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How to massage the fingers?

You get tired, tortured you headaches, aching back and joints, worried heaviness in the stomach.You tried to imagine different ways of treatment, and hope to gain good health are shrinking with each passing day.Do not rush to despair.There is a way out of any, even the most desperate situation!It is only necessary to know where to look.You will open your own way ... fingers.The toes help keep balance while walking, and fingers perform very delicate work.However, in addition to these useful features of human fingers can tell a lot about his state of health.

On the fingers are many so-called biologically active points - correspondence points.This system is a biologically highly active points, which are connected by nerve impulses from all regions of the human body.We are not aware of this, but during our fingers their movement stimulates the defense system.Our body is thus itself cures and maintains "battle" state.When the natural stimulation is not enough, we begin to get sick.But can we really help our

selves, consciously using the amazing system of conformity fingers.This simple and reliable way allows you to quickly overcome the ailments.Application of fingerprint matching for the treatment and prevention of diseases called paltseterapiya.

better start with the most basic restorative movements.Triturate the first fingers downwards and upwards.Then, rubbing the joints using a circular motion in the clockwise and counterclockwise.The next step - pressing.This technique is necessary to spend very carefully at those places where you feel pain.Finally, you can spend tapping his fingers on the table or each other.

fingers massage helps not only to adults.Train your fingers helps to succeed in school.Older readers will remember the unforgettable five-minute warm-up: "We read, we wrote - our fingers are tired."People upper phalanges relate to head, and they located the projection of the brain.So when you type on a computer or playing the piano, you stimulate your brain and help yourself think.Babies are very useful games that develop precise movements of the fingers.When they work with the details of the designer or scissors cut paper figures, they encourage active correspondence points fingers.The same can be said about the games, in which stimulated toes.Therefore, before making lessons useful to stand on tiptoes or jump, relying only on your toes.And even better to dance on tiptoe to the music, as do a ballerina.

Having mastered simple massages fingers, you can move on to more "advanced" - and therefore effective.The next stage of training - massage fingers elastic ring.If you are going to travel by bus or plane, you will have to spend some time sitting in a not very comfortable chair.After some time you will start to go numb neck and head grow heavy.To avoid this, take a massage elastic ring and Roll the way his fingers.This game will entertain you and get rid of unpleasant sensations in the body.At the end of the tour you will feel as cheerful as in the beginning.With a miracle ringlet we can have a stimulating effect on the whole body and, very importantly, on the spine.To do this, put a ring on his finger, and he rolled heavily on the finger to the redness and the sensation of heat.These signs suggest that the blood supply to the finger has improved markedly.Improved circulation to happen and the corresponding parts of the body and limbs.However, if you have very sensitive skin, do not press too hard on the ring.

Another improvised wand wand can become a chemist gum.There is a simple way to manage headache without drugs.Take a rubber band and tightly screw the top on her knuckle so that the fingertip has turned blue.Hold a little, and then abruptly release the finger.Blood circulation in the finger immediately restored.The same thing will happen to your head.This method is also effective for the stimulation of blood circulation edema and congestive processes in the body and limbs.You can use the rubber band instead of harness for the timely stop nasal or any other small bleeding.But for this gum tightened so that the finger was white.This significantly decreases blood flow to the damaged vessels, and stops bleeding.But remember - do not hold a harness for more than ten minutes!

next stage of fingers massage - massage diagnostic wand.Faults in any of the body regions on each finger (exactly matching area) spots appear that react with sharp pain when pressed.This facilitates the search for treatment points.For the correct location of the point of medical condition check the compliance area, uniformly pressing it a diagnostic wand.The diagnostic wand, a small stick with rounded tips - for pressure-sensitive not to injure the skin of a finger.It can be purchased at specialty stores.But if you have no time to look for her, you can use the materials at hand.For example, a match, a ballpoint pen, pencil rounded blunt and even a fingernail.

diagnostic stick can be used for acupressure.Finding painful point of compliance, its rotational massage or pulsating movements.Stimulation should be sufficiently intense to the affected area of ​​the body the desired amount of therapeutic waves.But at the same time causing a lot of pain there is no need.As of this massage sore point decreases rapidly, and is replaced by a feeling of warmth.At the same time, and improves overall health.In some cases, a single diagnostic massage wand can be quite disturbing to cure the problem.

fingers massage natural natural stimulants.If after two or three minutes of massage diagnostic wand soreness at the point of compliance still remains, it can be mounted on a constant stimulant.As such a tool used by many natural materials.When you walk on the beach or the river, collect pebbles, water run-in.Choose stones that have no sharp surfaces to injury to the skin.They have to please the eye the beauty of form and color.Because all that is beautiful, it marked inner harmony and perfection.Stones - a wonderful material to influence the point of compliance.They are filled with millions of years of water power, wind and solar power - accumulating it in yourself.

Plant Seeds are also a great venue for paltseterapii.Complementing the mechanical stimulation, they have on the active points of a unique bio-energy impact.For the treatment of selected intact and able to germinate seeds in size and shape corresponding to the medical area of ​​the finger.Commonly used seeds of buckwheat, millet, radish, rice, pepper, apple and other plants.During prolonged stimulation with seeds should be changed to new not less than once per day.All these means fastened to active points of the finger by means of adhesive tape.If the stimulator is set correctly, even a slight pressure on it causes pain at the point of compliance.But the pain - the good!

is possible to massage the fingers of surface applicators.Metal sprockets of different sizes specially made to stimulate correspondence points.However, they are not simple - but magnetic.Magnetic asterisk provide effective stimulation points corresponding to a magnetic field.They are very popular, but not all tolerate magnets.In rare cases, the treatment of magnetic stars can appear dizziness or headaches.In the case of such a reaction should not be used.Replace magnetic asterisk other types of surface applicators.

is important to choose the size of the surface of the applicator so that it completely covers the entire area of ​​compliance.For small and superficial points using small diameter sprocket and a larger, more deep-lying zones to stimulate large asterisks.Applicators fastened to points corresponding to the patch and through the stimulation points periodically (every two to three hours) by pressing on them for three to five minutes.While wearing surface applicators determined by the nature of the disease and can vary from a few minutes to two or three weeks.

Besides massage fingers in folk medicine actively applied warming biologically active points - correspondence points.Warming correspondence points can significantly ease the pain.It also shows the weak, heavy, exhausted and sick elderly people.For thermal effects on the corresponding points in paltseterapii use small wormwood sticks - cigars and mini mikromoksy.Minimoxa placed in special support, like a candle in a candlestick and then lit.The middle part of the stand has a twist-off, which allows you to change the distance between the mini moxa and the skin surface.Thus it is possible to regulate the amount of heat supplied to a point.The heating is carried out by several points minimoxas until there a strong feeling of heat.Self-importance is warming up the so-called basic energy points of the hands and feet.This treatment improves the immune system and is a debilitated patients, as well as performed for disease prevention during epidemics.Similar energy points are on your fingers.For the procedure of warming is better to turn to specialists.

As you can see, making the massage fingers and toes, you can get rid of many health problems.These are the methods of Oriental medicine, proven for centuries.However, there are serious health problems are not self-medicate.Consult your physician and refer to specialists having rich experience.