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It is necessary to be able to relax even for the prevention of stress

Therefore, at least for the prevention of stress need to be able to relax.After a session of relaxation you will be full of energy and strength, rested and recovered the body will be more resistant to stress, fatigue, mood rises.We'll show you how to relax, and what is needed relaxation.

Why do I need to relax?
on the body is very positive impact relaxation.We'll talk more about that.In our life abound - feelings, worries and conflicts, and relaxation will help to get rid of negative emotions.Yesterday morning the experiences are not quite so important, not as painful tolerated, because sleep is one of relaxation options.But it happens that we are, to relieve tension and put in order the nerves, takes less time, for example, a difficult and important conversation.In this case, you need to focus on the breath, relax, just sit comfortably, and then there will not overshadow the excitement of your mind.

Relaxation helps to develop intuition, since the brain is free from emotions can listen to the inner

voice signals.Relaxation is known that in a state of deep relaxation was made most discoveries.And so if you are looking for an answer to your burning question, you do not know what to do next, try relaxation techniques, and the answer will come by itself.

Relaxation helps us to relax, and it's not a bug, it really is.A man who knows how to relax and owns his own body, will create a kind of confident and relaxed person, and will never look busy, shackled and clamped.

When you are tired, try to allocate relaxation least a few minutes, it is possible to do almost any circumstances and will not take much time.10 or 15 minutes of relaxation will give you a great holiday that even 8 hours of sleep is not always possible.And then a few minutes and performance again at the appropriate level.For relaxation you can resort to during the working day, so you remove the fatigue and stress arising and by the end of the day will not be like a squeezed lemon.

In addition, you need to relax, to accumulated stress and tension did not turn into diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system, and gastrointestinal disease.Get into the habit to give themselves time to time, and it will be better every day, a few minutes to relax.

relaxation methods
best way to relax, will not strain.But not all, unfortunately it afford.We offer several ways for relaxation, are available to anyone.

method associated with breathing
When we feel negative emotions - stress, anger, anger, anxiety, then our breathing is shallow, light is partially filled with air, but not completely.Due to the fact that we lack oxygen, we feel headache, fatigue, and our body begins to age prematurely.

In such a situation, sit down on a chair in a comfortable position, relax, and breathe deeply, but watch out for breathing.When a deep breath, say to yourself, "I feel happy," "I'm confident," and so on.Suffice it to five minutes to come to your thoughts in order.

method based on meditation
In this method, a person is fully relaxed and immersed in the search for answers to the questions, looking for new ideas and ways out of the situation.You need to sit down, "Turkish" or sit on a chair with a back, it was convenient.Relax your hands and put them on his knees, close your eyes and breathe deeply, focus on your breathing.

order to throw out all thoughts out of your head, try to focus on any word: peace of mind, success, happiness, or begin to consider each figure representing the mind.If so you can not get rid of thoughts, imagine the sky, it is bright, clear and blue.Then imagine how clouds float across the sky.Achieve that there is a clear picture, and any thought that appears just "Plant" on the cloud, and let it "floats" with the cloud.

To get results from this method of meditation, achieve absence of any thought.Start from 5 to 10 minutes a day, and then bring to a half hour per day.

method, based on the concentration of
Such a method similar to the previous method.Sit down freely and try to focus on positive words, such as the name of a loved one, the joy, happiness, or another word that you cause positive emotions.Imagine the word volume, color, each letter of the word consider, say to yourself.This exercise puncture as long as it is your pleasure.This exercise enhances concentration and relieves stress.Try to perform other exercises because you can relax while watching the photos, pictures and video for meditation, while listening to special music for relaxation, focusing on the feelings they cause.

methods associated with the movement
also can promote relaxation close to nature walks in the fresh air in the privacy of singing with an expression of those feelings that overwhelm you, movements in time with the music, a kind of dance, meditation, with smooth movements to the beat of arelaxing music.Completely relax can only be alone, do not need to be ashamed of their manifestations of emotion.

methods associated with affirmations and auto-training
With meditating person can control the body, which is in the normal state is not subject to him.Many diseases are treated exactly auto-training.Its essence is that when a person is mentally repeat certain verbal formulas, for example: my feet and hands warm heart is calm and quiet.First, such studies should be conducted with a specialist.

