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Traditional methods of treatment of vitiligo

Therefore, any skin conditions that violate our familiar face, causing depressed mood and a wave of negative emotions.And no wonder: we ourselves and frustrating, and the surrounding people try to avoid touching.Moreover, even if the disease is not transmitted, as, for example, vitiligo - can not be transmitted through the touch.However, the appearance of the skin becomes unpleasant, and get rid of this disease is difficult enough: despite the ongoing research specialists, its causes are not completely clear.When the disease occurs in humans vitiligo depigmentation of the skin - on the body, face, hands or feet appear discolored patches of different sizes and shapes.Hair that is located on the affected areas, also become discolored.

As the medical statistics, in recent decades, the number of cases of vitiligo is growing.With most of the patients are in young people.Perhaps that is why the main causes of the disease is now considered to be the stress, the use of drinks and foods with lots of preservativ

es, intoxication, liver disease, contact with chemicals.Of course, over the years sourcing the disease and methods of combating it by experts of medicine was found a variety of therapeutic agents, to varying degrees, help or help reduce symptoms of the disease.Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, they were joined by a laser.However, the effectiveness of them may well argue folk cures vitiligo, offering recipes that collected the experience of herbalists and healers.

traditional treatments, as usual, based on natural products in the right combination.Tinctures, ointments, lotions and other tools created herbal vitiligo treated by the ancient healers.It uses all that contributed to the resumption of the pigment formation in the affected areas of the skin.We preserved some recipes to the present day.However, using them, it should be remembered that in our time the environment is not the same that it was before, and therefore harvested plant material must be taken away from the cities, factories and industrial zones.

One of the most successful method of treatment of vitiligo is considered normal duckweed.What a glass of dried herbs pour a liter of vodka and insist for three days in the light.At the end of the third day of infusion clean in a dark place, where she continues to insist another four weeks.Next, the filter means, ready to take the medicine daily drop by drop, adding a glass of vodka.Of course, this method is not entirely suitable for the treatment of small children.Children can be given a mixture of dry duckweed and honey, taken in equal parts.But, generally, it should be remembered that the use of folk remedies for treatment of children has its own quirks.

Good, but not a quick result shows the use of plant juices and berries, which should be rubbed in themselves white spots.For example, mix in equal parts strawberry juice, red pepper, and St. John's wort.

very good effect gives a normal tan.However, due to the fact that now a lot of sunbathing contraindicated better to combine treatment of folk remedies with the achievements of science - for example, irradiation of damaged areas using quartz or UV units authorized for home use.

ointment, which also has the effect of the treatment of vitiligo, you can make at home from pork fat parsnip and colors, as well as a mixture of honey, copper sulfate, sulfur, wax, vinegar and birch tar.

Common dandelion, known to one and all, too, and greatly helps with the disease vitiligo.Moreover, it should be applied in a complex - and the outside and inside.Warm infusion drink three times a day, and the ointment of frayed roots, mixed with honey, rubbed with white patches on the skin.By the way, as a suitable lotion and other bitter herbs - celandine, wormwood.

as an aid in the treatment of vitiligo can be taken and pine baths, which are perfectly combined with more efficient traditional methods of treatment.

Meals during the struggle with vitiligo occupies an important place.Because the patient's body is usually not sufficient vitamins, particularly recommended eating seafood, walnuts, buckwheat groats and barley, beet, cabbage, carrots, figs, apricots, cherries and parsley and celery.

Naturally, folk remedies and methods of treatment of vitiligo in abundance.Moreover, not all of them are safe, but some are simply uncertain - for example, chicken bile.So choose the appropriate way should be thoughtfully and carefully, so as not to cause complications or allergic reactions.Or, God forbid, other diseases are more serious.It still have vitiligo have one small advantage - nothing, at least, does not hurt and did not even scratched.