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Folk remedy for rheumatism and joint pains

winter, our body adopts to low temperatures and feels quite normal.However, closer to the spring thaw begins.An abrupt change in temperature and humidity increases significantly.Therefore, with the onset of spring is marked surge rheumatism and joint pains.Pain, swelling, redness, stiffness decrease the range of motion may indicate the development of rheumatic fever.Very often joint pain also occur at physical exertion.The sooner help the body better.Therefore, it is important to quickly and accurately diagnose and start treatment.

Rheumatic diseases and joint pains disrupt people's daily lives.Pain, fatigue, decreased performance: the patient restricts social contacts, as well as reducing their productivity.And sometimes it is simply unable to meet the requirements of the job.As a result, he loses the initiative, becoming passive and depressed.
Experiencing persistent pain, patients want immediate relief.But so as to do without the use of strong painkillers - fear of side effects.First of all, I wan

t to emphasize that it is not necessary to self-medicate.An effective and safe treatment can be prescribed only by the doctor.But you may want to consult him on the subject of the treatment of rheumatism and pains in joints national agents.Medicinal plants can not provide instant action, but they are gently exposed to the source of pain without pronounced side effects (if not allergic to a particular drug).

In the case of chronic diseases, which in many cases include and rheumatic diseases, you can ask your doctor about treatment options scientifically tested herbal remedies.At least as a valuable adjunct to therapy.Many well-known companies produce products based on medicinal plants.They worked well in relieving the pain of people suffering from rheumatism and joint pains.Clinical studies conducted at research centers around the world have proven the effectiveness of certain substances of natural origin.This is primarily an exotic devil's claw (Devil's Claw) and the most common nettle.Studies have shown that their anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect is so strong that it can significantly reduce the dose of traditional anti-inflammatory drugs, and thereby improve the safety of the therapy.

One of the most effective folk remedies for treatment of rheumatic diseases and pains in the joints is the devil's claw (Harpagophytum Procumbens).The shape of the plant resembles a paw with claws, so it is called the Devil's Claw.The indigenous peoples of the South African devil's claw is traditionally used (Devil's Claw) in diseases of the kidneys, liver, bladder and gall bladder.Apparently they do not suffer from rheumatism.But in Europe, Devil's Claw is widely used for osteoarthritis and joint diseases.The main active substance which has a therapeutic effect, a glycoside garpagozid.The root of the perennial plant that grows in semi-arid savannas of Africa, has potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.These properties make it highly effective extract of devil's claw for the treatment of degenerative arthritis, inflammation of the tendons.As well as non-specific back pain, inflammation of the cervical and lumbar spine.As a result of numerous studies and clinical trials are scientifically proven the effectiveness of this plant.Interestingly, scientists have not yet been able to explain the anti-inflammatory mechanism of action of a given material.However, the Devil's Claw is considered safe for the treatment of rheumatic diseases, including chronic.Devil's claw (Devil's Claw) has received a positive opinion of various scientific committees, including the European ESCOP and EMEA.

more common folk remedy for rheumatism and joint pain is in our latitudes nettle (Urtica dioica).The roots and leaves of this seemingly simple herbaceous perennial plants are highly valued in medicine and cosmetology.The infusion of nettle leaves is an old folk remedy for gastrointestinal, hemorrhoids and uterine bleeding.Nettle leaves are part of many hemostatic, renal and gastric fees.They have been used also as a means of multivitamin.Well normalizes metabolism squeeze of fresh nettle.The stems and leaves of nettle in folk medicine also widely used for the treatment of diseases of the joints and radiculitis.In the treatment of rheumatic diseases with the use of raw materials from the nettle is released chloride and urea.As a result, harmful wastes excreted.The increase in output from the body of these compounds is an important process in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.This prevents increase of the level of uric acid in the blood and deposition of salts in the articular and periarticular tissues.

Using folk remedies can effectively treat rheumatism and pain in the joints, without subjecting the organism exposed to side effects of chemicals.