Affirmations, these are positive statements and are one of the techniques of self-hypnosis.Since thought is material, our body will believe anything that we think about it and talk.Such affirmations such as "I'm attracts good luck", "I am healthy" and others are welcome to say with certainty in his voice and in a relaxed state.

method using relaxation, relaxing bath
As you know, the water calms, relaxes and relieves fatigue.And the way to relieve stress are flavored warm baths.Add the flavored foam bath oils or bath, throw all the thoughts out of my head, immersed in the bath and try to relax.Within 20 or 30 minutes, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

methods of dealing with stress
- Avoid food or alcohol abuse.Some, it seems that food or drink can relieve stress and calm the person, but the opposite is true.
- Quit smoking.The mere fact that cigarette smoking is a risk factor for hypertension, and, furthermore, nicotine causes stress symptoms when blood enters the human.
- Engage in regular physical activity.Scientific evidence shows that those who engaged in aerobic exercise, they arrive in the blood endorphins, natural substances that improve mood.
- Try every day for a while to relax.
- Try not to take on such cases, which you obviously can not cope.
- many believe that should be actively engaged in business, and time is short.Learn the science of effective time management - time management.
- In a life for himself put realistic goals.
- Quite a lot of rest.

How to reduce stress? lot of information on the Internet and in literature exists on this topic.Reducing stress can help reduce blood pressure in humans.Of course, high blood pressure can not be reduced by reducing the stress, but it can improve the patient's condition, which ultimately affect hypertension.

Simplify schedule
Often people are very loaded.Look at the list of things you're going to do today and tomorrow.You will find that some things for you to be irrelevant.Try such insignificant cases pay less time, and then eliminate them from your schedule.

Breathe deeply, relax
When stress the heart is working faster than usual, breathing quickens and becomes shallow.To relax in a stressful situation, breathe slowly and deeply.

Physical activity "kills" stress.But before you engage in any kind of sports or exercise, consult your doctor, especially if you suffer from coronary heart disease or hypertension.

Meditation or yoga
These measures help to reduce blood pressure and cope with stress.

Improve sleep
Chronic lack of sleep leads to increased blood pressure and stress.

self-esteem and positive thinking, excellent defense against stress.Is in every negative situation something positive.

How to achieve positive thinking
- Take a deep breath, do not worry.
- Always tell yourself that you will cope with this problem.
- Be flexible, objective, realistic.
- Think about what you can out of a problem to remove.
- Think about different solutions and select the appropriate solution.
- Ask yourself what the worst could happen, think about the consequences.
- What have you learned from this situation?

can not free his life from stress factors, but can be a little bit lower on the body of the harmful effects of stress

- Identify what causes stress?
- Avoid various small stimuli.For example, if you plug withdrawn from the peace of mind, choose for himself another way of transportation, such as subway or bus.
- If any changes occur in your life, do not change dramatically.For a while, do while familiar to you the things that you enjoy doing.
- Learn how to effectively and properly allocate their time.
- For a period of time to do one thing, and do not grasp the all the cases in a row.
- If you feel that approaching a stressful situation, take a break.Relax, relax.

must learn to relax, to cope with stress

relaxation - it's not just sit back on the couch, relaxing, must cover your body and soul, and to be active.
- Deep breathing.Imagine that there is a ball in the stomach.We breathe the air, imagining if we fill the bowl.After exhale air, eaten a bowl.With each breath you're more relaxed.
- Muscle relaxation.Switch thoughts on your breathing, and for yourself.Make a few deep breaths and slowly exhale.Let's take a mind of your body.Pay attention to the voltage field.Relax the muscles.Twice, slowly turn your head to the side.Rotate shoulders back and forth.Again, breathe deeply, we need to feel relaxed.
- Learn to present yourself in a different pleasant place, whether it's the calm sea, the quiet forest.This allows you to relax.
- Relaxing music.We find on the Internet or in a store peaceful quiet instrumental music.Especially for this purpose there is a kind of music on offer.

How can you improve your sleep?
- Make a habit of going to bed at a fixed time.
- place to be comfortable where you sleep: to be comfortable pillow, blanket and bed.
- The bedroom should be dark, quiet and calm.
- In the bedroom, you need only to sleep, it is not recommended to use the computer, watch television and so on.
- Avoid long sleep during the day, set the alarm clock to sleep less.
- If because of concern you can not sleep, talk to relatives, friends, friend, so who would you like to trust.
- If possible, listen to before bedtime calm relaxing music.
- Do not take sleeping pills unless they are prescribed by a doctor.
- Do not drink before bed tea or coffee.

Now we know that you need to be able to relax even for the prevention of stress.We must not forget to relax, unpleasant things are not put off by the "later", believe in yourself and you need to score the only happy days.

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