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Treatment of childhood diarrhea, dysentery

Dysentery - one of the most famous intestinal infections.A person infected with sending in your mouth the dirty fruit, vegetables, drinking unboiled water.A can be transmitted through milk and unwashed hands, for example, a neighbor, were treated to some vkusnyatinkoy.Parasites get into your mouth, then - in the intestine.The disease manifests itself not later than 7 days after infection.Dysentery symptoms - vomiting, fever, weakness, poor general health.

But perhaps the main feature - it's loose stools;mucus in the stool there, streaks of blood.In severe cases, there are convulsions, loss of consciousness, impaired heart function, blood pressure falls.When lowered immunity, sick intestine and lack of vitamins acute form of dysentery could become chronic.Then the illness lasts for months.Salmonellosis have similar features.Major suppliers of dirty tricks - dish of meat products (especially minced meat), eggs, egg powder.You can become infected not only by humans, but also animals.In addition to the goo

se that lays the infected eggs can be a source of infection geese, ducks, as well as cats, dogs, rats and mice.The main feature of the disease - is higher than in dysentery, fever, frequent vomiting and frothy green stools.

Dangerous as E. coli, especially for young children.Infected they can not only through the fruit or vegetable, but also through the milk mixture.In infants "bad sticks" can cause disease like cholera - there can sometimes even death;older children ailment usually milder.

Prevention and treatment of childhood diarrhea dysentery after infection:

  • for a few hours let the intestines rest.Do not eat only drink: sweet tea, water, mineral water without gas.Do not try to drink a lot of fluids at once, it is better to do it little and often.
  • well removes symptoms of the disease activated charcoal, smectite and Enterodez.They need to be diluted in water and also drink during the day in small portions.
  • salt reserves rehydron restored.Dilute with water and drink gradually.
  • rehydron If not, fit the usual sweetened water to which you can add a small pinch of salt.
  • From folk remedies effective decoction of oak bark, rice water.
  • hungry after a pause is not immediately jump right to food.Eat some oatmeal on the water or liquid vegetarian soup.Diet expand gradually over a few days.Be sure to eliminate all fried, spicy and peppered, avoid salt and canned goods.Forget about the grilled chicken, french fries, hot spices, cola, beer and kvass.

urgent need to go to the doctor if ...

  • despite treatment you get worse;
  • you have a high fever, persistent vomiting;
  • severe abdominal pain (may be a sign and appendicitis);
  • ill elderly people suffering from chronic diseases;
  • ill small child - regardless of its status (dehydration in children is growing rapidly);
  • sick person lives in a sanatorium, boarding house or hostel: it will likely have to be isolated to avoid infecting others.Olga Sorokina, MD, PhD.

very dangerous sea water, although many drink it without boiling, considering therapy.To do this in any case it is impossible, even away from the deserted beach!Infectiologists remember cases when rinsing the throat "healing" saltwater people died in terrible agony: ill with cholera and dry out before our eyes.