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Treatment and healing properties of spices

Condiments and spices are used as a food supplement has been for many centuries.Having its origin in Asia, this tradition has spread to all countries of the world, bringing their particular culture in different countries.At first spices used only as a dietary supplement, but then people began to notice and to monitor their treatment and healing properties and fusion of the human body.So there was a whole section of alternative medicine based only on spices and condiments, as well as essential oils.We took only the most common spices to tell about their medical properties.

Medicinal properties of some popular spices

Bay Leaf

This seasoning is used in almost all the countries most often.Bay leaves contains large amounts of minerals including phosphorus, calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium and zinc.The most basic of its impact on health - as a stimulant of the digestive system.Simply put, it improves digestion and increases appetite.Another bay leaf prevents excessive gas formation in the intes

tine, so-called flatulence.It is very useful in the application especially the elderly.

Chubritsa (savory)

This is the main seasoning Bulgarian cuisine, which became applicable hostesses other countries.Savory virtually the only kind of spice that is not contraindicated for people with diseases of the stomach.Even with peptic ulcer disease.The fact that it is absolutely not irritate acting on gently.Savory recommended for use by people with high blood pressure in the kidney and gall bladder problems.It helps the seasoning also liver disease.


Confucius himself never sat down at the table without this spice.He has a very pleasant aroma and spicy, specific taste.In addition, ginger - unsurpassed antioxidant.He acts also as an aphrodisiac.In addition, it helps with pain in the stomach, lower cholesterol and successfully fighting bacteria in the body.


It is extremely useful when used judiciously.With this condiment can not overdo it.The optimal doses of nutmeg is very useful for digestion and is an excellent tool for disorders of the nervous system.It helps people suffering from rheumatism.


addition to individual use, cumin is used in a curry.It has an antimicrobial effect and helps with flatulence and constipation.Cumin - the strongest aphrodisiac!He has a very stimulating effect and is used in cooking "intimate" cuisine.


This spice contains mineral salts, vitamin A and vitamin C. It helps when you cough with phlegm - it promotes healing.It has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory action.Oregano is also used for toothache.


generally considered relish Italian cuisine.It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.Successfully used to treat depression and other neurological disorders.It also helps in the treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system.


Fragrant and spicy, cardamom - not only delicious food supplement.Its therapeutic and healing properties is difficult to overestimate.It has a stunning effect recovery from colds and flu.Increases immunity, successfully fights with respiratory problems.Special thanks gained in the Nordic countries.


literally means "dew of the sea" (Lat.).It helps to stimulate the function of the digestive and circulatory systems, as well as the kidneys.It is recommended that elderly people with cardiovascular disease.It has a composition minerals easily digestible by the body.


It itself is very tasty and can be eaten just like that.But, thanks to its therapeutic and medicinal properties, this type of spice is recommended to improve digestion and bone diseases.In addition, it can impart strength to stimulate the growth and strength of hair and skin.


Not surprisingly, the vanilla is present in the composition of many spirits.Its pleasant fragrance soothing.It is in this basic medical appointment vanilla.It has a calming effect on the nervous system, improves mood and increases the tone of the body.


indispensable for many cakes and pastries, as well in small amounts is added to meat dishes and even coffee drinks.Cinnamon has a refreshing, tonic and tonic effect on the body.It improves the microflora of the stomach and is suitable for people suffering from diabetes.

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