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Acute intestinal infections and their treatment

heat or humidity contribute to the growth of bacteria.Fresh vegetables and fruits that we do not always my well - these are the reasons that the summer and fall so easily pick up an intestinal infection.Total science knows more than 30 of their species.The most innocuous - so-called food poisoning, and the most dangerous - cholera.The agents of enteric diseases may include: bacteria (salmonella, dysentery, cholera) and their toxins (botulism), and viruses (enteroviruses).How is the infection of acute intestinal infections?

in the human intestinal infection pathogens enter through the mouth: with food, water or dirty hands.Then the germs are transported to the stomach and intestine, where they begin to actively proliferate, and dispose of the product the ability to live in the blood (toxins).How can I tell you it is an intestinal infection?Symptoms appear within a few hours of infection in the gastrointestinal tract.The man begins to feel the sharp weakness, there is heaviness in the stomach, headache

, tiredness in the eyes.Later come vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain intensified, there may be a high fever, chills.The definitive diagnosis is a doctor on the basis of analyzes.

But while essence of the case, what if the diarrhea and vomiting started?It is necessary to fight the infectious agent.In the first days of treatment of intestinal infection intestinal antiseptic fit a wide range of actions, such as furazolidone (if you have no contraindications).Required acknowledge any sorbent - activated carbon (preferably in powder) or an analogue thereof.If you start vomiting - wash stomach (boiled water with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or soda ).Then take a one-time 10 tablets of activated carbon or other sorbent. take antibiotics in conventional food poisoning should not be.They reduce the immune system, kill beneficial bacteria.In any case, the doctor must prescribe medication.

With diarrhea and vomiting is a rapid dehydration.The loss of water and salts leached it - a serious danger, especially for young children and the elderly.The result can be a failure and other renal complications neshutochnye.So you need to drink a lot, and often in small portions.Drink mineral water, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, just boiled water.In adults, the need for well-regulated fluid thirst, but children should be forced to drink.

In some cases, an urgent need to go to the doctor?

- vomiting is so severe that you can not consume the liquid (rapid dehydration),

- a very high temperature (greater load on the heart),

- if there were a chair mucus or blood,

- diarrhea and vomiting continuingover 2 days.

Remember that acute intestinal infections can be contagious.It is therefore necessary to allocate a sick family member a separate bowl and toiletries.

To avoid intestinal infections, it is necessary to observe basic hygiene rules of civilized man.Wash your hands before you eat, drink boiled water, eating unwashed fruits and vegetables, be careful with perishable products.Resist the temptation to try a pie pan or a cherry on the market.It would seem, it is nothing new, but it is these simple recipes will allow you to spend your free time with no worries!

dietary menus. During his illness did not starve!Eat often, but little by little.

can eat:

- Dry biscuits, crackers and drying;

- a variety of cereals on the water;

- soup with lean meat - chicken, beef;

- all dairy products (yogurt, especially biokefir, cheese);

- pureed apple, banana, lemon tea;

- boiled egg;

- butter.

can not eat: Not recommended for food, increases peristalsis, the fermentation process and containing coarse fiber:

- black bread, crackers from black bread;

- whole milk, yogurt, fermented baked milk, cream, whole milk on cereals;

- beans, beets, cucumbers, pickled cabbage, radish, turnip, radish;

- citrus (tangerines, oranges, etc.), Pears, plums, grapes;

- meat and fish broth, fatty meats, fish, poultry;

- spirits (shot of vodka, contrary to belief, only reinforces the diarrhea).

And remember, an acute intestinal infection and treatment is necessary to pay close attention!In no case can not let the disease take its course.If you miss the time, can cause serious complications and dampen future life.Special attention is given to children, as they are not able to respond to the worsening of his health.Your health and your loved ones - in your hands.