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How not to look tired and do not feel tired?

Clean your face twice a day

basic condition for the health of our skin is its hygiene.Leather needs cleaning twice a day, regardless of the season and weather.Of course, the more carefully to the cleaning process must be approached in the evening - the excess makeup, stress after the previous day, dust and urban air pollution - it is no wonder that the skin looks tired.But in the morning, too, be sure to clean the skin of sebum, clogging the pores of the night.

Say no soap!

soap comprising an alkali destroys the protective layer makes it prone to inflammation.It would be better to replace the soap lotion or tonic.They are sold both separately and 2 to 1 for the convenience of business ladies.In the fight for clear skin you will also benefit, and facial tissues, which contain the necessary elements clean.They are convenient to use, for example, if you slept in nature or on the train.

Make peeling

It is better to do in the cabin under the "supervision" of good beautician.This treatment prom

otes deep cleanse the skin.It should not be done often, but at least once a month - is necessary.So you can help your skin does not look tired and do not feel tired ourselves.

Cottage cheese and cucumber for a soft hand

about excessive fatigue can "talk" not just your face.Hands give out too many of your problems, so do not let them do it well!There is a simple and affordable way to relieve fatigue with it with the help of cucumber or cottage cheese.Cucumber simply rub your hands - and you immediately feel relief.If you do not have vegetables - help to cottage cheese.In a thin layer of gauze put a little cheese and wrap around the wrists.Hold for 10-15 minutes.You might wonder how "come alive" your hands and you are.And remember that after each wash dishes or "session" wash your hands need to apply a moisturizing cream vitamin.

choose cream for your skin type

This is very important, but many women still ignore this rule.And in vain!Indeed, under the influence of stress and fatigued skin is particularly sensitive.And that might not cause harm before, can turn a terrible allergic reaction.Therefore it is necessary only to use cosmetic products according to their type of skin.And it is better if they are on a natural basis with content restoration and antioxidant substances.

Express Mask

tired spoils the impression from you.Do not let this happen!To help your skin does not look tired, follow these steps: Mix 1/2 tablespoons honey 1 egg yolk.Put the mask on your face and wash off after 20 minutes with warm water.

The anti red-eye

It's pretty well-known and most effective way to relieve fatigue from his eyes after a busy day.Brew strong tea, let it cool a bit, so it was not hot.Make of welding kompressiki gauze and put on the eyes closed.By the time it is possible to do, until you get bored.The main thing that was warm compress.It acts quickly and reliably.It handles even extreme fatigue and redness.

Broth clover for the skin around the eyes

This area is very thin and delicate.It can be cleaned with a cotton tamponchikom dipped in broth linden, chamomile, basil.But it's best to remove the swelling tired eyelids helps ordinary clover.Take 1 tablespoon of flowers of clover, pour in a cup, pour boiling water and let stand about 20 minutes.Then, filter the broth obtained Clover "weight" put on the eyelids for 5 minutes.Are you surprised by the result.

paraffin on the neck and décolleté

Leather neck and neck requires special attention.Arrange a mini sauna.This task copes poultice of hot wax.Heat it in a water bath in which you can add 3 tablespoons of almond oil.Put wax on a piece of cheesecloth and place it on the neck and décolleté.The session lasts 10-15 mine, then compress can be removed and the skin wiped with a piece of ice.It tones the skin, increasing its elasticity, causing it not to look tired.

care problem areas

Be careful with them!Of course, every woman wants to get rid of cellulite, but there can not be a hurry.Anti-cellulite cream is best to use a series of morning and evening.They need special rub massage movements, the session lasts at least 15 minutes.Typically, with creams and massage gloves are offered.They are two times more efficient.

Remove fatigue bathroom

pine essential oil has a tonic effect.Dilute with 6 drops in the bath.And in the process breathe deeply.The effect will be the maximum freshness, if you take a bath in the morning.While in the water, toned body, from the toes.After this procedure, no woman looks tired and do not feel tired.

Daily walking outdoors

Do not miss the opportunity to at least 20 minutes a day for a walk in the park on foot.Fresh air saturates the blood with oxygen, and it enhances the activity of the brain and internal organs.Not for nothing do they say: "You're so freshened up!»

Scented candles stress

relieve fatigue, it is important not only directly from the body, but if you want a soul.That is, the tension directly affects our appearance.Relax and unwind you help scented candles.And in a complex with a relaxing bath, soft music and nourishing masks for the skin - it turns into a fabulously effective therapy against fatigue.You'll look just great!

Diversify the menu

Include in the diet of foods containing vitamins C and group B to recuperate.Oranges and citrus fruits are rich in antioxidants, which neutralize toxins and help the body cope with fatigue.Trace elements such as zinc, copper, iron, represent excellent protection for skin and hair salon.So that the menu emphasizes well as vegetables.

Salad beauty

2 carrots and 1 green apple cut into medium-sized pieces, add a spoonful of honey, some chopped walnuts and dietary cream (or yogurt with 2% fat).This simple recipe will help you not only to look tired, but do not feel tired.