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How to drink two liters of vodka and get drunk?

Regular and excessive alcohol consumption in the long term, as you know, can lead to serious illness - alcoholism.However, many more are interested in near future: how not to get drunk at the table and find the freshness of the morning after the feast?To solve this problem, it is helpful to know the following.

conventional wisdom is that it helps to resist fatty food intoxication, even if you drink two liters of vodka!It seems that this is even a scientific explanation: alcohol dissolves in fat and suction it out of the digestive system needs to slow down.Alas, comparing different diets in combination with alcohol, doctors have not found the ability to interfere with fat absorption of alcohol.So do not lean on fatty foods.From drunk she did not protect, but can cause problems with digestion.Overall, abundant starter slows the onset of intoxication, but again creates digestive problems: excess fat, sweet and alcohol can damage the pancreas.So all necessary measure, no matter how high-quality vodka and

other alcoholic beverages are not.

Gourmets come up with a set of rules about the sequence of consumption of alcoholic beverages at the feast, and, from their point of view, the optimal combination of food and drinks.Folk wisdom came easier, calling ruff many such combinations.Doctors do not particularly believe that vodka and wine ruff poor form, but is known to increase the ability of carbonated drinks alcohol absorption from the digestive system.This concerns both the champagne and soft drinks.The habit is not only confused, but drink vodka soda also enhances intoxication.It is enhanced with a combination of vodka and beer.

Alcohol activates the throwing of acid stomach contents into the esophagus, causing heartburn in susceptible individuals this illness.May enhance the effects of alcohol on the body and other snacks vinaigrette with vinegar, alcoholic beverages because alcohol has to be converted in the body into acetic acid.

Poor health on the morning after abundant libations due in part to dehydration because alcohol contribute to the loss of water in the urine.Therefore, in the morning I have to drink plenty of fluids.Folk wisdom recommends that the cucumber or cabbage pickle, and for good reason.The information contained in these salt promotes water retention in the body and thereby improving health.Some doctors still advise to use instead of the brine type alkaline mineral water "Borjomi".The fact that the internal environment of the body after alcohol acidified, brine exacerbates this acidification.Alkaline mineral water, on the contrary, not only supplies the body salt, but also helps to eliminate excess acid.

etiquette and traditions recommend drinking coffee at the end of the feast.Coffee stimulates the brain resists alcohol, refreshing and helps after vodka (in small amounts) is not drunk.However, coffee, providing a diuretic effect, like alcohol contributes to dehydration.And, hence, may enhance the adverse health next day.

wary habits, do not need to go to extremes.Until now, some books frighten us alcohol contained in cakes, biscuits, pastries, yogurt, and even bread.Is alcohol cherries and other berries and fruits.But this tiny amount with which our body copes without addiction.By the development of alcohol consumption of these products will not.Furthermore, extremely small amounts of alcohol are formed in the human body.Synthesize its gut bacteria and cells of our bodies themselves.It is a memory of the body distant ancestors of human animals and plants that are able to produce energy only by alcoholic fermentation.Of course, after drinking two liters of vodka is not impossible to get drunk.But a little bit of quality alcohol with the "correct" snack will not hurt anyone, and the mood will lift and make a feast truly festive.

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