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Self-diagnosis of diseases at an early stage

self-diagnosis of diseases at an early stage can save us from many health problems in the future.These effective and very simple test will help determine how well the lifestyle you lead, if rationally and eat all you have right to health.So, try to test your body and listen to what he is trying to convey to us ...

1. not suffer you dehydrated?

Pinch yourself for the skin on the outside of the wrist.If the skin is smoothed quickly - you drink enough fluids.If, however, it will take a few seconds - the body lacks water.Check the color of urine.The darker it is, the greater the amount of fluid you need to drink.

Why is this important? Water shortage in the body leads to poor concentration, fatigue and dizziness.

If water is not enough. Whenever you drink coffee or tea, a glass of non-carbonated water.Common herbal tea, replace and discard the coffee, which clears the body of necessary fluid.Drink per day for at least 8 glasses of water.

2. Disease language

Are there in your mouth long non

-healing sores?Check whether the language of the white spots or painful red zone?Note the color.The tip of the tongue reflects the state of the lungs, the foundation - the spleen and stomach, said the root of the condition of the kidneys, and the side areas - liver and gall bladder.Normal color language - reddish.

Why is this important? Looking into the mouth, it is possible not only to establish the presence of caries and stomatitis, but also to identify at an early stage of many internal organs.

What to do in case of problems in your mouth? cracks in the corners of his mouth talking about the lack of B vitamins wounds and sores in the mouth indicate inflammation of the oral cavity caused by various infections.Plaque on specific areas of language - problems with the authorities for which these zones meet.If you notice during the self-test in the mouth that something was wrong, immediately contact your dentist and visit the therapist.

3. That hide the eyes?

Looking in the mirror, pull the lower eyelid.What color fabric under the rim of the eye?If the inner edge of the eyelid pale in color, check the level of hemoglobin.

Why is this important? this simple way it is possible at an early stage to establish the presence of anemia, which occurs due to lack of iron in the body.

To avoid anemia. To avoid such diseases, eat enough beans, whole grains, dark leafy vegetables, beef liver.Best breakfast porridge enriched with vitamins and minerals - so you will provide your body with enough iron.Do not drink coffee or tea during the meal.It is better to drink a glass of orange juice because it contained vitamin C doubles the iron absorption.

4. What do the corn

If your feet have calluses are not from shoes, then in the body - some problems.

▲ corn "horseshoe" around the edges of the heels - pay attention to the joints.

▲ If corn "horseshoe" with the heel passes to the inside of the foot, to the rise of the foot - Get intestine.

▲ Calluses on the outer edges of the foot - check the spine.

▲ Corn under his left little finger on his leg - heart problems, under the right - with the liver.About

▲ nervous stress and exhaustion on the sole evidence of corn in front of four fingers (except the thumb).

▲ On the outer edges of the thumbs hardened skin - check the thyroid gland.

5. Everything is in your hands

By flexibility of fingers and toes eastern healers determine how the body is clogged with slags.Make bedtime massage fingers, using fatty oil - olive or sesame: It has the ability to "pull" the body of toxins.Such a procedure not only gives stunning cosmetic effect - is one of the surest ways to cleanse the body and recuperation.

6. What is your waist?

This is a simple self-test - to measure waist at the navel.Her girth of 81 to 88 cm?This indicates a serious health risk.If the amount exceeds 88 cm, the risk is increased accordingly.Women with a figure resembling the apple (increased the fullness around the waist), they may be predisposed to cardiovascular disease.Do owners of the pear-shaped figure type (high completeness in the area of ​​the thighs and buttocks), this risk is much smaller.

Why is this important? Completeness - is the increased load on all organs and systems, the risk of diseases such as stroke and heart attack, a predisposition to diabetes.

move more and eat right! Even if you drop 5-10% of excess weight, your health will improve dramatically.Lower cholesterol, reduce the workload on the heart and spine.Do not sit on a rigid diet and go on a healthy and wholesome food gradually.

7. Measure pulse

Perform some physical exercises and immediately after that, measure the pulse.If it is greater than 135 beats per minute - Pay attention to the prevention of problems with the cardiovascular system.

Three minutes after charging again, measure at a pulse.If you have no health problems, heart rate should return to normal.With this self-diagnosis, the disease at an early stage identified easier and easier to treat if necessary.Remember: cardiovascular disease - this is no joke!

Why is this important? Heart rate indicates the state of the nervous system, displays the work of the heart, and thus reveals the overall health.

What to do? Fitness - the guarantee of health.Train yourself.Make time for charging and walking, and on weekends at least for several hours spend outdoors.Blood, oxygenated, and physical activity required of heart muscle.

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