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There are many folk remedies that came to us from mothers and grandmothers.

For many women, the biggest problem is cellulite.It turns out that getting rid of it will help not only expensive procedures in beauty salons.This can be done in the home.The most common remedy for him - honey.Daily apply on problem areas a little honey and a variety of hand movements to massage.After 15 minutes, rinse and soon feel the skin becomes soft and smooth.Another effective tool - bath with sea salt.Just one 15-minute session a week to feel the changes happening to your body.In the fight against cellulite and help apple cider vinegar, clay baths, wrapping coffee, ginger, lady's mantle leaves and even potatoes.

female body has to be perfect.And that means that it should not be a single hair.To make hair removal at home use some popular tricks.For underarms and bikini area, use lidocaine.However, only when there is no allergic reactions, liver and lungs.

What woman does not dream to have beautiful and healthy hair thin

g?Their beauty in the home is possible.To do this, perform a few tips.So, do not wash your hair in hard water.It is better to boil it for one hour and add a half teaspoon of baking soda.And add the vinegar rinse.This will give them softness and shine.And, of course, do not go to bed with wet hair.The skin can be supercooled, leading to slower growth and hair loss.Save the beauty and health in the home is not difficult enough on a daily basis to give this a little time.

Although employment and all kinds of problems a woman should not forget about their nails.And if beautiful manicure is a mandatory part of every modern image of women, pedicure care about is not all.And in vain!After wearing, beautiful fashionable sandals nice to see well-groomed feet.The Japanese claim that heel concentrated nerve endings that lead to all the internal organs.Beautiful feet - it's health, and self-confidence.Make a pedicure at home is not difficult.To start, place your feet in a basin of warm water, adding the pre and her ammonia or baking soda.It will quickly soften the skin heels.Additional water can be added olive oil or needles.When steam heels, start treatment with pumice.Half an hour later you can proceed directly to a pedicure.Remember, file nails only from the edge to the center, in all other cases, it can become brittle and start to crumble.

Health and Beauty in the home, especially when it comes to nails, should occupy a significant portion of your free time.Well-groomed nails always attract attention and be sure to leave a good impression on the owner.How to deal with the problem of ingrown nail without the involvement of a physician?Lubricate your finger solution yoduksuna bought in a salon or pharmacy.To avoid such problems, trim your nails smoothly and remove sharp corners with special forceps.To address another common problem - a bundle of nails at night put on them a little bit of iodine and cover with varnish.

to maintain a healthy home regularly monitor your body.Sometimes enough time to take the necessary vitamins, so it looked like a long time problems.What can tell your body?Yellowing nails are a sign of a lack of vitamins.Will baths with lemon juice.The blue bands on the nail plate dangerous sign, signaling the skin cancer.Menstrual disorders may be signs of malignant or benign tumors or cervical erosion.Halitosis talk about the problems with the stomach.But diseased teeth can tell about many problems.For example, the lower teeth - sick liver.The small molars - problems with the pancreas.The front teeth - a disease of the joints leg.The deposition of stone speaks of the plague.

Take care of health at home is possible.For example, to prepare your body for winter cold by a hardening.Start with training.For this apply cool water on separate skin areas, gradually increasing the area.The next stage - a contrast shower or bath.Good to walk barefoot through the apartment, and in the winter on snow.It is better if the hardening will take the whole family, but remember the basic rules.Firstly, the approach to this question individually, based on the characteristics of each individual member of the family.Secondly, constantly changing the water temperature in the cooler to avoid any addiction.Third, do not make big breaks.If the procedure is repeated regularly, the result will have noticed a couple of weeks.Fourth, for the best use of hardening bath, a sauna or a bath.

To maintain the beauty and health in the home is very helpful to sleep with an open window, even in winter.The skin is saturated with oxygen, even when you sleep.Do you think chocolate wrapping can be done only in the beauty salon?It is the strength to make and at home.For procedures need chocolate containing cocoa protsentov.200 least 50 gram chocolate or melt the powder in 0.5 liter of water, then cool to 40 degrees.After processing the body of the mix, wrapped in plastic and covered with a blanket, lie down for 20 minutes.Then go wash in the shower.Chocolate wrap - a good way to fight cellulite, excess weight and body fat.