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The best diet for the New Year

best diet for the New Year.

Diet "Traffic Light".
very popular.In this diet "traffic light" products should be classified into 3 groups according to color.

1. red light under no circumstances be allowed to eat the following foods: white bread, sodas, baked goods made from dough.And you can not eat ice cream, cream cakes, pastries, beer, champagne, fatty meats, bacon, mayonnaise, milk, and fast food.

yellow light gives the products which should be used up to 18 .00 pm.Permission is granted, there are products such as coffee, ketchup, spices, baking puff pastry, pickles, dried fruits, fruit, cottage cheese, cheese, candy and caramel.And chocolate, lean meats, hot dogs and sausages, porridge on water, except semolina and pasta.

gives green light foods that can be eaten at any time.It is products such as low-fat and unsweetened yogurt and yogurt, buckwheat, citrus fruits, carrots.Apples, greens, cucumbers, green salad, cabbage, seafood, can be eaten without restriction.

This diet ensures a complete lack of hunger, alleviate moderate amounts of alcohol consumed, allows vodka, whiskey, martini, semi-sweet or dry wine.Dishes cook stewed or boiled.From time to time to spend fasting days, in the day to eat the products of the same color.For example, Green Day should be, there are green apples and cucumbers.The result of this diet would be minus one kilogram a week.

diet name "Five."
The basis of this diet is split meals.All products are consumed in small portions five times during the day.Portion does not exceed 300 grams.Heavy protein foods - chicken, fish, meat, to eat once a day, and steamed.From the menu, excluded products such as alcohol, pasta, flour, bread, sugar.There can be no later than 18 .00, once a week to do the fasting day.Frequent meals can accelerate metabolism.A large list of restrictions in this diet will require you to great willpower.The result will be a minus one kilogram of seven days.

Diet "Citrus".

After using this diet promise is true, but slow to get rid of unnecessary kilograms.Quite simply, there is a need, as usual, but one meal replacing citrus.For example, for breakfast we eat oranges or preparing dinner lemon-tangerine cocktail.The acid contained in fruit, breaks down fats, and due to the fact that a person refuses 1st meal in the day reduces the total number of calories.This diet is not suitable for those who are allergic to citrus fruits, or have digestive problems.As a result of discharges from half a kilo to one kilo a week.

Diet 17 .
Fashion weight loss system in Europe.The basis of this diet is the principle - dinner give to the enemy.It should observe four rules:
1. Choose healthy foods.
2. drank plenty of fluids.
3. Do not eat fatty and fried.
4. Accept trace elements and vitamins.

During the diet you can drink alcohol, eat flour and sweet.The main rule is not to eat after 17 hours.This is a complex diet, and not everyone's strength to withstand it.Returning from work at 18.00 and realized that dinner you can not be, it is difficult to maintain in a good mood for the day.And when will have to cook dinner for her husband and children, there are inevitable setbacks.The result is less pound per week.

Diet Efimova.

This diet developed Efimova Lyudmila Olegovna, Doctor gastroenterologist, nutritionist.The simple rule-based diet - lose weight permanently and maintain.Cook everything - burgers, eggs, potatoes, fish, chicken and meat.But not in the pan, not a frying pan and cook the food in Aerogrill.If prepared therein can be saved vitamins reduce the fat content of the product, reduce the use of oils, which are fried or other products.Aerogrill pushes the excess fat from chicken, fish, meat.This fat dripping to the bottom of the flask and the food does not stick.As a result of reduced levels of carcinogens, cholesterol and calories.

Items in aerogrill, you can fry without oil.And then the food contains fewer calories and fat, tasty and crisp harmless to health.Aerogrill allow stew to cook on the grill, bake, steam, simmer food in pots.It retained the majority of trace elements and vitamins useful, he is preparing, as tasty as a Russian stove, dishes are delicious, juicy and flavorful.It is possible to cook baked apples, yogurt, cereal in the pot, stewed soups, meat and fish grilled, steamed vegetables.Dining at Aerogrill will varied and tasty, and such a diet will not be difficult to adhere to even a lifetime.The result of such a diet will be a minus half a kilogram a week.

Diet "For the 7 days before the New Year»
At 7 o'clock in the morning - black tea without sugar.
At 9 o'clock in the morning - boiled egg.
At 11 o'clock - eat a tablespoon of raisins, pre-steamed.
in 13 hours - to eat 100 grams of boiled chicken or beef.
15 hours drink 1 tbsp.tomato juice.
And after two hours in the steep boiled egg.
At 19 o'clock one large apple.
before bedtime at 21 o'clock cup of yogurt.
the day lost one kilogram.

Unloading diet.

breakfast of coffee and tea without sugar and a spoonful of honey.
second breakfast boiled egg, one large apple.After 2 hours
vegetable salad, drizzled with olive oil and one of the big apple.
for lunch - boiled meat and apples.
And after 2 hours 150 grams of fat-free yogurt.
At night glass of low-fat yogurt.Drink 2 liters of still water.After 5 days of this diet you will lose weight for the New Year.

These diet for the new year will help you for this holiday to be slimmer and support your tone.They are tested on humans and give a fairly quick results.These diets are not harassed by hunger the body, help to improve the color of your face.

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