of diseases of the female internal organs - the stomach - are stress, hasty swallowing large bites and frequent overeating.If this occurs only from time to time, there is no reason for concern.However, if abdominal pain, heartburn and feeling you are plagued by overcrowding often (especially on an empty stomach), and does not subside after a meal, be sure to go to the doctor.

particularly seriously consider these symptoms if someone close relatives suffering from gastro-intestinal diseases.This may be a signal that the gastric ulcer is formed.In order to avoid a very unpleasant problems immediately start treatment.Not cured ulcers can cause stomach cancer.Previously it believed that ulcers formed itself because some abuse.Recently, however, it became clear that the plague - a bacterial disease.And the main cause of ulcer formation - the bacteria Helicobacter Pylori.Infected with this bacterium to 70% of patients with gastric ulcer and 95% of patients with duodenal ulcer.

If you frequently complain of abdominal pain, and your family history of cancer of the stomach, make sure you are not infected with Helicobacter Pylori.Just do a simple test by contacting the clinic.Remember, however, that the surest diagnosis is always placed after gastroscopy.Do not be afraid of the study and do not delay for another time.Although it is not too pleasant, but it only takes a few minutes and is completely safe for the body.

uterus and ovaries. uterus is the size and shape of a pear. It is a source of monthly menstrual bleeding.Pain can also induce endometriosis.The disease occurs in about 20% of women.If left untreated, it can lead to infertility.Therefore, every woman at least once every 6 months should go to an appointment with a gynecologist.Regular gynecological examination can detect many problems of women in the early stages.Raw erosion, cysts or endometriosis can cause infertility or even cancer.Keep in mind that at least once a year to do cytology.This test can detect cervical lesions.Cervical cancer is detected at an early stage to completely heal.In cytology you have to come in the next 5 days after menstruation.48 hours before the test do not use irrigation and vaginal lubrication.Instead, you need to take a shower bath.More accurate diagnosis can be made using a colposcopy.It is recommended that if your doctor suspects the disease, although it has no obvious symptoms.
If you feel even a little discomfort in the abdomen, and in your family had cancer, ovarian cancer, breast or colorectal cancer, ask your doctor for a transvaginal ultrasound.This procedure allows you to thoroughly explore and identify at an early stage ovarian tumors.

Carefully observe your body.Consult your doctor if your menstrual cycle lasts for a long time or does not appear at all.You should worry if intermenstrual bleeding, bleeding after intercourse, vaginal discharge and burning during urination appearance.In such cases, do not delay a visit to a gynecologist.Also, do not underestimate the very heavy bleeding or severe pain during menstruation.
bladder. empty bubble is the size of a tennis ball.But since it is very flexible, it can accommodate up to half a liter of fluid.Do not underestimate the burning sensation during urination.It is a symptom of inflammation of the bladder.If left untreated, the inflammation can be a threat to the kidneys.Women are more likely than men prone to urinary tract infections.This is because the short urethra in women than in men.It is also located very close to the vagina and anus, which acts "hotbed" of bacteria.The most common cause of cystitis becomes infected by the bacterium Escherichia coli.These bacteria, usually without causing harm, we live in our digestive tract.However, it becomes dangerous when entering the urinary tract.Urethritis often develops during the honeymoon because microtrauma of the urethra, which are applied during the passionate and frequent sexual intercourse.If you do not have any unpleasant symptoms, rather once a year to pass a urine test.Based on the analysis, the doctor will assess the condition of the bladder and kidneys.If you complain of abdominal pain, often go to the toilet, and feel a burning sensation when urinating, do not forget to give a urine sample.This is the most common symptoms of inflammation of the bladder, do not underestimate them.Unnoticed threat can lead to serious illness - pyelonephritis.If urinary tract infections recur, consult a doctor.It may well be that the need to carry out renal ultrasound.

Remember that for any internal female organ disease should consult a doctor!

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